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Memorial Day reflection

Sandy Allnock - Patriotic eagle card

Stamp is an old one by Michaelsen; 3 Copics (E37. B04, Y23); flag sticker by K&Co; ribbon by May Arts, sentiment by SU.

Sandy Allnock - Patriotic eagle card2

I’m writing this blog post Sunday night. And though it’s been an amazing weekend, I’ve been having a slight temptation to feel sorry for myself. I’ve spent a lot of the weekend on the hop (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) – up all night Friday to get it put together, hopping all day Saturday, dealing with lots of questions and newbies (another thing that’s awesome even if it’s a lot of email!). I packed 23 boxes for our heroes, wrote out the packing slips and letters to each contact, hauled it all to the garage. I have my major project still underway….and I had to mow, do laundry, and all those normal little “life” things.  I did take a little break to go see Star Trek (ohmygosh it was AMAZING!) And I’m looking at tomorrow being just as boringly action-packed. (And without a break for Trekkiness.)

So, as I said – I’ve been tempted to whine to myself as I passed the halfway mark of the long weekend. I do enjoy checking off my list, but….a three day weekend in my world just means three days to keep slogging away, and maybe even catch up a little. No holiday. No sleeping in. Just keep on keeping on. And then I remembered them. My fellow Americans for whom this isn’t a holiday.

The families for whom having a to-do list to distract them from missing their lost loved one would be a blessing.

The moms who would give their very life to do laundry one more time for their child who went to war.

The dads who steel themselves for Memorial Day every year, knowing it’s chased soon by Father’s Day.

The wives who can hardly breathe, not knowing how to go on without the love of their life, their fallen hero.

I think of the countless people across America for whom this weekend is not a “holiday” – it’s nothing to celebrate. It’s no day to have a barbecue. It’s not a time to party.  When I think of them….I realize I have it easy. And I can go on. I go on, because our nation’s fallen heroes went on. I go on, because the families who have lost their loved ones go on. I go on, because a current generation of heroes are deployed at this very moment, with no long weekend to barbecue. They’re fighting and dying, even when half of America doesn’t even remember we’re at war. They’re separated from their families, their children are growing up without them, their careers are on hold. They’re seeing things no one should have to see, and coming home with memories no one needs to wake up with at night. They’re willing to lay down their very life if that’s what is called for. And they do it all, willingly, for me.

So….when I remember all these fellow Americans, I know I have nothing to complain about.



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Airbrushed Eagle Card

I did produce a video tutorial for the airbrushing and Copic coloring of the image in my card from Stampendous, so if you want to see that, watch it on YouTube. (I hope to learn a little more about airbrushing that I can share, but since I know a lot of folks didn’t even know you can airbrush with a marker, I wanted to at least show  you that!)

I used sketch #44…

I was planning on doing red white and blue, but this one wanted to be Purple Mountains Majesty – with purple, green blue….lol! And my May Arts silk ribbon had to be purple to go with it. Hope it’s still nice and patriotic on this holiday! Leave me a comment and tell me if you think it still passes muster 🙂 Wanting that sentiment? Try this link.

Sandy Allnock Stampendous Eagle tutorial2


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Sparkle Creations: Daffodil Charlotte

My daffies never came up this year….I think they’re kaput! But….instead I colored Daffodil Charlotte for this card; she’s from Sparkle Creations! My fellow stampers all have a different character from Sparkle that they love – I really like Charlotte a lot – she’s sweet! Just for OWHers who love spring cards…you can use daffodils, just don’t make the cards say “Happy Spring!” on them. It might only be starting spring where you live, but we’re getting a ton of late spring cards that have to wait til next year; our heroes are ready for summer 🙂

Sparkle Creations Daffodil Charlotte2

The card’s a pretty simple design with some MME paper (who’d a thunk it! I think I am just in love with everything they make!)…an SRM sticker for the sentiment, and a little bling that my friend Kelly gifted to me!Sparkle Creations Daffodil Charlotte

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Foxy fox from Hero Arts

Gooooooood Sunday morning to you! I hope your weekend’s progressing nicely! I was blessed to be able to take part of yesterday off and go play with my stampin’ sistahs….I love that! I thought I’d have to get back home early, but I stayed up late Friday to get to a good stopping point on some projects – so I gave myself a day to play. (Had to get back on it last night, but at least I had some playtime!!

This is a card I made last week for a sweet lady who worked at my office; they eliminated her position (dangit!!!), and I just wanted to thank her for everything she’s done. And get this – she loved doing her job so much she’s requesting to volunteer at the office for a day each week instead. Can you believe that!?! Talk about dedication. Love you KH!

Sandy Allnock - Hero Arts Fox 1

I used a Hero Arts fox for this card…I can’t seem to find it in their store, but look for E5465 if this is a little fox ya just need to have! Papers by BoBunny, sentiment by SRM stickers, border punch by Fiskars.Sandy Allnock - Hero Arts Fox 2

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Saturday….time to chill? (plus a vlog!)

Absent for too long….two things and a rant!

I figured I’d do a couple more Dad cards before the OWH deadline (April 30)….I had this image I’d colored that took me ages to complete! I’m not one to take this long, usually, but it was hours and hours of coloring and layering to get this one down.

Sandy Allnock MFT Whos Watching TV 1

Copics: I had a sticky note (this was colored before my nice notebook went into effect) that was on this one – but it had a bunch of yellows and reds listed. SO I’m guessing that one was for another image. Dagnabbit. If I find the right sticky I’ll come back here and edit! Papers by MME – Stella Rose collection. Stamp by MFT. Ribbon from May Arts.Sandy Allnock MFT Whos Watching TV 2

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My Craft Room Tour

See below for lots of still photos too!

1old desk
My old craft desk!
Digital rendering of the cabinets before anything started
2old shipping
The old shipping “table”
3 paint inspiration
Color inspiration
Color inspiration
4paint choices
Deciding what shade of yellow. Or teal
Warning! lol. No, this was not me.
Wall is out, preparing ceiling for sheetrock
Preparing for sheetrock
Someone is confused by all the plastic!
Someone tried to help texture the sheetrock!
Paint getting started.
Nice blue in the hall…
And the other hall. The craft room door is 6feet wide!
Paint getting intense, yeah!
Garage mess
Flooring going in
Flooring, trim, and vent cover
Desk going in
Someone’s new ottoman
17Ciara in window
Perfect to see outside
18Ciara on Rug
Trying out the carpet
Granite countertops
My workspace!
Cardstock, stamps, and more
ikea cupboard
Stamps in CD cases, embellies and stickers in drawers from IKEA
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May Arts Ribbon Organization Bloghop!

organization banner

If you’re a follower of the May Arts blog, you’ll know this week is all about ORGANIZING! And I got my room done *just* in the nick of time to be able to join in the fun! Here’s a snapshot, and just below is a video showing how I laid out the colors to get them on the spools in this pretty rainbow!Sandy Allnock - Ribbon Organization Hop

I hope you take some time to go visit all the ribbonistas and their storage ideas – lots of FAB ways to organize yourself! And go leave comments all over – you could win 3 spools of your choice!!!!

  1. Candy at Candy Scraps
  2. Charlene at Paper And Ink Playground
  3. DeeDee at UmWow
  4. Emily at Create Serendipity
  5. Erika at Taylord Concepts
  6. Erin at Homemade Cards by Erin
  7. Gini at Beadz
  8. Jen at Jen Shears Designs
  9. Jenifer at Scrapbooking and more 
  10. Karen at The Bald Dragonfly
  11. Kendra at Scrappin Cricut
  12. Lalo at Crafting in LaLa Land
  13. Leah at Alabaster Owl
  14. Virginia at Fynes Designs

And a bonus…the full-on tour of my entire room is HERE!

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My first project in the new workspace!

Happpppppy weekend!! I’m so psyched the week is over – and my room is in the beginning stages of ORGANIZED!

I still have a ton of things to do – and buy! – but the basics are in. Today I hope to at least reassemble a little of the rest of the house now that the crafty and OWHy things aren’t taking over – I’m a little afraid to vacuum after 3 weeks of construction dust – there might be several vac bags full. LOL!

I did take a break last night to make my first project in the new room….and as I found scraps of paper allllll over with lists of Copic colors on them, I decided to create a repository for them instead! I hope to slide the images I color into pages, and jot the notes down on those pages – maybe that’ll help. At least if I don’t drop the book! ha!

So I just used a generic sketchbook, added a little paper, punched border, ribbon – and a fun stamped image from Saturated Canary! I kinda feel like her – shlepping my markers wherever I go! I colored her outfit with the colors in my new room 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Copic Book1

Copic colors: Skin – E51 E95 B41 BC000 E04; Hair – E39 E49 E19 YR14; outfit – Y17 (of course!) YR14 BG09 BG07BG04 BG02; Copic bodies are W6 with BV20, and the outline is W2. The marker caps are a smattering of colors.Sandy Allnock - Copic Book2

I’m going to my stamp group for a short while today…I have a couple errands and want to get back and work on the room so it’s ready for the webcast tomorrow – at least a little bit more ready!

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TGIF: Go twirl with Anya!

First off – winners from the blogskip last weekend! Mary S and Carol Logan, come on down! Whoever emails first gets their choice of the turtle set or the minnow – and if you already picked up the sets, read about the alternate prize here 🙂

The week continues with more new 6×6 paper! This one is called All About a Boy by Echo Park…lots of fun colors in it! But this isn’t a boy card 🙂 Just sayin’…..the papers work for lots of things.

I laughed with some of my friends about this card when we were crafting together last weekend…we talked about CAS cards, and how we’re attracted to them but have a hard time making them. I see a lot of people pin them like mad – then they send in “CAS” cards to OWH that are barely a shadow of what they pinned – and that’s exactly what happens to me when I try CAS. So when I don’t recommend CAS for OWHers, it’s not because I don’t like it – I do – I just encourage people to make cards that are at least a little more complex….there’s more room to hide booboos and potentially less-than-quality supplies.

So this card is kind of my version of CAS. There’s at least a focal point in one area, and empty space outside of that….I know it’s visually busy so nobody would call it CAS but me. But, at least it hid my blooper. Can you guess what I totally wrecked?
Sandy Allnock - Twirling Anya 1

I had put a line of pearl pen dots down the right side of the chevron panel. Then touched it. EGADS. What a mess. Had I done that straight on a CAS card base or something, I’d have had to toss it. Instead, I cut another chunk of chevron (you’ll notice that it doesn’t line up with the left side)….and attached it on top of the panel I blooped on. After scraping off the worst of the mess, that is. So…..having it be a more complex card gave me room to fix it – instead of a truly CAS card that would have had to be pitched.

One more tip: This sentiment is from one of the MFT bears sets…..some people have told me they don’t see themselves using some of the stamps they go tin the sale, but be sure to keep all those sentiments! There are some awesome ones in there, and I have them all collected into a couple cd cases to keep at hand.

Sandy Allnock - Twirling Anya 2

Copic colors: Outfit G94 YG17 YG13 Y21 E34 E35 YR12 Y17 YR30 Y21 Hair Y26 E87 E27 Skin BV000 BV00 E00 E11