Magical Monday: Copic Coloring Tina’s Flyover

Magical Monday: Copic Coloring Tina’s Flyover


Sometimes a stamp really does suggest how to do its Copic coloring background pretty easily…and Tina is flying through the air – so she totally needed a  city behind her to do a flyover!

Copic coloring a whimsical background

I asked my friend Kate over at Art Impressions why the stamp set is called “Tina,” since I know they always have a good story. This set was released last year along with THIS one – which is called “Val.” So the two of them together? Val-and-Tina…Valentine! Cute, eh? (The sentiment on my card is from the “Val” set!)  Enjoy the video below – or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

I found myself really hoping her balloon is SERIOUSLY strong if she’s flying this high. LOL. But I have to say, Copic coloring this crazy little city is something I’ll do again – so easy to doodle!Sandy Allnock - Tina Flyover2

Pssst the winners from the Pretty Pink Posh bloghop are posted – go see if you won!


In case you are new to my blog: Magical Mondays, usually Copic coloring videos, are not voiced over – just to give me a break once a week so I don’t need to come up with more to say.

Art Journal ideas : “Dream” with Copic Markers

Sandy Allnock - Dream - Art journal ideas

Art journal ideas

I had posted a partial #wip (#workinprogress) back HERE, and finally completed the page yesterday at my stamp club – and I was so excited to be done! This one was way more intricate than anything I had done before – so by the time I got to the last section I was toast. LOL. I finally finished one of my art journal ideas!

Folks on Instagram wanted a little more info so I figured I’d post it here and give you guys some links to the products used – at least all the ones I can find. I’m not sure who makes the clock stencil; I received it from an overseas Secret Santa (it’s actually an alarm clock, I just cut off the top ringer parts. Nobody needs a clock that makes noise anymore, right? rofl!)

The inspiration for this piece came from THIS painting – big thanks to Dean Russo for the inspiration! I did a little stamping, along with a lot of doodling and coloring! Even a little stencilling too.

As for the Dylusions art journal–the paper isn’t the ‘perfect’ kind to use with Copics, but it works well nonetheless. Remember…it’s an art journal and isn’t about “perfect” Copic coloring. It’s all about experimenting. I can get plenty enough blending going on to be able to quickly test out techniques that will translate well to my Neenah later on. It does bleed through a lot; I’m coloring every other spread, and will add adhesive to the “backs” to cover that bleeding. Or else I could add paper on top, but right now I’m not overly concerned about using absolutely every side of every page.

The stamped sentiment, Dream until your dreams come true, is from a stamp set that’s in a bunch of the OWH fundraiser envelopes HERE… your chances of ending up with that one are pretty good!

As for videos – I didn’t shoot any coloring of the Dream page above, but I did show one of my art journal ideas on a page in the video below (click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube)….supplies list for this Paper Smooches page is HERE.

And there’s a video below with the Julie Nutting doll, and I just noticed it’s over 3,000 views so I guess folks liked it!….Enjoy it below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube. If you want to see the blog post with supplies – click HERE.

I haven’t created a cover for my art journal ideas yet – working on what to “call” it. It’s going to be an all-Copic journal (I may get another journal to use with other media)….so I want some kind of special title. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments, I’d love some ideas!

Things of note

  1. Well over 150 copies of THIS have been sent to me. Stopped counting…hoping it dies down soon! ha.
  2. I just bought one of THESE and one of THESE for my trip to Europe and can’t WAIT.
  3. I’m ecstatic that my stamps and dies are now ORGANIZED! Picked up a bunch of THESE to do that – and THESE for the dies. I am delirious. Note that the envelopes I’m using are the heavyduty kind (though I’m not replacing the thinner ones I had bought previously. Just as I add, I’m adding the heavy ones.)


I’m looking forward to sharing more of my art journal ideas with you in the future…this book has lots of pages!

Realistic Copic Coloring Berry Good Fruit

Realistic Copic Coloring Berry Good Fruit

Realistic Copic coloring fruit

It’s a new year – and lots of folks are trying to live a healthier year ahead. I am too – not as a formal resolution; those tend to just make me want what I can’t have even more! LOL. But realistic Copic coloring fruit seemed like good inspiration…and it did lead to cravings for pears! Mmmmm good! When Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

The pear was one of my favorites; I love that the colors go from yellows to pinks to oranges to greens!Sandy Allnock - Coloring Pears

The water drops on the pear surprised even me – yeep! Don’t you love when something like this happens?Sandy Allnock - Coloring Peaches

Cherries are just like any round objects we color…they just need shadows and little highlights!Sandy Allnock - Coloring Cherries

Last but not least, the lemon! The pores on lemons were a surprise to me; if I had been asked before this realistic Copic coloring exercise to describe the look of a lemon, I wouldn’t have said it has pores!Sandy Allnock - Coloring LemonsA note about this stamp set – the sentiments in the set generally fit inside most of the fruits. I left them all outside, so my coloring would show. After that kind of work you don’t want to hid it!

I’ve linked up each stamp’s colors separately below – and I’ve also linked the dies too, in case you’d like them – I wanted mine cut allll the way to the edge so I did my fussycutting for these cards. Finishing touches for all four are in the bottom section.

Pear Supplies





Leaves and the rest of the cards:

If you wanted to learn realistic Copic coloring – what would the image be?

Bruce is back (with stamp masking tips)!

Bruce is back (with stamp masking tips)!


Bruce is back! You might remember him from my last-minute-addition to my tag collection…and many of you asked for him to be back with Copics. So here we go with a Stamp Masking Technique Refresh this week!

Stamp Masking isn’t all that hard!

Bruce has a huge pile of mail he’s been sorting through, looking for one special heart. Is it yours? In the video I show you some quick ways to mask by just placing sticky notes – no need for fussy cutting or fancy tools! Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Despite this looking like a lot of work – I was done, start to finish, stamp masking and coloring, in well under an hour. It’s not so tough if you plan it out right!

Sandy Allnock - Bruce with stamp masking tips

PS – I’m in CHA-recovery mode. I posted a few of my photos and a few little tidbits HERE!


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Stamp masking doesn’t have to be daunting – did this post help you to think about trying it?

Magical Monday: Stitched Raccoon

Magical Monday: Stitched Raccoon

Well good Monday morning, friends! I’m at CHA…and again, this was created before I left so I’m hoping I’m currently having an awesome time! This is a peek at two of the three brand spanking new stamps created by Hero Arts to benefit Operation Write Home – soooooo cute! You can watch it below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

I added my colored panel to a card after diecutting it with the new Simon Says Stitched Rectangle dies – and cut a frame of black from the same set for it.

Sandy Allnock - Stitched Raccoon2

In these cutiepie sets, there are stitched animals (the raccoon and his buddies owl and bunny) and stitched flowers.  You’ll be able to see all the sets (including the third one) on OWHtv at noon today.

A couple pics of me this weekend – THIS by Hero Arts, THIS by Kristina, and THIS utter silliness during one of my classes (Lawdy…I finally got to be one of the black Charlie’s Angels!) 


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Handmade Business Cards

Sandy Allnock - Handmade Business Cards1

I decided I’d go armed to CHA this year.

I always take OWH info with me to hand out, but lots of folks ask for my blog/YouTube/Instagram etc. I’m not very well known in the industry, but they see me create something and want to know more. (Yay for that!)

Instead of printing something boring, I stamped mine! I thought I’d share a little of what I did, in case you have need of a small number of cards for yourself, but don’t feel like spending a fortune or having a ton on hand. Or, like me, if you’re not ready to commit on a logo or card design – I keep saying I need a logo, but I think I’m going to have to pay a designer friend of mine to do one for me…I’m my own worst client, I can’t settle on a thing!

So….I used the cool stamp I just got recently from Antiquaria (see my post about it HERE), and then started decorating. I did them a sheet at a time  and airbrushed some, used distress inks on others, stencils on others, and even did some on watercolor paper and did a wash of paint. (I did one sheet of 110# with a light watercolor wash and that worked too.) I even used the Art Impressions watercolor stamps to create quick little gardens on one sheet of them. I added flowers from Hero Arts and butterflies from Clearly Besotted, just to make them all fun!

Sandy Allnock - Handmade Business Cards2

After that, all I had to do was slice ‘n dice! I have a little office pencil holder that I place on the table, and people can pick out which one they want to take – and they’re handmade so I’m pretty sure no one will toss them, eh? Sandy Allnock - Handmade Business Cards3

I’ve been posting my CHA pics on Instagram…check them out HERE.

Stamp Sketching (Art Journal)

Stamp Sketching (Art Journal)


Hello from sunny California! At least I’m hoping and assuming it is as I write this blog post beforehand. Heehee! Today I have a treat that’s more than a little different…an art journal page! I may begin to share a few of these over time….this one came together during a bout of insomnia, so I turned on the camera once I realized it could be a bit of fun. The “Stamp Sketching” technique is something I called the last step in the video – and I’ll be sharing that in upcoming weeks on a card at some point.

Enjoy the video below or watch it in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Here’s the full finished page…if you’re at CHA and want to see it, come find me! My schedule is posted HERE.

Sandy Allnock - Eat Sleep Create Art Journal

And…before anyone types out an answer to my dilemma mentioned in the video – I just accidentally stumbled on a way to embed a video before it’s live! Oh em GEE! This has been kicking my butt for months, and now…boom, there it is! YAY! It’ll make it a lot easier on me when I go to Europe! 🙂


Except for the marker colors, of course…I didn’t track those!

Boy and Girl First Birthday Card – Copic Watercolor

Boy and Girl First Birthday Card – Copic Watercolor

First Birthday Cards

In the video, I show you the girl first birthday cards step-by-step, (super easy template, it’s so simple it doesn’t even need a pdf!) and give you some ideas for altering it for a little boy. This would be great for newborns…or any little kiddo of a young age who wears a bib! The bib is made combining two non-bib dies…it made Paulina squeal when she saw what I did! (I love surprising designers with a twist on what they were thinking of when designing a die!) Watch it below or check it out in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

These little bunnies from Mama Elephant are just so cute – the perfect companion to the first birthday cards for little children.

Sandy Allnock - PPP First Birthday Girl2

For the little boy card, just snip a triangle to separate his pants, change up the colors, and voilá! Sandy Allnock - Pretty Pink Posh First Birthday Cards

In his hand, this little bunny holds the bubble wand – and is blowing sequin bubbles!

Sandy Allnock - PPP First Birthday Boy2


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Magical Monday: Drawing Scrat

Magical Monday: Drawing Scrat


And now…for something completely different! I’ve shared this drawing on Instagram….below is the first one I created. Had I known it was going to come out so well, I’d have filmed the first time! The scan above made the colors a bit harsher than the actual finished piece; it’s a little closer in my cell phone pic below. If you’re going to CHA and would like to see the original, just ask – I’ll have it with me!
Sandy Allnock - Drawing Scrat2

This had my biggest number of likes on my page, and over 3000 on Copic’s regram!! With popularity like that, I decided to give it another try and color it in front of the camera this time! Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.


The original image (NOT my drawing):

I began (before the start of taping) by downloading this image from the internet, and printed it at the size I wanted to draw it. I lightly traced a few key outlines with a pencil on Neenah Avon White 80# cardstock, using my lightbox. (They make them in a couple sizes, so I linked to two – I have the smaller one.)

A few tips I learned on coloring that tail:

  • I built up color in layers – that allowed me to control the shade as I went.
  • I used a SUPER light flicking motion, and had to hold the marker directly vertical – perpendicular to the paper – to get such tiny strokes. Sorry for my hand being in front of the camera while I did that!
  • The most challenging part for me was when the tail hairs were aimed left, but the fur on his back was pointing down and to the left. Trying to keep it from gumming up where the two meet? Pain in the behind!

If this video is popular, I’ll likely do a few more like this in the future…so if you want to see more, like it, share it, and I’ll see what I could come up with next!

Thing of Note

It’s a singular thing for today – mine was one of the hidden prize stops on the bloghop this weekend. And the winner is:


Congrats, Trish!


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Controlled Copic Watercolor Technique

Controlled Copic Watercolor Technique


Happy New Year! I hope you had a great celebration of the turnover of the new year – thanks so much for all the love you left me on the Top 14 bloghop the other day!

Controlled Copic Watercolor

Today I am excited to be joining a bloghop and sharing a new release of beautifully illustrated flower stamps from Make it Crafty. They are intricate and delicate —and great for coloring! These gorgeous new flowers are available in both digital and rubber and the rubber stamps also come with a hand written sentiment, which of course you could use between all the different flowers.

I’ve created a video for my card, of course; the theme for the month’s challenge at MIC is watercolor, so I tried something different – using my markers to fully mimic a Copic watercolor splashy wishy washy spattery background! I’m having a blast finding watercolor paintings on the web and studying them for more textures and splash types that I can recreate with markers. Enjoy the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Here’s a closeup of the copic watercolor art…just look at how all those colors layer over each other to create entirely new shades of purples, blues and greens. And going over it with a creamy color? That just makes it all vintage! Coolio!

Sandy Allnock - Controlled Copic Watercolor 2

After you get through the hop you might well want to pick up some of these stamps…so here are the links!

Birthday Daisies Rubber Stamp 
Magnolia for Mum Rubber Stamp 
Roses of Love Rubber Stamp 
Sympathy Lilies Rubber Stamp
The digital versions are available HERE!

One more thing to share – this was my original practice of this technique with one of the other flower stamps…shot on my cell phone with poor lighting, sorry! Somehow I’ve misplaced the colored image itself – ack! I hoped to have it on a card. Ah well. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever stop losing things in the crazy room I craft in! 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Controlled Copic Watercolor 3

There are some hidden prizes throughout the hop – so be sure to hop through and leave love for all the ladies on the list below! Next stop is at Ellen’s blog – she does some beautiful coloring work, so be sure to peek through a little more of her posts while you visit!

And in case you get lost, here’s the whole Blog Hop List:

  1. Andrea
  2. Jennifer
  3. Rosemary
  4. Marika
  5. Stephanie
  6. Faye
  7. Elaine
  8. Dorinda
  9. Nicoletta
  10. Carla
  11. Delphine
  12. Sandy –  that’s me!
  13. Ellen
  14. Zoe
  15. Barbara
  16. Kay
  17. Ruby
  18. Store Blog


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There are a number of different ways to create a watercolor look, so stay tuned on my blog to see more of them coming up – just do a search for Copic watercolor in the search bar in the sidebar of my blog. Some are easier, some are harder, but hopefully there will be a technique you can tackle!

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