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Art Impressions party


I have two post for you today….this first one with some fun news – Art Impressions has a few stamp sets at Michaels! They’re exclusive designs made just for Michaels (licensed through Hampton Art) and they’re clear. They’re doing a little hop today to get the word out…so here I am!

The stamp set I received has these fun folks out enjoying their retirement years – pretty hilarious! On the first card I made a full scene out of it, airbrushing a whole background for them to sit outside in and enjoy their lemonade!Sandy Allnock AI Hop campers1

For the people, I had stamped them onto the scene first, but then decided I didn’t feel like doing so much fancy masking. So I colored them separately and fussycut them to add to the card.Sandy Allnock AI Hop campers2

And I think I used an overabundance of colors….lol:

photo 1

I wanted to try something highlighting the camper too – way fun to make it patriotic! I created a little airbrush scene for the camper, since we can’t very well leave it out if the couple got their own setting, can we!
Sandy Allnock AI Hop hitched1

Sandy Allnock AI Hop hitched2

Much more reasonable number of markers on this card:

photo 2

If you have questions about the stamps and how it’s working out with Michaels – be sure to read the FAQs by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

Here is the bloghop list, be sure to start at the top!

  1. Art Impressions
  2. Piali Biswas
  3. Cynthia Olheiser
  4. Sharon Caudle
  5. Tracy MacDonald
  6. Karen Day
  7. Angela Boutiller
  8. Cheryl Valadez
  9. Sandy Allnock <—that’s me!
  10. Kerry Kung
  11. Melissa Oeters
  12. Sherry Eckblad
  13. Lezlye Lauterbach
  14. Judith Gowdy
  15. Summer Hills-Painter
  16. Reneé Matarese
  17. Crystal Lopez
  18. Marie-Pierre Capistran
  19. Linda Manto

Ai_Michaels_LaunchAnd last but not least – all the sets at Michaels:

SC0652 Ai Crazy Cat Lady

SC0653 Ai Beach Babes

SC0651 Ai His & Hers Campers

SC0650 Ai His & Hers Gardeners

SC6049 Ai His & Hers Flying High

michaels set


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Copic Coloring Up and Away

I’m excited to finally meet the special request for a coloring video showing you how I created my OhEmGee card HERE….but I switched it up a little and used the monkey stamp from the Mama Elephant set instead! Check out the video:

I love how the balloons have the little highlights on the left….looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it?

Sandy Allnock - Mama Elephant Up and Away Video 2

The inside of the card with the sentiment…Sandy Allnock - Mama Elephant Up and Away Video 3

I think I’ll be back a little later today with another bit of news…need to confirm it before linking you up…Stay tuned!



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Dies without stamps – Lawn Fawn Videos!

Happy Thursday! My Friday video is a little early….AND it’s also doubled – two, count ’em TWO videos!

I was playing with dies during that now-infamous craft retreat in April….and one of the things I tried, that I had thought about for a while, was using dies without stamps. Not just the dies MEANT to not use the stamps, like butterflies and the like. But the kind that are supposed to cut out images. Lots of them work without the stamps – and sometimes they can be even cuter with no stamping! Check out this video, and the annotation in it that’ll take you to the Lawn Fawn YT as well….and below are each of the cards made in both videos. Links to shop for ALL of the stamps and dies are in the doobliedoo. (Setting THAT up was a feat in itself!) And the post over on the LF blog is HERE in case you want to go leave a hello for Kelly Marie too! 🙂

In the above video – a round card using the Critters from the Past set:

Sandy Allnock - LF dino 1

This is the Love You S’More set – using papers from Simon Says’ recent Daybreak release. If you’ve never touched these papers, you’d be in for a treat – nice and heavy with a unique texture. And guess what I used for the bear’s nose? The marshmallow!
Sandy Allnock - LF bear 1

This one uses the Into the Woods set, and the deer is colored with distress ink and a white pen for the spots. Sandy Allnock - LF deer 1

On the Lawn Fawn video….critters on safari! Cute little giraffe with a clothesline full of clouds. Oh and the grass die! I’ve wanted that for ages, very excited to have it now.

This one’s got the dog park set, and I used distress markers and a waterbrush to watercolor the pup and his shadow.

Sandy Allnock - LF pups 1

Hello Baby is another new release, and I used Simon Says papers again on this one.

Sandy Allnock - LF bunnies 1

And last but not least, I made this card during the retreat itself using the deer from In the Woods. CUTEness!Sandy Allnock - Oh Deer Die

Hope you’ll give the idea a shot – take a look at your dies from a new perspective and see what you can come up with!


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Airbrushed ruffle dress card

Happppy weekend! Hope you all had a great week filled with fun things, and a creative weekend ahead! It’s been a BLAST here at Simon Says Create – just go to Instagram and search for the hashtag #simonsayscreate to see a gajillion pics everyone has uploaded. (If you’re on a smart device you can search….you can’t on the web, but you can view my pics HERE.) The day was such a blast….classes in the morning with Jennifer McGuire and Shari Carroll (and on Shari’s birthday too!), then Tim Holtz all afternoon, and in the evening was my class with Stephanie Klauck (Simon Says) and Kelly Marie Alvarez (Lawn Fawn). Everyone had such an awesome time, and I hope they’re all ready to roll again today! I got to hang out with the “cool kids” til the wee hours last night, so I’m just a *tidge* tuckered this morning. But psyched nonetheless – because tonight I get to go to the LSS here in Columbus for an OWH Meet & Greet! Woohoo!

Today I thought I’d share a crazy meshing of two cards made at my two classes at Impress last week….in the morning I taught Airbrush 101…in the afternoon was my Little Black Dress class. While putting away all the leftover kit bits and making cards out of part of it all….I decided to airbrush the panels for a dimensional ruffle dress card!

Sandy Allnock - Dimensional Ruffle Airbrush

The necline is made not with gems, but with marker! I made a “c” shape with the darker color, and then the gem with the 0 marker.

Sandy Allnock - Dimensional Ruffle Airbrush 2

So to my students who heard me brainstorming the idea – there you have it. An airbrushed dress card! 🙂

If you’d like the tutorial originally posted to make this card, click HERE for the full post with video and PDF of the template!

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Copic Airbrush Buyers Guide (sorta)

I hesitated a little to call this a Buyers Guide post…I don’t know *everything* there is to know, so this is the Guide based on what I know as of now! Which is better than nothing – I’ve found little on the web with enough detail to help me make my own decisions about what to buy. So at least this is a start! I’ll edit it in the future if I find out I’ve maintained more misconceptions.

Watch the video and then read on for lots more written info:


In addition to the explanation in the video, here’s a bit of additional information as well—in text that won’t fly across your screen in video!

First, the way I came by all this information…I wanted a couple sets of airbrush equipment to use for classes. I definitely wanted to have some of the air can types to show folks, and a couple of compressors. I knew it was possible to “share” compressors, but it took some effort to figure out what I needed to purchase to have matching sets of everything that would work for my classes.

Some misconceptions I had been under…

  1. That the designation of ABS1, ABS2, and ABS3 for the airbrush kits was the order of expensiveness/extensiveness of the kits. Not so.
  2. That it was super easy to step up from one kit to another.
  3. That the info on all this was going to be in a simple place somewhere on the interwebs. LOL. Why would we think that? Heehee!

Granted – the info IS on the Copic site when you know where to look. I didn’t find it in an easily comparable place or in words that I could follow, however, since I didn’t even know enough to know what questions to seek out. I ended up emailing the amazing Marianne Walker with a gajillion questions, some of which she had to figure out answers for as well. I think she’s probably really happy that I lived through my Airbrush 101 class last week and am now “set” with equipment for future classes! Thank you Marianne!

The three kits

Which kit is right for you? It depends on what you want to do with it. Light-use airbrushers can do fine with the ABS2, while more invested folks will want to consider a compressor – by the time you purchase a few cans of air, you could already own a compressor. See the samples at the end of this blog post to see what I mean by “light” or “heavy” uses. I personally chose to go the compressor route right away. As many of you can attest to, I wasted so much money buying my markers one-at-a-time and could have saved a ton by waiting til I could buy big sets. But no, I didn’t do that —-so when it came to my next investment, I decided to go big at the start instead. And can say I’m glad I did.

  • ABS2 – The least intricate kit. It comes with the Air Grip (the thing you put the marker in) and the can of D60 air. That air lasts 4-5 minutes- some places it says 7-8 minutes, but I mentioned 4-5 to be on the really conservative side. In either case, it’s not a lot of airtime. I’d recommend this for folks who just want to do a little spritz here and there. Replacement costs for the cans are $12-15 depending on where you get them.
  • ABS1N –The middle of the road kit. It comes with the Air Grip, can of air called the 180 that contains 30-45 minutes of air, plus an air adaptor, hose, and foam piece to hold the air can. More airtime here, and the replacement cans run around $20.
  • ABS3 – This kit goes with the compressor. That’s what I have. It’s got the Air Grip and air adaptor, and if you get the Copic compressor it comes with the one hose you need. Best thing – air is now free!

While the compressor is an investment, it also means you don’t have ongoing costs for cans of air. That’s important to me since I like to really spend time working on stuff, and if I was working with “gas gold” in an air can, I’d be wayyyy more conservative with what projects I took on.

Upgrading kits

To step up from one kit to the next,  you should know a few things.

  • If you start with the ABS2, the only part you have in your possession that you’d need for the others is the Air Grip. If you want to move to the ABS1N, you need a bunch of new stuff: air adaptor, hose, air can 180, foam holder. If you want to go to the compressor system, get the air adaptor and compressor with the hose and you’re done.
  • If you start with the ABS1N, stepping up to the compressor is easy. Just get the compressor with the hose! You have everything else in the ABS1N kit.

The hose that goes with the compressor runs around $30ish – and you need that specific hose. I wouldn’t recommend trying to find one “like” it necessarily; by putting the wrong hookups on your system, you can ruin an air adaptor or grip. As for non-Copic compressors – I can’t speak to that intelligently at all, really! Compressors are complex, they have things like PSIs and all kinds of numbers. Oily, oilless, I’m just not qualified to speak to any of that. That said, I’m trying out a non-Copic compressor to see if it works, but I’m going into it lightly; it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles I see on my Copic one, and I think it needs more maintenance since it’s not the same kind. Until I have a lot more experience with it (and see if I explode any air guns!) I’ll just keep my two cents worth to myself. BUT – please know that the high price of the Copic compressor DOES include the $30 hose that you need, so if you find another compressor to try, add he $30 to the cost to see if it’s actually worth a “deal.”

What the systems look like

See the video for realistic kits, of course – and the Copic site and packaging will have lots of info for you in detail. But here’s my little doodles of the three systems so you can see them by comparison. Not to scale, just sayin’! Click to download one that’s printable (not as horizontal of a format, but easier to print out).abskitcomparison So there you have my initial assessment of the Copic Airbrush kits for all of you who’ve been asking! You can probably see why it took me a while to get it all together – I wanted to be sure to have my own questions cleared up before passing on misinformation. Below are some samples of what I mean by usage levels, so hopefully that will illustrate for you what you might be interested in!

Heavy Airbrushing

These are samples of what I would call heavy airbrushing. The backgrounds are full of color and large enough to require a good amount of time to airbrush; you could easily use the whole 30minutes of a can of air on one, especially if you’re learning and take a lot of time to build layers slowly.

This first card is a new one here on my blog – using the new Lawn Fawn “Love You Smore” set. One layer on that paper, cool eh??

Sandy Allnock LF Smore Campfire

This is yesterday’s card here on the blog – click on the image to read a little about how I made it. It’s not entirely airbrushed in the background, but enough overlayering of airbrush that I’d put it in the “heavy” airbrush category as far as the time it took to overspray with color.

Sandy Allnock - Mo Manning Bossy Brick Wall

This card is entirely airbrush, so really does need a ton of airtime! There’s also a video showing how this was done, both diecutting and airbrush. Click on the card to go to the original post.

Sandy Allnock Essentials By Ellen Hearth Home

Light airbrushing

I dug through my airbrush samples (you can check them all out by sorting my blog by the Airbrush Category) to find light airbrushing, and I do have just a couple samples of what I mean. This first card is light since it’s a tiny area of coverage in the window scene, though it does take a little more time to create rainbow looks. As above, click on the image to get to a blog post about the card.

Sandy Allnock - Kitty Window Cards

This card has a small panel of airbrushed color behind a diecut – this can be achieved with just a little air.


The swoosh in the background on this image was created with a quick swoosh of airbrushing, and then stippled with dots of color.

And finally, this is one of my earliest tries at airbrushing, where I airbrushed above torn paper masks to create light clouds.


Questions? I’ll be doing more on airbrush as time goes on, and would love to address any ongoing comments and questions that you have. Leave them below!


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Bunnies, Masks, and Airbrush


Hey there – and TGIF to you! I’m so sad this week is coming to an end – it was SO sunny and hot, I even got a little touch of sunburn! But the forecast has it cooling off right quick…bummer! But…I have a pretty summery, cheerful card to share today in my Friday video!

The image is by Stacey Yacula and is available only over at Purple Onion Designs – links in the doobliedoo – don’t blame me if your wallet starts crying! I had to drop a significant dime over there when I discovered Stacey’s work… you may have the same issue! 🙂

Here’s the still of the card…..I wish the interwebs could post color correctly! It’s stunning in real life, I swear! 🙂
Sandy Allnock - Purple Onion Poppy
Before I go – thank you all so much for your comments on yesterday’s little work of art! It wasn’t a pastor gift – some folks seemed to think that. It’s more for something they may want me to do with the students at the college. EEEP! Fortunately it won’t be on the NEAR term horizon!


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Watercoloring Mimi the Chick

Well hey thee and happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have some fun planned for National Scrapbook Day tomorrow….maybe some fun that involves cards! Lol.

I’ve got a little different video for you today…watercolor! Inspired by a request from a patreon supporter, I dug out my Twinkling H20s to do a little painting! Hope the video embeds here in the blog post – my iPad is not liking the copy paste function right now, and keeps madly correcting random things…so I may be stuck fixing it tomorrow!


Hope you enjoyed a little something different! And just in case you wanted to know the colors I used…the labels list all the colors, even if the colors in the little pots are wrong. Sorry ’bout that! 🙂 I did buy them as a single set way back in the day – but not knowing which set it is, I linked a few options down below for ya.

twinkling h20s


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Double Die Inlay – with airbrush

Happy Friday! And I’m happy for sure. I was struggling all week with producing today’s video – nothing was working, footage was all icky. Just wasn’t making me a happy camper. Then….I went to my LSS yesterday morning.

What a BLAST that was! I had stamped and diecut a bunch of stuff the night before, just so I could focus on pulling out something and airbrushing it for the customers. They wouldn’t have to sit and watch me fussycut masks. lol. That’s the craft equivalent of watching paint dry! One idea I had was the one for this card…I wasn’t at all sure it would work, but decided to try it as about the 8th demo. I was just a little tired of rainbows by then (everyone wanted to see rainbows), so I just decided to go masculine. The one in the store didn’t come out as well as this one but it was a great prototype. So I came right home and started shooting.



The still photos are much more accurate for color than the video was. I still have my lights that do weird things with some colors, and it didn’t like this brown at all, it made it pretty orangey.

In the video I said I did spots so he’d be a paint – but maybe he’s a palomino? I don’t know horses, so be kind 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Double Die Inlay 2

The video includes a few ideas at the end for those who don’t Copic airbrush – so you can do cool stuff too, of course! And think about dies you have that could work to make a scene like this one. Or if you just need the dies, I have links for you….guess where? The doobliedoo on YT!


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Airbrushed Lost World Card [2 Videos!]

Hello everyone! I have a superspecial card for you today…I’ve waited for weeks to share it, and have been chomping at the bit!

It’s somewhat the result of a dream I had; I’d been thinking about what I wanted to do with the Lawn Fawn dinosaurs for a Simon Says Stamp video, and in my dream, I was walking among dinosaurs with an incredible reddish sky overhead. Very very cool image, so I thought I’d try it with airbrush. This card was surprisingly only my 2nd attempt at it … Instagram followers might remember the peek at the first card – cool, but not as cool as this! In the first portion of the video, you’ll see the airbrush, and the wonderment I had when I peeled off all the masking to see that it actually worked. Yes, it surprised me that I hadn’t wasted all that effort!


And part 2 – the dinos and the ground:



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Butterfly cards – a whole kaleidoscope!

I made butterfly cards on the retreat I was at recently, and this was one of the few with no Copic coloring on it, too. (Did you know a whole bunch of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? How perfect!)

Butterfly cards

It’s a brand new stamp from Simon Says. They posted a pic on the Simon Says Stamp Instagram and it’s gotten lots of love there, so leave it some here too…it came out so very pretty. I wanted to make a real rainbow out of them, and had my Memento inks on hand for it.

Some of the butterflies were stamped directly, some were second-generation stamps (stamped once then stamped a second time before reinking to get the lighter color). And I didn’t have a light yellowgreen, so I inked the butterfly in yellow, then patted it onto some dark green ink on a piece of scratch paper, and stamped it – voilá, yellowgreen!

Simon Says Butterfly cards

I used only Memento inks from my dewdrop pads for my butterfly cards…these are the colors we’ll be using in my Spin the Color Wheel class next week. We won’t be making this card, but I want to take it with me as an example of using the full rainbow of color in addition to all the other colorways taught in the class. BIG thanks to Tsukineko for all these pretty inks. It’s FUN to play with so much color! (Ink pads listed in the doobliedoo are the full pads, not the dewdrops.)

Simon Says Butterflies2

By the way, the soft purple sentiment was stamped the same way as those yellowgreen butterflies; I inked it in a red, then dipped it into purple that was inked onto scratch paper. I could have used a redpurple color to ink it, but wouldn’t have come out with that coolio texture and blending!


Butterfly cards are so perfect for just about any occasion…think I’ll make a few more of these!