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Charlie’s Angels

I feel like this post might be titled, “And now, for something completely ridiculous. And wonderful. At the same time.”


I’ve been wanting to do a baseline comparison of some skintone and hair color combos….thus I decided to try it! These three images are from Saturated Canary – Becki, Color Me Wonderful, and Love Letters. There’s little actual use for a card with this threesome – it really was for the excuse of making the video! This is a shot of my first attempt at coloring this, before I started shooting. I ended up trying to color in the background on this one, and wrecked it! Dang. So the one for the card I’m showing has a white background. Not taking the chance on ruining that much work!

Charlies Angels InProgress
This video is shot in real-time….half an hour is less than I’d prefer to spend doing this much coloring, so have a little grace for going out of the lines here and there 🙂 I was trying to keep it paced quickly  so you don’t nod off. But – be sure to get a cup of coffee ready, you seriously need some time to get through this one.

The card is a simple round card –  I’m making the card into an AnyHero card for OWH one of our soldiers who I have a rather raucous banter with, and she’ll totally love it! I diecut the white base, and adhered the scallops on either side.

Sandy Allnock - Charlies Angels 1

Sandy Allnock - Charlies Angels2

Leave me a comment – I’d love to know if you have some “go-to” color combinations….I am forever changing my mind! But the ones in this video are pretty much my current faves.


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Art Impressions Beanie Whoot

Whooooooooot! Challenge number two is complete! I needed to make a Christmas card for my littlest World Vision sponsored child who lives in Myanmar. It’s a country not friendly to Christianity, so I need to make her something fun, but not mention Christmas – so I decided this would be the card for her.

The challenge is to do an homage to O W H – something with each letter.I’m hoping this isn’t too much of a stretch…but O is for the Owl, the W is for winter, since there’s a little snow (there’s also a wish!)….and the H is for happy!

Sandy Allnock - Art Impressions Whoot

Copic colors: For the owl body E79 E37 YR24 Y32; feet  and beak are Y17 and Y24; hat is R24, R37, R89; white parts are B21 and B000. A little Glossy Accents over his eyes, and pearl pen for the snow. The sentiment is by Simon Says Stamp, and paper is BoBunny.Sandy Allnock - Art Impressions Whoot2




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May Arts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

I’m so excited to have been invited back for one more post…wheee! The brand new May Arts website has launched, and we’re celebrating with a ribbon cutting ceremony!

ribbon cutting

Here are the three cards shown…the first one has a popped yellow layer with a hole in it, and the center of the flower is recessed into the hole and held in place with a glue dot.

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial2

Next I tried long, wide petals and stitched them in the center, and used pearl pen for the dots in the middle.

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial3
Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial4

And last but not least, I made petals with thin satin, and created a poinsettia for a Christmas card!

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial5

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial6

I think the best fun with ribbon is just experimenting…try something with it and see what happens! What I usually find with May Arts ribbon – it’s really really cooperative. I did attempt to make petals out of SER*, and nearly caught the craft room on fire. So beware – and you might want to have a bucket of water handy!

*SER = Someone Else’s Ribbon!


Without further ado, here’s the rest of the amazing ladies on the bloghop – go leave lots and lots of comments, there’s something like $1,000.00 worth of prizes up for grabs! Go go go!






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How to color white with Copics


I don’t always dress the part for a video…but this time…why not? Lots of you wanted me to show you how to color white with Copics, so here you go – using both blues and greys:

Here are the pics of the sweet little polar bears from the Some Odd Girl set called Winter Friends. Stay tuned in the next week or so, I have some of the penguins to put on cards and they are stinkin sweet too!

Sandy Allnock how to Color white with Copics

The patterned papers used here are ancient, I believe; I hardly own any Christmas paper right now except one pad that I’ve been using – and nothing worked for these polar bears. So I went to the garage sale “stash” that I’ve been saving up and collecting from friends – and I shopped for something that’d work! These happy pinks and blues went really well with the little bears.


It’s really not as hard as you might think to learn how to color white with Copics – it just takes a light touch. Keep your colorless blender marker handy too, in case you need to feather something out that doesn’t bleed well into the white paper.Sandy Allnock Color white with CopicsI hope you liked the tutorial…and now you know how to color white with Copics! If so give a lil shout out in the comments to my awesome patrons! They’re inspiring me to do some fun stuff 🙂 And they’re also lucky enough to have gotten my color study on some Copics to use on those Winter Friends penguins. You could join them and get some inside scoop too!

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Navigating Las Vegas….and a thank you to my patrons!

I know I have no career ahead of me as a travel vlogger…but I couldn’t resist. And there’s treats in the middle and at the end of the video…hopefully ones that’ll make it worth all the escalators!

Now this video was not brought to you by my patrons (see “how am I using Patreon” below), but I thought today I’d talk a little about Patreon, what it is, and what I’m learning about how best to use it. Hopefully this will be helpful to other Patreon creators as well as those wondering if they want to support any of their favorite creators there.

What is it? It’s a site that allows creators – specifically YouTube creators – to have a place for fans to support them. It’s like kickstarter but instead of one giant project (like recording an album), it’s for little regular creations. That’s what made me think I as a crafter could do it, even though the majority of creators on the site are musicans.

Why would someone become a patron? Because they want to encourage creativity! You can find your favorite creators on the site, pledge a buck for each of their creations, and nudge them along to doing cooler stuff. Lots of us could use better cameras, lighting, and other supplies, and the idea that our videos could bring in a little assistance makes us more willing to invest time, effort, and resources into them.

What does it cost? It’s whatever the patron wants. I think the safest way to get into being a patron (I learned this by becoming a patron for a few artists) is to start by pledging a buck per video. Nobody’s going to go broke that way, and you can test out the creator for a few months that way, and see what they do, how much they do, and if you think it’s worth more. I started out at a high number on a few, and got a little freaked out when I found out what it’d cost me. I could adjust the amount, but I’d recommend starting at a buck and working up rather than the other way.

You can also set a cap on your patronage, too. Pledge a high amount, but set the max at one video, so you know what your budget can bear.

How am I using Patreon? While the site automatically pulls in everything from my YT channel into my activity feed, I only mark a few as Patreon-supported videos. Those are highly edited, nice quality ones – no one gets charged for my silly vlogs. Well, I take that back, if the scrap wrangler happened today, it’d be in there even though it’s silly! But I only link up the highly produced ones that I consider would be worth paying for. And it’s 2-3 per month maximum. So at a buck sponsored per video per month, it costs a patron only $2 – $3 total – easy on the budget.

So how does $3 help? Combined with everyone else’s $3, it adds up to provide support for equipment! With my new room, I’ve found the need for alternative lighting depending on what tutorials I’m shooting, and am hoping to raise funds to install some better lights for close-up work in particular; right now I pile books on the counter to hold the lights at the needed angles, and I need to work out something else.

What does a patron get? I had set some “rewards” that haven’t panned out too well thus far. It seems a lot of creators are toying around with what works – some who got hundreds of people signing up for hangouts realized that wasn’t going to work. I wanted to do monthly google hangouts with the top supporters, but times and dates haven’t been working out, though we’ll try one next week I hope.

Below are some rewards that went out in the mail this week! One group of supporters signed up for stamped images…and I did cards for them too. Plus as a treat, each month I send cards to a couple of the patrons at the other levels too…so everyone will get something within a couple months of becoming a patron. Because I am so darned grateful for the support!

Patreon Dinosaurs1

Papers are by BoBunny from the Camp-a-lot collection; stamps: Cute-asaurus, All the Hats<—now on sale at Oozak – lower price than anywhere else I’ve seen!) and Cowgirl Marci.

One other thing that patrons get – or will continue to get as I do them – are color studies. I’m trying to work out some favorite color combos, and I did a sheet of these Paper Smooches dinosaurs in different greens. This photo shows the images, but patrons got to see it with colors listed on it 🙂 I’d like to do some test studies like this on an ongoing basis to share with patrons on my activity wall.


Not all the green combos came out exactly as desired, but it was a good learning experience about Gs vs YGs. So it was an experiment that taught me a little something!

Patreon Dinosaurs2

So….a hearty thank you to my patrons…you guys are inspiring me to try new fun things. I’ll be working up something special for next Friday, I hope…crossing my fingers for some good work time coming up soon!

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Mountaintop Experience!

Yesterday morning, Ciara tried helping me film a vlog. She walked on the camera twice, both on the way up and down the hill. Geesh! Gotta teach that dog some technology manners 🙂

And an update on the weekend vlog – about passion – I got a message from Jack Conte, he watched the first half of it! Before his internet died on him (he’s on tour, so I’m betting he has some sketch hotel internet!). He’s such a busy guy, and famous too, so having him weigh in on the topic is pretty special. Interested to see if he sends more comments once he finishes watching it!

 sandy – i just watched the first half of your video and then my internet got stuck! i will finish it when i get home. i COMPLETELY agree though, about passion. my parents always taught me to do what i love, and the rest would follow. that was the most valuable thing they could have ever taught me. if you allow yourself to fall in love with something, everything else will follow. i’m not saying it doesn’t take work or conscious effort, but DIVING into something 100% will yield results – even if those results are just a great learning experience. thank you for coming to the show and for making this awesome vlog.

Today I have another card made with an image provided in class; it’s a basic box, but I turned it into a design element on this card. And used some fun bright doubledots paper from BoBunny…..I tell ya, these pads just come in so handy when I’m making something with clean bright colors! I’m so excited watching folks chatting and getting started in the class. It took me so long to prep all the materials that it seems like it was forever ago that I created it all – and now it’s all live and fresh with students learning from it. Yay!


I like the sentiment from MFT, too. It was in a breast cancer set, but the words ring true throughout life. A little bad attitude can drag down your whole day – while a positive spin can really make things turn on a dime!

I’ve got a crazy busy day today, but my attitude’s good….it’s amazing how doing what you’re passionate about changes perspective on your workload, eh?

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The first day of the rest of my life!

I guess every day actually has been the first day. I wonder what would happen if we all thought of *today* as a new beginning? This morning I feel like everything’s fresh and new. And scary of course, but I’m only going to look at the fresh and the new, how ’bout that? 🙂

I’m beginning a new routine, and will be adding some ‘routine’ things to it as I go, just to keep me moving. I’m too much of a couch potato by nature, I think that’s why I make such long to-do lists…so I don’t want to risk that setting in. I’ve committed to Ciara that we’ll go for a walk daily now; she’s gotten short shrift lately, so we did start this morning. And she’ll be posting pics from each morning walk on her Facebook page, so go follow along if you want; I’m hoping that will help us keep on target with walkies! Here’s today’s photo from our warm morning jaunt….she’s just so cute!


I decided my first creative task for my new biz would be to get a frame around my State Department certificate. I wonder how many business owners post a certificate framed with May Arts and Basic Grey, with dimensional adhesive behind the certificate? Yeah, I’m a crafter.


I have a ton of frames I’ve bought at garage sales over the years (it was a crazy obsession for a while!)…but at one point got rid of all the glass. So now I need to go pick up a piece to protect this….but for now, it’s posted! And yes the date is from back in July when I was approved to start the business (btw, shouldn’t someone check to see if I know how to run a business before licensing me?…eeep!)….but I’m considering today to be Day One of my new LLC anyway. If you have paying work for me, well – you know where to reach me!


So that’s my crafty creation for the day…right now I’m sitting here with a smoothie and prioritizing my to-do list. Yes, a smoothie…my new routine is also going to be eating healthier as well as all that walking. I’ve heard from smokers that the best way to break long-standing habits is to do it when big things change….since normal routines are broken, it’s easier to set new habits. So I’m going to use this as an opportunity to get some new habits in place.

Hope you all have a fabulous first day of the rest of YOUR life!

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The Day is here!

I can hardly believe it…my last day at this job! After 12-1/2 years, it’s going to be so strange not to go to the office day after day! It’s bittersweet…while I’m so sad to leave some very dear friends, I’m also thrilled to be able to have time to focus on the next steps for OWH, and building on my crafting career. I’ll probably be freelancing for my old job eventually, since they’re not replacing me, but it’ll be nice to do the work in my jammies if I feel like it! 🙂 I’ll have a while off, since the paperwork to get me to freelance hasn’t been filed yet…so I need to make the most of the time coming up soon!

I made this card especially for one of my closest teammates. The sentiment with the Art Impressions set says Friends Fur-ever…but I decided not to include a sentiment on it at all. The picture says what I want without words.

Sandy Allnock Friends FurEver

I had such fun coloring this one…the kitty follows Punch’s coloring in his fur! The cat and dog here are way out of proportion to each other…but I find it a really fun image.  Copic colors: dog E25 E23 YR21 E31 cat W4 C8 C6 C2 B60
Sandy Allnock Friends FurEver2

Orange paper is by BoBunny. And it’s orange – the company color. The ribbon is also orange, though it looks a little more reddish in the photo.

I’ll be hanging in the afternoon with a friend, celebrating my freedom…then going to a Jack Conte concert! This is one good day. Hope yours is awesome!

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25 ribbon tutorials: a ribbonista review

Hello ribbon lovers! It’s my turn to “look back” on my year as a prima ribbonista – go leave me some near-final love over on the May Arts blog today, would ya? Perhaps you can leave a comment telling me (over there) what was the project you learned the most from? Click on the banner to go there!


I decided to do a “fuller” review here on my blog….with a video too, of course! You can click annotations in the lower left corner of the video to get to any of the tutorials.

OR if you’re one who doesn’t like the annotation thing, below are stills as well as links to the original blog posts for each project – and each video! Whichever way you navigate, enjoy!

A love card for him – blog post


Patriotic album – blog post

MayArts Minialbum 1

Summer ribbon candy – Blog post


Patriots Day challenge with a sketch – blog post

Sandy ALlnock PatriotSketch

Watercoloring on stamps – blog post

Sandy - watercoloring on stamps

Making festive holiday buttons – blog postSandy- festive holiday buttons.

Ribbon bat treat boxes for halloween – blog post


Make invitations and placecards – blog post

Sandy Allnock Placecards

Matchbox Advent calendar – blog post

Sandy Allnock - AdventCalendar

Twisted burlap wreath – on a card! – blog post

Sandy Allnock - Twisted burlap wreath

Ribbon tree and wreath – blog post 

Sandy Allnock ribbon tree and wreath

Happy Ever After with Lawn Fawn – blog post

Sandy Allnock Lawn Fawn Happily Ever

Christmas table wreath – with scraps – blog post

Sandy ALlnock Scrap Table Wreath

May Arts CHA Booth Tour – blog post

Old fashioned hello – sketch card – blog post


Shaped Satin Cutout ribbon – blog post


10 minute craft dash – blog post


Stamped burlap bottles – blog post


Faux canvas and ribbon threader – blog post


Ribbon storage – blog post


Coffee cup gift box – blog post


Double ribbon rose card – blog post


Patriotic distressed card – blog post


Ribbon Butterfly + fun tools! – blog post


Fortune cookie card – blog post

Sandy Allnock -May Arts Lawn Fawn Fortune Cookie

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Sparkle Creations

I’m so excited to be part of the Sparkle Creations Bloghop today! I can’t even believe it’s been three years…it seems like Sparkle just opened! She’s one of my stamping friends, and was at my house this past weekend….we had planned to film part of the video while she was there and spaced it – so we had to handle that from iphone to iphone. What did we ever do before all this technology!

My card has a very special destination…watch the video to find out more.


Sandy Allnock - Sparkle Anniversary Hop2