Combo: Whimsical Sketching Class + Book


With this “combo” purchase, you'll receive both the downloadable PDF coloring book, AND the Whimsical Sketching class! Since five of the coloring book pictures are included in the class, for just a few dollars more you get the entire coloring book as well.

The coloring book download will be available immediately in your account, and the emails about class will begin shortly thereafter. Happy coloring!


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Product Description

The “combo” purchase includes both the class and the coloring book:


The class is self-paced; that means that shortly after your purchase, you’ll receive an email with “Pre-class” information about supplies, and getting yourself ready for class.

Each day that follows, you’ll receive a new email with a link to that day’s classroom lesson. It is recommended that you SAVE those emails in a safe place, so you can access the content again at any time.

The classroom lessons include a place to upload your work – please do so, and share with other students….as well as visiting their work.

This content will continue to be available to you; if you ever have issues getting back into the classroom, please don’t hesitate to drop a note.


This digital coloring book is to be printed on your printer at home. You’ll be sent a link to download the file. Print on your favorite paper to color on, or take it to a copy shop to have it printed on your favorite paper.

Five drawings in this book are included in the Class, Whimsical Sketching.

Happy coloring!


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    I was never a good sketcher, but this class taught me a lot in a short few days! I drew every one of the lessons and I actually sketched a pretty good edition of each!! For the flowers sketch I made one and left all but one white. The purple flower was so striking this way! Now I can draw flowers of all kinds in my sketch book. Thank you Sandy for your knowledge and support!!! You rock!

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    Many moons ago, in my school years, I was a sketcher, drawing everyday when I was supposed to be doing school work. At some point, I had to pay more attention to school and life, drawing was put on a back burner, until now. Thanks Sandy for putting that drawing spark back into my life! What a fun way to get or get back into drawing. So helpful and encouraging. The sketch book gets my creative juices going. The lessons are a great pace, I can do and re-do at my leisure. I didn’t think on-line lessons were going to work for me, I’m glad I was wrong. Thanks, Sandy for sharing your creative talents in this class!

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