During last month’s Ellen Hutson release, I said I wasn’t gonna color the amaryllis…….and that fell by the wayside. LOL. Yep. I had to. It’s so pretty! And since Ellen is now carrying my fave Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils, they came out to play too….See the sale info later in this post!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The pink amaryllis is so pretty – I’m going to keep an eye out when the season comes for a pink one, I’ve never found one in my local shops!

The colors used are really simple – and yes I’ve swatched! As much as swatching kinda kills me. LOL. But…I wanted a good way to show the colors in photos because folks are always askin’…..

Another video?

Later today I’ll post this alternate coloring – it’s stamped in Distress Oxide (Fossilized Amber) so that the yellow melts into the orange and greens.


A look at the pencil sets

FYI there will be no watercolor pencil hex charts for the same reason as no watercolor one – you can’t print on watercolor paper, and printer ink isn’t really waterproof. I’ll have a video soon on how I made mine and what my code system is that I use. In the meantime…I made swatches.

The full set of pencils has tons of color – it’s got 120 so there are lots of nice yellows, blues, reds, browns….

The set of 60 colors is also nice – the range is good! Once I pulled these to see what was there, I realized I can probably try to pull mostly from these when doing videos, so as not to frustrate those getting the smaller set.

Ellen is also carrying the Polychromos 120 and 60 sets! Wheee! So you can pick them up at the same time as the rest of your stuff. Pretty cool deal, eh? Colors are actually the SAME as the watercolor pencil sets.


LABOR DAY SALE 20% off storewide 8/30/19-9/2/19 with code: labor19 Here are peeks at two of my videos coming up next week….just in case, ya know….Hope The Hedgehog will be a sports/cheerleader card, and You’re Weird has weirdos floating through an asteroid belt. Yep. I’m weird too!