Gettin’ scrappy with Studio Calico

I’ve been poking around trying to get myself motivated to start doing more scrapping again…SO many photos and letters from our heroes need to make it into a book! Agh. With winter CHA feeling like it’s around the corner – and us getting a booth there!!! – I thought getting some fun pages added would be great. And replacing a few of the yukky ones I’ve done would be good too!? So…I checked out the sketch on the Studio Calico blog:
My layout leaves a lot to be desired…it’s been a long time since I worked large-format! So this is just a warmup. It does look better in real life than here, but it’s still…well. Whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did use TWINE, though, STD girlies! The photo I scrapped is me with little Miss Lainey; she and her soldier dad and mom and brother came to haul me and boxes to the post office post-surgery earlier this spring…this was my first time with no scooter and I was one happy camper. And Lainey was so proud she could carry that box! I sent the photo to a bunch of our contacts in my notes to them, and the handwritten note is from a reply received from Afghanistan: “Also tell Lainey I think she is super-strong for carrying that big box all by herself.” He’s a great guy who loves writing to his kids, and I think that photo really warmed his heart. So….girl-strong is the title on this one. Even if it’s crookedy. ๐Ÿ™‚
And since I had to compensate for the scrappy page by doing something better, I used the sketch for a card too. Sorta. But in any case, I clearly am more comfortable in an A2!
Papers used are from my Studio Calico kits, mostly. Have I said lately how much I love them??

Rest in peace, hero

One of my dear friends online, Velda (oldstamper), lost her veteran hubby last week. ๐Ÿ™ Very very sad day. I sent her this card….I kept it pretty simple, the stamp says it all. 

Papers are My Mind’s Eye (Stella Rose), stamp is a clear set by I know not who.

It’s Thursday…you know where I’ll be tonight. Tune in to hear from someone very special ๐Ÿ™‚


Did you see?!? Did you see!?!?!?! OWH WON 2nd PRIZE!!!!!!! A little backstory for my readers (see, aren’t you glad you subscribe or visit me? You get the extra scoop!)……

Last Friday I got an email asking if I’d prefer email or phone notification on Monday. I said phone! lol. Then I received an email on Sunday telling me the news. And was sworn to secrecy! Agh! With no idea how long I had to hold in the secret. So I spent the time planning how to announce it – got an email and blog post ready, and Ciara and I got to working on the video. I did tell our board, because if I didn’t tell someone, I thought I would burst!

Monday I received some paperwork in email to sign and send right back. All day Monday and Tuesday I kept our FB folks hanging by providing definitions for phrases like “pins and needles,” “waiting with bated breath” and “on tenterhooks”…LOL! It felt like I was torturing everyone, but I had to find a way to say something without saying I knew anything. I didn’t wanna lie and say I didn’t know the results! heehee. So…..then J’s said they’d make the annoucement on Wednesday. I made an educated guess that it’d be at midnight tonight, EST – since that’s when they started the voting the first day. And I was right – the video finished uploading to YouTube at just before 9pm Pacific, so when I checked the CFAC page, there were the results – so I could officially share!!!

If for some crazy reason you missed it, here’s Miss Ciara’s announcement!

Request for a Polish general!

If you’re reading this, you’re one of my regulars, and I have a special mission. I’m not posting this on the OWH site since it’s a small project and we don’t need hundreds of these special cards……while you’re reading, click play on this video and listen to the Polish national anthem. (And yes, I’m Polish, so this request has a special place in my heart!)

See this email below from this U.S. Army Major – and in honor of my family’s Polish heritage, I invite you to join in the fun! PLEASE read the instructions carefully.

To Whom It May Concern:
I was wondering if I could request a few homemade birthday cards. I do not need an entire flat rate box however I work for a Polish General and he would like to send birthday greetings to our team which is comprised of approximately 50 personnel. I found one card from your organization which was donated to the Chaplain’s office and he loved it. Unfortunately I do not have any additional birthday cards. Please let me know if you can send me some cards.
Also, the Polish Soldiers celebrate their “Name Day” which is a bigger holiday than their actual birthday. I was wondering if you could ask your volunteers to make approximately 20 happy name day cards. I have googled it and found a couple generic cards with the Polish white eagle on it but they do not ship to APO addresses. Please let me know. Thank you.
L.E.A, Major, U.S. Army

I’d love to have 50 people each make two cards: one Name Day card and one adult birthday card.

My “Name Day” card – eagle not required ๐Ÿ™‚

PLEASE list your name in a comment on this post (Please NUMBER them, so we know when we hit #50) if you’ll do it this week, mailing it at least by Monday Nov 29th….I don’t want this one to drag out, we’ll need this box to go out and then it’s done. And if we don’t get 50, I’ll know who to contact to ask for an extra ๐Ÿ™‚

About the tradition: Polish Name Day

Red and white for the Name Day cards – any colors for the birthday ones

Sentiments: These two are the popular sentiments for Name Day cards. Click on the image then right-click on the larger one to download it. (OR see the pdf link below, to download everything at once)

Translation: “A hundred years!”

Translation: “All the best!”
Click to download a pdf of all the Polish resources
provided on this blog post.

This particular set of cards is going to be given from a general to his men and women – so please, nothing child-oriented. Think of it as an AnyPolishHero card (without a note inside!)….elegant, probably manly – let’s wow them with American crafting! If you want to use the Polish eagle from their flag, I cleaned up a coloring page I found online – you do NOT have to use this, just thought it could be fun. Remember it’s a WHITE eagle, yellow feet, red background. Click on the image then right-click on the larger one to download it.

The regular birthday card
Please make it appropriate for an adult general to send to his men and women. Nothing funny or joke-ish, he may not be fluent in English and that could be weird! Just straight-up happy birthday, and lean towards the masculine side of the spectrum.

A bonus AnyHero project, if you speak/write Polish…
If you wish to write an AnyHero letter in Polish to the general or a Polish hero in his command, please send it along with the above cards. (You can also do that without making the special cards too…it’d be a kick to send the general his own mail!)

A bonus AnyHero project, if you do NOT speak Polish…
If you wish to write an AnyHero letter to the general, rock on! ๐Ÿ™‚ Usual guidelines apply. You can even have your kids color this AnyHero coloring page….click to make it larger, then right-click and download the bigger image. It should say “Thank you, hero, from America”

Mail them!
Postmark on or before November 29th. Mail to: Operation Write Home, 35205 13th Pl SW, Federal Way WA 98023 – thanks!!!!

MiniAlbum project for Andrea

I think I’ve told y’all before that I sponsor a bunch of kiddos around the world. My newest addition, Andrea, has a birthday the same as mine ๐Ÿ™‚ (I was working on a project at work and came across her info…the second I saw her birthdate, I called the 800 number and said she’s mine!)

I wanted to send her a special treat, since she’s my new lil buddy. A dear friend said something that totally inspired me today – she said that everyone loves pictures of themselves, but poor kids might not have pictures of themselves. I’ve sent lots of pics of me and my critters to my sponsored kids, but never sent them one of the child themselves. So….I’m going to be rectifying that!

Tribute to a fallen hero

I finally completed this tribute to Rick who was killed in action this spring….please continue to pray for his family. If making a video like this hurts, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to live with the loss every day….

CFH: Interviewed!

The interview over at BlogTalk Radio happened tonight! Click above to go listen to it; if it doesnt start right away, click the itunes button and you can listen to it that way. It’s a slow start, they had to do some vamping with music and banter while they waited for me to solve technical problemsโ€”but once it got going I think it came out pretty well!

I also posted a little “backstory” on the Homefront Blog if you want to read about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free to share the link so more people can hear about CFH and get inspired to join in!

Cards for Heroes

The quality of cards that keep coming in for CFH are absolutely incredible….are yours in here? These are all sorted into the category boxes, and I packed up eightโ€”yes eightโ€”giant boxes of cards to mail out this weekend! 1,600 cards!! I’ve finally whittled down the stash of holiday cards that have been sent in throughout the year as well as the new ones coming in for the Blizzard Challenge. I just love thinking about all the family members who will get to open these cards from their deployed loved ones this Christmas!!

Click on a photo to get a better view!

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