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Peekaboo Giraffe Card (For April and her baby!)

Today’s card was inspired by the hoopla lately about April and her new little one! You can keep up with the mama and baby HERE – so I made a card with a mama and baby giraffe with some fancy stamping – but really easy coloring. Go see the full post and video over at the MFT blog!



12 thoughts on “Peekaboo Giraffe Card (For April and her baby!)

  1. Hi
    I love this card , but what I really like is the fact you talk about simple coloring. I am very new to card making. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming.
    So thank you for that.


  2. So cute! Thank you for another out standing video!

  3. SO MUCH FUN!! I have aquestion …you mention an elephant in your post but I didn’t see any…where is the elephant??

  4. How cute! Love the colors

  5. So fun!

  6. This is just darling Sandy, I ♥ it!

  7. Such a cute card! I had missed the video about the new giraffe baby. I was completely captivated–So amazing!

  8. Lovely card, thank you for the tip on the leaves spilling out.

  9. Precious!

  10. So cute. Perfect for Mother’s Day.

  11. Adorable, love it

  12. I watched it at the MFT blog this morning. So cute!

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