Before we get to the sketches: I’ll be on TV in a few hours! WBPI is airing a Skype taping of an interview with me today, Dec 20th, at 10:00AM EST. I know, not much warning! It’s super short, and I don’t know where in the hour it will broadcast; I’m hoping to get a recording of it to post on my Bible Journaling channel soon. If you’re free this morning you may watch via: Facebook Live – WBPI TV49 | Internet:, click on “watch live” | Antenna: 49.1 | | Comcast:  12 | WOW: 168 & 122 | ATT Uverse: 1049

Speed Sketching in Watercolor

I was playing around with a photo that I thought was challenging but beautifully seasonal…I’m not positive what I think of either of these but thought you might like to see them. I tried this painting several times, and this is closer than the first – but I may still need to paint it a few more times. Can’t let a flower kick my behind, know what I mean?

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Some of the paint got well away from me but….yeah. lol.

Speed Sketching in Copic Marker

Just because the watercolor fought me, I also sketched the flowers in Copics– I’m far more comfortable with the medium, though it’s not challenging to me so I love the watercolor process much more.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

That white poinsettia was harder than I thought!

I’m still goofing around with the new lights – but I seriously need to get back to work today or I won’t have anything ready to post in January, eeep!! Note to self: Next year take the *second* half of December for sleeping in, not the first half!