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Puppies wrestling in the snow! (and a freebie with a purchase!)


We had a surprise snowstorm Sunday and Monday – and the puppies went wild! I could hardly get them to come back in the house…they just wanted to run and wrestle! I captured a little footage – since I know some of you have been enjoying the peeks at their little paws! Watch below or click HERE to see them play in the snow.

And…I just noticed a freebie over at Ellen Hutson…if you’re in need of a MISTI (or another MISTI)…you get a free stamp set! While supplies last, ends Feb 12th.  Click HERE for MISTIs! They were closed for the storm yesterday (might be again today) but get your order in anyhow – they’ll be doing the stamp giveaways in order of purchases. #yourewelcome


11 thoughts on “Puppies wrestling in the snow! (and a freebie with a purchase!)

  1. My dog loves the snow, she is a bit bigger than the pair of little dogs who one is white and hides in the snow of about 4 inches. so in she stays, she says. Never to go off the porch again … don’t step on yellow snow !!

  2. My kiddos loved this video! I think they are living vicariously through your puppies, because we haven’t had any snow (and every day they ask me when we are going to get some!)

  3. So much fun…. and the puppies aren’t so little anymore, are they?!

  4. Let it snow, let it snow….to the tune of Let it go….Lea Salonga sang it in Melbourne Australia. Tues and We’d nights. Fabulous she is on uTube

  5. Those two!!! There are so many places where I just bust out laughing! I especially loved it when Giallo walked underneath Vienna!!! LOL!! Really? I’m still laughing! Thanks for the laughs today.

  6. They are too funny!!! That was my laugh for the day!!! I bet they took a good nap after they settled down. They are getting so big!!!

  7. Thanks for the video. They were definitely enjoying themselves!

  8. I got a charge out of watching your puppies play in the snow ~ and so did my cat! As soon as she heard the first bark she came running and sat in my lap to watch. After a few minutes she jumped up on the desk and checked behind the screen to see if she could find them. Then went haring off all over the room and up the window searching. Think I will have to save this video to get her exercised each day! We live a bit south of you so know exactly what the snow has been like.

  9. How funny! It looks like they are having so much fun in the snow in that nice yard you set up for them.

  10. I love this! I think you are in Washington state, yes? Out here in Buckley we got 18″ and our lab, Friday, thought it was the bomb! We got some great video of her also.

  11. Love watching dogs in the snow. Our girl gets so excited in the snow which is great because she is terrified of everything. Seeing her get excited about something is the best thing ever. G has grown up too fast.

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