Wheee! I’ve apparently fallen in love with penguins…because I discovered I’ve picked up a ton of penguin stamps this year! I decided to combine them in one big ol’ week full of penguin cards – I hope my penguin-loving friends will enjoy the stamps, and my technique-loving friends will enjoy learning too!

Woodland Critter Huggers Garland (stop-motion animation)

I spent an entire exhausting but FUN day making a lot of these critters – there are a few “standard” ones pictured on the packaging of the Lawn Fawn Woodland Critter Hugger dies –  but there are SO many possibilities! In Penguin Week, I just had to create a little “penny” (as a little friend of mine calls them!) See some tips below for a few things to think about! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Look at all these little cutieeeeeees!!!!

I started by diecutting both sets of dies from all the different colors I used – black, white, grey, tan, yellow, red….some I ended up cutting extra pieces of, but just having them all cut out let me start putting different combinations together.

Don’t forget you can cut pieces off…just losing the ears opened up a ton of options, especially for the penguin! There’s a triangle piece for the raccoon’s tail (sorry, it’s cut off in this pic below) and that works great for a bird beak.

I forgot to give the deer feet, dangit! Then there’s my two dogs – Giallo’s ears are made from the piece that makes the white facial section for the deer. Vienna’s eye spots are made from the deer’s tail.

I’m not sure the koala is a koala, but…his nose seemed to be koala-shaped enough to try! The bears were fun – the white one could be a polar bear or a yeti! Just cut off the pointy ears and give them the roundie shapes.

And one of my favorites – the walrus! His snout is the eye patch turned upside down, with white pen whiskers!

Which is your favorite?! These are so cute as a garland that they’re staying up in my studio – even if it’s not close enough to Christmastime to decorate yet. They make me smile! I adhered them to ribbon by gluing a rectangular panel to the back of each one with the ribbon sandwiched in between.


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