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Top Ten of Twenty Twelve


Happy New Year!! I love this fresh new season – time to wipe away the old and begin anew! Not that 2012 was a bad year…certainly some challenges came my way, but there were also SO many blessings, both personally and for OWH. Here’s a quick top ten event list….see the Stars and Stamps blog for the OWH-specific list, though a few of these are still OWH-related 🙂

  1. My first year as a BSF graduate – starting the study series all over again!
  2. Attending CHA – it was such a blast having a booth for the first time – and the second is coming up in less than 2 weeks!
  3. Teaching in the Online Card Class in December
  4. Wrestling my scrap pile to the ground.
  5. Moving my blog to WordPress. LOVE IT.
  6. Getting picked as a May Arts ribbonista! It’s a lot of work but just FUN!
  7. Being requested to produce videos for Hero Arts. One here with over 9,000 views, and one here with over 5,000!
  8. Starting monthly ICSE shows on StageIt!
  9. Completing my Copic Marker collection!
  10. Serving on the Oozak DT – and getting asked to stick around and keep making videos!

The list could be tons longer but….now it’s time to think about goals for 2013.

  1. Continue daily card blogging. It keeps me sane.
  2. Automate more things in my life. This computer has to be good for something, right?
  3. Walk more. Ciara will help with this one.
  4. Sleep more. I’ve been told lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, so I’m going to test it. It’s easier than giving up chocolate, right?
  5. Customize my craft room. It’s time to take things seriously….and hire someone to make me a craft desk that works for me.

Now I’m going to let you get on to seeing my favorite ten creations from 2012! Hope you enjoy mine – feel free to click to see more detail – I’ve noted which have tutorials. Have a creative 2013!!

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Bloghop: May Arts, meet Scrap Wrangler!


xmas hop


Merry Christmas everyone! And welcome to my little spot on the May Arts Ribbonista Bloghop! We’re actually sharing on our blogs this week, so I really hope you go to the May Arts blog every day and check out the links to the other ribbonistas. It’s one amazingly talented group of ladies, and you won’t want to miss the holiday inspiration! The bloggers for today are:

Today’s question: Are you all done with your holiday prep yet!?!?

Well, when you get those cards and crafty projects done – don’t lose those scraps! I’ve got a little project for you that’ll use up all your holiday paper and ribbon. “Use it up?” you wonder…”Why do that?” Well, I just discovered something wonderful:

Every year – companies make new paper and ribbon.


I know, I know. Nobody told you either!?!? Let me be the first to break it to you! You can use up the items you have now and then have no guilt in buying the new lines next year, how cool is THAT! If you’re anything like me you always say you’ll use up last year’s first….well do it now, don’t wait til next year. Okay, okay, on to my project!

Sandy Allnock - May Arts Scrap Wreath

I call this project a table wreath; depending on the amount of paper, ribbon, and embellishments you have leftover, you can make something smaller like this “wreath” to use on a table, or if you have a lot of goodies, make a garland for your front room bay window! I simply took all my leftovers, (okay some were 12x12s but I wasn’t going to make more cards with them!), tore them into approximately 4x4ish shapes, and threaded them and anything else that wasn’t nailed down onto a piece of wire. I’ve got beads, bells, spools, snippets of faux berries, diecuts, ornaments – all kinds of fun things in here. Remember if you have heavy items, or if you’ll make a large project, use a heavyduty wire. Be sure it won’t break on you! Watch my quick little video (and wave to Punch when he prances through!) – then tell me what YOUR scrap pile looks like!

And if you have more scraps of other sorts than you know what to do with of a non-holiday kind – go check out the Scrap Wrangler video, that ought to get you in shape!

So tell me…how’s your scrap pile looking? Merry Christmas!!!

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May Arts and Lawn Fawn: Christmas castle card

I am SO stoked. I’ve got this sweet little card up on the May Arts blog today, and…well I thought I’d tell you the backstory. You’re always up for a chuckle, eh?

Well, I was asked which Lawn Fawn set I was craving…and it was this sweet little Critters Ever After. But….I wasn’t *thinking* (not an uncommon occurrence ’round here!)…..and I didn’t look at the calendar to see that Lawn Fawn week would fall during the Christmas season. So when it came to creating a holiday card using dragons, frogs, and griffins….wellllllll I was a bit stumped! I would love for you to go take a look and tell me if YOU think I pulled it off!  Click on the image to head over to May Arts to check it out 🙂

Only one critter is shown colored in the video….Copic colors for the entire card: R89 R29 R24 E79 E37 YR14 YR21 E30 YG99 YG93 YG61  C4 C1 C0

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TriFold Shutter Card Tutorial – new! With room to write!


I’m stoked to bring you another tutorial today! This is an adaptation of the TriFold Shutter card that is

  1. easier and
  2. leaves room for a message on the back panel!

Here are two samples of the new format. This first one uses the poppy die from Memory Box – absolutely darling! And polkadot papers from BoBunny, which I just {puffy heart love}.


And the other is a Christmas card featuring Elf Marci…and more BoBunny dots! And STICKERS!

Trifold shutter card

I saw a card or two with this format on the web, but I could never find a tutorial with measurements…which drove me nuts. So I just started cutting, scoring, and folding til I came up with a set of measurements that would work. The card base starts with a 12″ long piece, that’s the secret – and it’s also only 4″ when closed, rather than 4.25″. I think the full panel of writing space certainly makes it worth sacrificing a quarter of an inch!

So of course here is the video! My dog Ciara played my stunt double; I totally forgot that Dec 1 was around the corner and needed to get this edited, so she took my place…I had a bad hair day, and she rarely has one, so she got to be on camera instead!

This photo shows the view from above, so you can see the comparison between the simplification of the folds:

Trifold shutter card comparison

Remember that for OWH, dimension is an issue, so don’t popdot things on a card that folds this way; but now this format will be better for our heroes since they can write more than three words in the tiny panel available!

Click here to download the PDF template for BOTH the old and new TriFold Shutter Cards.

Do me a favor and share YOUR version of this adapted trifold shutter card format! I’d love to see what you come up with. This tut will eventually be reposted on the OWH blog, and when it does, I’d love to feature one of your cards as the sample, so the blog team will pick out their fave….do nice work! *grin*

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May Arts, Little Yellow Bicycle – and Sparkle Creations!

This project has SO many pieces in it. LOL. Yeah it’s going to have to be one special party for me to part with this card, who’s hosting one?

This isn’t included in the video – but colors are: E53 E51 E42 R86 R29 R24G19 G07 C10 C6 C4 E47 E37 E15 – and the stamp is from Sparkle Creations, and it’s called Poinsettia Charlotte. Happy shopping!

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Holly Berry House Poinsettia

Happppppppy Saturday! I’m writing this blogpost at ohdarkthirty before heading to bed…gonna take me some Ibuprofen and knock off for the night. What a day…what a week! I saw Julie Ebersole post this little guy, and I totally resonate with the feeling:

Many thanks to those who came to the new little show yesterday; it’s an experiment in separating myself into the “me” Sandy and the “OWH” Sandy—OWH Sandy does OWHtv, and “ME” is…well just me as a crafter 🙂 I’m seeing more of the need to do some things as myself, as I’d love to eventually redirect my career, so I’m taking little baby steps toward that. And I appreciate your gracious indulgence of me as I figure out what all that looks like! Next one will be sometime around Christmas, probably on a Saturday.

For OWHers – you aren’t missing any OWHy news that’s necessary if you don’t do my “other” things….we did get to listen to a voicemail from a hero on the new show, because that one’s not recorded for posterity; he left enough personal info that I can’t be playing it on OWHtv 🙁 So you might miss out on stuff like that, but again – it’s not crucial announcements or anything. OWHtv will remain on YouTube and remain free, so no worries.

Alrighty, all that aside. On to my card! I’ve got a poinsettia from Holly Berry House to share today – I just love how their stamps layer so beautifully! They have a couple sizes of this flower on their site. This one has three layers all popped….and of course I can do that on my own cards, since  I’m paying postage and praying they don’t get crushed 🙂 ha. Though this one has big chunky layers, so I’m not worried about it much. I stopped at three, even though I wanted to get in and do those top layers too!


Papers are by SEI….I’m working my way through my stash of Christmas papers! I have a plan for a project to get rid of the last of it – I am NOT carrying over paper til next year. Did you know….they make NEW paper every year! Who’d a thunk it! I’m a gonna get new stuff in 2013!

Copic colors: R89 R37  R29 R24 YR16….Ribbon is by May Arts! Shock, eh 🙂 Looking at the closeup I realize I forgot to do the outside edges of the pieces with black 🙁 Boohiss! Oh well.

YT project progress: only 6 more tutorials to shoot. Then the mad editing begins….hoping to take a little cleaning break to tidy the house a bit tomorrow, and go get my Christmas tree and put up a few decorations. But I’m debating making myself wait on Christmas decorating til the video editing is done – that might give me incentive to finish and not procrastinate! Do you ever have to play games with yourself to keep on track??

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Tutorial: Make an advent calendar

Okay, so that title’s a bit of a misnomer. My tutorial isn’t here, it’s over on the May Arts blog. ***ETA 11am, the post is there now!*** Click the picture to go see! (Then come back here and scroll down for the news about the test StageIt show on Friday!)


Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed that lil project…I had such fun making it! Non-cards are a little out of character for me, but I do like doing something a little different from time to time. 🙂

Friday Test Webcast on StageIt

I’ll be testing out the platform with the first ever “I Can’t Stop Embellishing Webcast”on Friday afternoon; they appear to have 2 cameras, however it seems like poor resolution in the “soundcheck” mode….so it could be a bust! But it’ll only cost a buck to see the train wreck…OR only a buck to be in on the ground floor of something cool and new! Ha. No refunds, so be sure you’re willing to part with  your sawbuck 🙂

They’re only giving me a half hour show to start, so we’ll do that and see how it goes. What’s on deck, you ask?

  • A sketch! Bring pencil and paper, so you can write down details. This webcast won’t “save” like OWHtv.
  • Samples with the sketch, showing new papers from Bazzill and why I pick which papers.
  • A recording of a voicemail that a HERO left on my phone, all the way from Afghanistan! I hope my phone is picked up on the broadcast, it’s a nice message.
  • Viewer’s choice: Stump Sandy OR previews of some YouTube project “reject” cards. Yeah, I make blooper cards! No one but our heroes will see them if you choose Stump Sandy (and that’s ok with me!)

That ought to be plenty to keep us occupied for just half an hour; I think it cuts off at 30min, so we shouldn’t be running overtime. And – if you are NOT able to make it, don’t worry; you won’t miss any OWH-crucial news. This is more about just crafting, and won’t have announcement-type stuff except me blathering personally. Any webcasts that have an associated fee are bonus material, not critical for OWHers. (‘cept you might like to be “in the know”!)

How do you get a ticket? Click HERE!

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Coloring a Copic night sky (and lambs too!)

Today I’m so pleased to bring you one of my favorite copic tutorial videos yet  This video shows how I colored this Giordano Studio Christmas Lambs stamp from Johanna Sheen to look like a night scene, coloring a Copic night sky as well as making the images look like they’re bathed in moonlight:


Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

The key was making it a night scene. Daytime just wasn’t working – the lambs just kept ‘disappearing’! Copics: E39 YR24 YG45 E53 W9 W6 W4 C6 C4 C00. And the Copic night sky really made the lambs pop against that dark color!

Copic night sky

Paper is by Memory Box – the lovely Yuletide 6×6…I punched the EK Success tree border, and a scallop to hang below the image (with bling to dress it up!). The final touch on the card design was adding the moon; I added just a few drops of Glossy Accents. All the shopping links are in the pictures below, so have fun!


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TGIF, little snowman!

So very very glad to have survived the week! And this little snowman is happy too – can’t you tell by his little cocked head and cheeky smile? 🙂 He’s also happy that I’m using up scraps as I go along making Christmas cards – I am determined to have nothing left at the end of the season! Really!

I’m not sure who makes this snowman…gold star to anyone finding a link! **Gold star goes to Suzanne E who provided me with the link to Snowflake Santa – why didn’t they call it snowMAN santa so I could find it? lol!*** Two of the papers are from Lawn Fawn (background and the crosshatch), and the one with the words is from October Afternoon. May Arts ribbon and a dollar sentiment top it off!

Copic colors: B000; R89, R29. Yeah, that’s really it!

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Copic Coloring with Stampendous

My tutorial on the May Arts blog is about how to make buttons using embossing powder, Stampendous Color Fragments, and some ribbon. I had had a heck of  a time figuring out what to do with the Fragments – though I did see some folks commenting that they had some and love them, so I’m hoping to find more ways to use them from some of you!  Here’s the two-part video for you. Enjoy!


And I hope to get some superfast sleep tonight and be back in gear tomorrow; last night I woke up at 4:30 (overwhelmed by a wave of my own personal summer!) and never did fall asleep again, so I’m totally wiped! Gnight…or I guess by the time you see this it’ll be gmorning!