I’m artist Sandy Allnock and I traveled to Puerto Rico in spring 2018 to tour the island, get to know the people, see the state of affairs of the recovery after Hurricane Maria. I found a mixed bag: some places you’d never know had been affected. Other places – people were still driving on top of downed power lines. Normal life in some, shuttered homes and businesses lining the streets in others. Many roads open, many closed. And everything in between.

The people though….the people have stayed in my heart for months now. Their resilience, their dedication to rebuilding their island stronger, to last better in the next storm, their open and welcoming hearts, and pride in their island. I’ve never felt so “at home” in a place I’d never been! I can’t recommend more highly that everyone vacation in this American territory — it’s a beautiful island that you’ll never forget. No passport needed!

I also took that trip to Puerto Rico to paint, take photos, and prepare works for this auction to benefit charities helping the island recover.  I’ve been painting from my photos for months now, too, and this auction will be fundraising as much as possible for charities like: Casa Pueblo (installing solar panels in remote regions), Fundación Casa Cortés (supporting the arts–they provided kids with arts education after Maria while schools were not yet reopened), and the Hispanic Federation (promoted by Lin Manuel Miranda, well respected for their advocacy and recovery efforts).

Bid high — all your monies will be donated!
AUCTION CLOSES SEPT 30th (the dates on the items below are wrong, somehow!)…please spread the word!

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