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Pet Adoption Card, Distress Marker Hex Chart, and winners!

I had so many of you asking me for tips on watercoloring with Distress Markers….it was time. I saw Tim at CHA this year and we got to talking – uh yeah, had to admit I wasn’t FSS. So thanks to Tim for fixing that for me!

Pet Adoption Card

I saw these cat and dog sets from MFT…ohmygoshcute. I had to color them. All of them. Every last little one. So they ended up all inside one card – a huge group of happy-to-be-adopted babies! And colored them in my new Distress Markers. In the video I share a few tips, but there will of course be more to come in the future. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Measurements on this card – left panel 5-1/4; center 5-1/2; flap 1″.Sandy Allnock Pet Adoption Card

And for those wondering – no new dog here until 1) the fence is replaced, it’s crumbling! and 2) teaching season is over. So I am hopeful for September or October for a puppy! 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Distress Marker - Hex Chart

Annnnnnd…a Distress Marker Color Chart!

Many of you have been asking for a chart for these…and if you look at it you’ll start to know why it was so hard. There are some of the browns that lean green, so they’re over with the greens instead of browns – and a few color families that don’t have good ‘transition’ colors like you get when you have a larger collection of colors. However…this does help you see which colors are somewhat close to each other. Feel free to pin it as a resource if you like, and pick out a marker or two you might want to add to  your own collection! 🙂

Sandy Allnock - Distress Marker Hex Chart


Last week’s MISTI post reached epic record proportions – wow! I let pick a winner….who is Tory E! Congratulations! Plus, I did some fun online shopping last night to order the goodies to some folks who were commented about as needing some TLC. It’s kinda like secret santa time! Winners:

  1. Gretchen Sheridan – this treat will help her recover from all that laundry!
  2. Maria Durfee – that dad of 5 is going to LOVE what I got him. And a little something he can send to his deployed wife too.
  3. Mandy Salazar – baby #4! oh my. Extra love to her.
  4. Mary Prasad – crafting over skype? What a sweet way to maintain your friendship!
  5. Karen @ – I’ll tuck a little get up and go in for her. Oh how I understand the HRT battle!

If you ladies will email me the addresses to send the goodies, I’ll get them mailed out as soon as stuff arrives here! Thanks to everyone for nominating YOUR friends and family….it’s your turn to go send them an anonymous surprise to make THEIR day! 🙂


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

58 thoughts on “Pet Adoption Card, Distress Marker Hex Chart, and winners!

  1. Hi sandy love your card it’s adorable. I’ve bought your comics hex chart and love it thank you so much. I was wondering for all the other hex charts you make like the Tim holtz marker one do you use a stencil if so can you let me know which ones ? Or which size hex work best I can’t draw a proper hexagon and would love tips on how to make ones for all my other colouring mediums 🙂 thanks again for everything you do

    1. I have a collection of old stencils and dies in other sizes that I’ve used for other charts (because the number of colors matters) but nothing’s available any more, they’re long gone. (I wish someone would come out with more, I love that shape! 🙂

  2. Sandy, Just popping in to thank you again for the Distress hex chart. Can’t tell you how many times I use it. 🙂

  3. Awesome awesome video.

    The hex color chart is great. I was wondering if you had a video of you making it- even just a few of the hexagons… I’m trying to replicate it myself, as I find it’s a great exercise in learning technique, and gives me a “live” chart. I’m trying to mimic yours, but can’t quite get the nice ombré effect your hexagons have. I love the split technique as well, where there is that subtle line down the middle of three hexagons, but I can’t seem to make it subtle – it’s either very obvious, or disappears.

    1. sorry, no video of that….

  4. Whats with the safety pen? Is it something needed to use the markers?

  5. I just watched your you tube video. I have never seen anyone do the waterproofing like this, I love it! It gives us so much more control, and we are able to get so much more variations in colors! Thank you. I did look at the kind of paper, thanks for that by the way, but I did not see how to fold the card, and what size you used (unless that was listed above and I was thinking that was the size of the pad of paper, will double check), is there any way that t you could give us that information ? I would truly appreciate that ! Blessings! Lisa

    1. As I recall, I cut a piece of 9×12 down the center at 4-1/4; folded at 5-1/2 and 11, leaving that 1 inch flap for the closure.

  6. Hi, not sure whether you’ll answer my question to this old post. I’m trying to pick out distress colors that will work well for ombré effects. But from the chart, sometimes a certain color seems to be in a weird position. Can you help to guide me in selecting good ombré combo by using your chart?

  7. Ordered these stamps and they came yesterday…perfect timing as I just watched your 6th lesson on coloring animals….I am a member of a dog club so these stamps should get a lot of use.

  8. Cute card and love your video. We just said good bye to our fur baby, Drago (a dog) late last week. She was a rescue and such a sweetheart. She will be missed. TFS

  9. Where is the Distress Hex Chart? I don’t see any links. thanks

    1. It’s not a downloadable – just a pinnable chart.

  10. Love your card and how you mixed the colors to get neutrals. I always love your charts too. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  11. Hey Sandy, I couldn’t find your email address anywhere on your site, so I used the Contact page for getting you the mailing address for the TLC winner info. I have no idea how often you check that though! I really hope you got it, but if you need anything else from me feel free to reach me at karenpagega at gmail dot com. Thanks so much for all that you do!!!

  12. Oh thank you so much for this chart!!! You are brilliant! Love the card, too!!!

  13. I’ve got 3 cats and a dog rescued from shelter, so you can imagine how much I love your card. It’s so cute…. really great and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  14. I always love to watch your videos! You are SO talented that sometimes I just sit there watching in admiration. No, really! The actual artistry you were gifted with is just amazing. I say it all the time when I watching but you just can’t hear me. LOL I also want to thank you for the Hex chart for the Distress inks. I love it! Thank you for all your awesomeness!!!

  15. Hi Sandy. I loved the video and am very excited you made the hex chart. I would have gladly paid for it because of how useful the copic chart is. I hope you continue to make charts for different products. I will be first in line (:

  16. Love the coloring you did with these markers! Blending with the water makes the colors so different. I bought these markers the whole set when they first came out. They are now all dried out. When I asked about why did they dry out so quick. I was told that I didn’t put caps on all the way. when I told them I did they said you have to use them all the time or that happens. So make sure you use them alot.

  17. Great card! Love the tutorial and thanks for the hex chart!

  18. Cute card!! Cool Chart (doggone… you’ve fixed it already… I wanted the one with lucky charms. (do they even still make those?!) lol!)
    Congrats to the winners & their friends/family!

    1. “Full Set Syndrome.” LOL!

  19. LOVE this card!!! Both these stamp sets are on my wish list. 🙂

    1. P.S. Thanks for the distress marker chart. It’s a beautiful resource to refer to. 🙂

  20. Great card, and worthy message!!

  21. Love your card! Have to ask though (prob everyone knows but me!) .. you say “uh yeah, had to admit I wasn’t FSS. So thanks to Tim for fixing that for me!” What does FSS mean??? 🙂

    1. Lol I was gonna ask the same thing!!!

  22. Thanks for the video. I was a little turned off by Distress Markers because I couldn’t blend the harsh lines away. I’ll try your paper suggestion.

  23. You probably can’t really answer this here, but I am wondering, is there a big difference in the Distress markers and the Zig markers, (other than having matching ink pads) and do you have a preference between the 2? Love the card!

    1. Zigs are brighter, have a brush zigs are brighter, have a brush nib, and realllly react with water. They can also be used with no waters. Distress are more natural colors, have a regular marker nib, and are more controllable with water. My preference I think are distress markers, but I haven’t use them long enough to be certain long term.

  24. Great video! Congrats to the lucky ladies who won prizes!

  25. Oh My Goodness…feeling BLESSED, to be was chosen to receive the Mini Misti!!! Thank you SANDY!!!! I’m giddy with excitement!

  26. Really cool video! loved seeing how the distress markers watercolor. Question- What size siler brush did you use?

  27. great card! Many congrats to the lucky winners!

  28. Oh my… I love this! I’m totally going to CAS this card!

  29. Love the card, but oh, my, goodness….I am SO glad to have your hint about the Canson XL paper. I’ve tried all kinds of papers and could not get away from the harsh edge. I’ve been disappointed with the Distress Markers for that reason. I’m off to try again with the Canson paper. (I agree with you – what’s the point of markers if you have to use them like watercolors?) Thanks, Sandy!

    1. Distress wc cardstock is likely similar too–smooth surface

  30. Oh what a wonderful card and so many wonderful tips as you painted along in the video. Thank you muchly.

  31. Sandy, your thoughtfulness and generosity is heartwarming. I am sending you big HUGS!

  32. Love, love, love this card! These stamps are on my wishlist and now I really can’t wait to get them! Thanks for sharing this card and the hex chart. Are you going to make the chart available in your shop? Hope so!

    1. No because few can print on watercolor paper—emails in my inbox for tech support would be overwhelming.

  33. Love the card and really appreciate the hex chart! Thanks so much, Sandy!

  34. Love your card and love those stamps! You coloured them beautifully and just FYI Spectrum Aqua pens should be stored horizontally too Karen x

  35. This card is WONDERFUL! I’m going to try and recreate it. I actually have the stamp sets and have been using them for days. I like to make cards for a local rescue group called The Arrow Fund for them to sell at their different events. This will make a perfect addition. Thanks for sharing, I LOVE it.

  36. Thanks Sandy! Now I wanna make a chart! LOL TFS 😀

  37. Thank you so much for the Distress Marker Hex Chart! I really needed this! Your card is adorable!1

  38. Such a great card Sandy. Thanks for the video tutorial. I have never owned a Distress marker (although I do have a number of the inks) but I am rather “colour challenged” so I appreciate this. I never know what works together as far as colours go. My daughter who has a University degree from art school thinks everyone can learn! EVEN ME! LOL I am THAT challenged! haha

    Congrats to your Mini MISTI winner and I am happy for the TLC recipients! Kindness matters and you obviously are truly kind!

  39. Ohhhhh…..these stamps are on top of my wishlist. I make cards for our local animal shelter and these are purrfect.

  40. I love your card and all your fabulous tutorials. I have your Copic Hex Chart. Do you plan on making one for colored pencils? I really need one for them. I have then hardest time with blending groups!!!! Thanks for all you do! Marie

  41. Sandy, did you mean “Lucky Clover” , not “Lucky Charm”, I think???

    1. Oops! Yes will fix 😉

  42. This is a post that’s chock full of goodness! Hex Chart for Distress Markers – wow that is SO useful! Pet adoption – adorable card and a great message! Sending TLC where you saw a need – so kind and generous!

  43. Great video. Very cute card.

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