It’s not an email…AND it’s CAS.

I’m starting to twitch.

Not because it’s a Sunday CAS card. But because tomorrow is Monday. You’ll have to come back to find out what’s up, but…*twitch*!!!

This CAS card was probably the fastest card I’ve made in eons….at about 11am one day last week, I suddenly found I needed a card for the afternoon. One of those corporate “emergency” things. You know, when the boss’ boss has a birthday that the boss has forgotten? Yeah.

So I rushed home at lunch, grabbed some corporate-color markers and my airbrush, and started goin’ to town! I airbrushed the background and stamped this wacky stamp from Hero Arts on it with Versafine – I just love this stamp but finding ways to use it is a challenge! I had some stickers in some scrapbook kits sent to me recently – and I knew one had word balloons in it, so I snagged one quickly that was office-y. Popped it…layered the thing on a square base just to make it feel special. And voilá! Done!

Sandy Allnock - Not an email

So I guess maybe a card emergency is good for the mojo. How about you? Does a panic make you freeze, or does it just make something leap into your head like this did for me?

Color Me Wonderful!

Color Me Wonderful!

Happpppppppppppppy weekend! Wheeeeee!!! I’m just in such a good mood…even writing this blog post well past midnight, I’m a happy lil camper. The weekend’s here, I have a crafty day with my stamping sisters tomorrow, and next week’s a big week….I’m on pins and neeeeedles!! Agh!

I had a plan for a different video for you guys this weekend but…due to crazy technical issues, that’s going to take a lot more work to work out. I think I had more confidence in my editing skillz than I ought to have! ha. But hopefully that means the final one will be a better video because of it at least. 🙂 But…I think you’ll like this one. Or, maybe you won’t? There’s no voiceover, since I changed plans midstream to finish this one, so…uh. Yeah. Just lots of fun pop music instead! I picked songs with lyrics that speak to where my head’s at, so listen up as you watch, and maybe the words will give you some mojomotivation too!

The image is Color Me Wonderful, a digi from Saturated Canary…lots of fun for practicing hair! She reminds me of those ads when I was a kid – they always made me want to have long flouncy hair, and instead I have super thin hair, so never quite got to that goal. 🙁



Edited to add: Here’s the video – and in just the first little while it’s been up, I’m already hearing lots prefer the voiceover. So remember, if you don’t like the music, just mute it 🙂 Someone had told me I seem “afraid” of silence, since she doesn’t talk through any of her videos – so this was  partly a test to see what my viewers like. Don’t dislike it just for being an experiment 🙂

Papers on the card are by Lawn Fawn, and the sentiment is by Our Daily Bread Designs…I know it’s not a common pairing, but the card’s for a friend who needs some encouragement, and she’s a Copic buddy. So I thought the combo might make her smile. Sandy Allnock - Color Me Wonderful 2

Magic Colored Pencil Technique….and Patreon announcement!

Magic Colored Pencil Technique….and Patreon announcement!


Magic Colored Pencil Technique

I have another video to add to the collection…using the Hero Arts All the Time set! And…it’s not a Copic tut, so for those who think I’m a one-trick pony, think no further! 🙂 Papers are from Studio Calico’s Hey Day 6×6 pad.

And now…Patreon!

I signed up for this new site recently, and I’m curious to see how it’ll work. It seems the more videos I put out, the more people ask how they can support me personally for all this content. I tried that with Stage-It, and for a lot of reasons that’s not panning out the way I’d hoped. I prefer to give you guys higher quality content, and the webcam thing just wasn’t doing it for me….and scheduling it so everyoen could make it – another toughie. But Patreon – which is the brainchild of the brilliant Jack Conte (half of Pomplamoose) – is a fascinating model to me. Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up as a patron, or a sponsor, of your favorite creator(s). Like me. If you think about the YouTube subscription emails that come to you – which are the ones you click on to watch right away? Those are your favorites.
  2. You pick the amount you want to give for each upload. You can even set a cap so you don’t go over a dollar amount, in case the creator goes nuts and uploads a ton! You can change the settings anytime later too!
  3. The creator gets busy creating. Having some income from producing their work gives them incentive to keep it going – and make it worth your while! They may now be able to afford equipment or supplies needed, hire services that are needed for their videos, heck, they can maybe get an extra hard drive for processing all that content. (lol)
  4. The content remains free throughout all this. Think of it like public radio or tv – it’s out there, anyone can access it, but those who know its value give to support it.
  5. The creator can offer incentives.

#5 is where I need your ideas. Patrons are going to be able to weigh in more heavily on what they’d like to see as incentives! It could be things like choosing an image for me to color. Picking supplies or a sketch for some kind of dare. Giving me a wild topic to somehow mash into a funny crafting video. Or just a Google hangout with patrons so we can chat about stuff. Who knows! What ideas do you have?

Patreon site

Create something every day

Happy weekend, peeps! I’ve been looking forward to a weekend off since….well, since Monday! lol. I know, I shouldn’t wish away my days all week, but I just love having a couple concerted days to get things done at home 🙂

One of the things is getting this video finished and published! I’ve been asked by a number of folks from time to time if I had a bio for them to post when they do an article or post about me. So….here it is!


Whatcha think? Does it capture who I am? A little of me thinks it’s too tame, but it’d be nice to have something professional when I need it, so I figured I’d go pretty straight-up with it. It’s also going to be my video on my new One Channel – I’ll be setting that up this weekend I hope. If you haven’t heard about it, YT is changing the channel pages and making it so a channel “looks” good on lots of devices, including tvs. So I need to figure out what to design for a header, etc….and the new channel also has an option to put an intro video out so people who aren’t subscribers are served that video to entice them to sub. Hopefully this one achieves that too!

My card for today is wishing hard for VEGAS! CHA is there this summer, and I’m going with some girlfriends…..I’ll have to do some stuff at the show, but I am SO STOKED to go sit by a pool in the heat for at least a little while! 🙂 Sparkle’s Swimming Lucy is saving my spot in the pool for me. 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Swimming Lucy

Copic colors: Skin E51 E11 BV000 Hair Y38 YR68 Float YG05 G09 Water and suit BG13 BG45 BG15 Flower Y02 Y38. Sentiment sticker by SRM; papers are from the Studio Calico HeyDay 6×6. Available over at Oozak 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Swimming Lucy2

Now get out there and create something. 🙂

Memorial Day reflection

Sandy Allnock - Patriotic eagle card

Stamp is an old one by Michaelsen; 3 Copics (E37. B04, Y23); flag sticker by K&Co; ribbon by May Arts, sentiment by SU.

Sandy Allnock - Patriotic eagle card2

I’m writing this blog post Sunday night. And though it’s been an amazing weekend, I’ve been having a slight temptation to feel sorry for myself. I’ve spent a lot of the weekend on the hop (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) – up all night Friday to get it put together, hopping all day Saturday, dealing with lots of questions and newbies (another thing that’s awesome even if it’s a lot of email!). I packed 23 boxes for our heroes, wrote out the packing slips and letters to each contact, hauled it all to the garage. I have my major project still underway….and I had to mow, do laundry, and all those normal little “life” things.  I did take a little break to go see Star Trek (ohmygosh it was AMAZING!) And I’m looking at tomorrow being just as boringly action-packed. (And without a break for Trekkiness.)

So, as I said – I’ve been tempted to whine to myself as I passed the halfway mark of the long weekend. I do enjoy checking off my list, but….a three day weekend in my world just means three days to keep slogging away, and maybe even catch up a little. No holiday. No sleeping in. Just keep on keeping on. And then I remembered them. My fellow Americans for whom this isn’t a holiday.

The families for whom having a to-do list to distract them from missing their lost loved one would be a blessing.

The moms who would give their very life to do laundry one more time for their child who went to war.

The dads who steel themselves for Memorial Day every year, knowing it’s chased soon by Father’s Day.

The wives who can hardly breathe, not knowing how to go on without the love of their life, their fallen hero.

I think of the countless people across America for whom this weekend is not a “holiday” – it’s nothing to celebrate. It’s no day to have a barbecue. It’s not a time to party.  When I think of them….I realize I have it easy. And I can go on. I go on, because our nation’s fallen heroes went on. I go on, because the families who have lost their loved ones go on. I go on, because a current generation of heroes are deployed at this very moment, with no long weekend to barbecue. They’re fighting and dying, even when half of America doesn’t even remember we’re at war. They’re separated from their families, their children are growing up without them, their careers are on hold. They’re seeing things no one should have to see, and coming home with memories no one needs to wake up with at night. They’re willing to lay down their very life if that’s what is called for. And they do it all, willingly, for me.

So….when I remember all these fellow Americans, I know I have nothing to complain about.



Airbrushed Eagle Card

Airbrushed Eagle Card

I did produce a video tutorial for the airbrushing and Copic coloring of the image in my card from Stampendous, so if you want to see that, watch it on YouTube. (I hope to learn a little more about airbrushing that I can share, but since I know a lot of folks didn’t even know you can airbrush with a marker, I wanted to at least show  you that!)

I used sketch #44…

I was planning on doing red white and blue, but this one wanted to be Purple Mountains Majesty – with purple, green blue….lol! And my May Arts silk ribbon had to be purple to go with it. Hope it’s still nice and patriotic on this holiday! Leave me a comment and tell me if you think it still passes muster 🙂 Wanting that sentiment? Try this link.

Sandy Allnock Stampendous Eagle tutorial2


Sparkle Creations: Daffodil Charlotte

My daffies never came up this year….I think they’re kaput! But….instead I colored Daffodil Charlotte for this card; she’s from Sparkle Creations! My fellow stampers all have a different character from Sparkle that they love – I really like Charlotte a lot – she’s sweet! Just for OWHers who love spring cards…you can use daffodils, just don’t make the cards say “Happy Spring!” on them. It might only be starting spring where you live, but we’re getting a ton of late spring cards that have to wait til next year; our heroes are ready for summer 🙂

Sparkle Creations Daffodil Charlotte2

The card’s a pretty simple design with some MME paper (who’d a thunk it! I think I am just in love with everything they make!)…an SRM sticker for the sentiment, and a little bling that my friend Kelly gifted to me!Sparkle Creations Daffodil Charlotte

Foxy fox from Hero Arts

Gooooooood Sunday morning to you! I hope your weekend’s progressing nicely! I was blessed to be able to take part of yesterday off and go play with my stampin’ sistahs….I love that! I thought I’d have to get back home early, but I stayed up late Friday to get to a good stopping point on some projects – so I gave myself a day to play. (Had to get back on it last night, but at least I had some playtime!!

This is a card I made last week for a sweet lady who worked at my office; they eliminated her position (dangit!!!), and I just wanted to thank her for everything she’s done. And get this – she loved doing her job so much she’s requesting to volunteer at the office for a day each week instead. Can you believe that!?! Talk about dedication. Love you KH!

Sandy Allnock - Hero Arts Fox 1

I used a Hero Arts fox for this card…I can’t seem to find it in their store, but look for E5465 if this is a little fox ya just need to have! Papers by BoBunny, sentiment by SRM stickers, border punch by Fiskars.Sandy Allnock - Hero Arts Fox 2

Saturday….time to chill? (plus a vlog!)

Absent for too long….two things and a rant!

I figured I’d do a couple more Dad cards before the OWH deadline (April 30)….I had this image I’d colored that took me ages to complete! I’m not one to take this long, usually, but it was hours and hours of coloring and layering to get this one down.

Sandy Allnock MFT Whos Watching TV 1

Copics: I had a sticky note (this was colored before my nice notebook went into effect) that was on this one – but it had a bunch of yellows and reds listed. SO I’m guessing that one was for another image. Dagnabbit. If I find the right sticky I’ll come back here and edit! Papers by MME – Stella Rose collection. Stamp by MFT. Ribbon from May Arts.Sandy Allnock MFT Whos Watching TV 2

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