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Penny Black guest week: Sharing a Song & 3 other shading maps

Happy Monday! I have a treat for you this week…..I’m guest-designing with Christmas cards all week over on the Penny Black blog! There’s a video on my channel today, of course, but the posts and pics will be over on their blog. (There will only be a video today – the rest of the week will be stills but lots of shading maps!) I’ll be back here for my regular Wednesday and Friday videos.

Today’s video shows this Sharing a Song card………and here are peeks at the rest of the week!


Supplies used all week:

13 thoughts on “Penny Black guest week: Sharing a Song & 3 other shading maps

  1. Love the card but on the PB blog the sketch map for snow much fun is Winter time cheer when you click on it to print it. I tried to print from the photo there but its really blurry. could you post the shading map for snow much fun set please. I purchased and want to put it with my set. Thank you for the maps and coloring.

  2. Love love the coloring and shade maps. I went to PB for the snow much fun shade maps and its wintertime cheer when you click on it. could you share the snow much fun shade maps please! I want to print and put with my stamp set.

    1. Look on their blog all week. One map posted each day.

      1. the wrong map is posted when you click on it it is wintertime cheer not so much fun. need the snow much fun shading map I can print.please and thank you

        1. I just sent the correct link over. It’s this one:

  3. Have I ever told you that you are an enabler

  4. Great heads-up, my stamps are on the way. The norm for me is to get the supplies after the Holiday. Can not wait for the rest of the week especially the tractor and dog with antlers!

  5. I appreciate so much that you share you’re God given talent you’ve been blessed with!!! I’ve learned so much from you, you inspire me, THANK YOU, SANDY!!!

  6. Thank you so much for doing the shading guide! I have purchased the stamps. Ellen Hutson was out of stock as usual. So I ordered from penny black.

    1. She had a Christmas sale already underway – I was holding my breath hoping they wouldn’t be gone so fast! lol. But I did give you a heads up on all the sets for the week at least…one-stop shopping at PB 🙂

  7. There are times when I just don’t know how to fill up the background of a card. This is ingenious! Thank you for sharing your creative mind Sandy.

  8. What an awesome card! LOVE your coloring.

  9. As usual, you coloring is superb and I love the colors you used! Thanks for the shading guide.

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