Color a Penguin Choir by an Ice Cave

When you’re stumped to find a background to add to a penguin card – it’s Google to the rescue! I did a search for penguin habitats, and one picture had a cool archway with icicles hanging down. I just had to try it! It reminded me of the Underwater Scenes class caves underwater….and then the little birdies from the recently-released Tweet Holidays set, with their birdie-feet and birdie-tails masked off, looked like penguins in the snow! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I colored these with Luminance pencils – and a word about all of the Hex Charts: if you bought them here on my blog, then your downloads are available here. But if you buy it over at art-classes (which you can now do while buying a class, all in one purchase), then it’ll be over there.

And if you’re a watercolor fan – check out my video over on the MFT blog today: I used my mini palette for it with some more unique colors! The Daniel Smith hues in the Woodward and Father Big Brush Tin Palette are: Neutral TintIndigo , Cobalt Blue Cobalt Teal Blue , Burnt Sienna , Permanent Alizarin Crimson , Lavender , Ultramarine Turquoise , Sap Green , Aussie Red Gold , Yellow Ochre , Nickel Azo Yellow , (not DS: Jaune Brilliant 1 , Jaune Brilliant 2 ) Titanium White


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