When purchasing a new tube of watercolor paint, I’ve fallen prey to making a quick swoosh of it, maybe painting a time or two with it—then it just sits in a storage palette. Doing nothing. I lean on my primary palette, and the new colors just haven’t had a chance to really woo me! This year that’s going to change.

I own So. Many. Colors. And it’s time to use them! I’ll be playing with new colors regularly, and will be making an effort to find what the color’s “BFF” is….I’ve had people ask how I found out about certain colors just loving each other, and those were stumbled on, or heard about. I want to be intentional in the search! More on lots of that as the year goes on.

Today: Prussian Blue. It’s Pantone’s color of the year, so why not begin there, since I’ve already talked about it a bit, earlier this week! Let’s get this show on the road!

View on YouTube.

In the past I’ve tested my colors with the 6 Essentials set – a cool and warm Red Yellow and Blue. And sometimes with the colors in my main palette. But today’s video will go past this pretty X and give me lots more to try.

But now that I organized all my crazy palettes…..(PS DO NOT GET THIS MANY COLORS! Honestly. It’s so much I can barely function, lol!) But at least now I’m organized, and can use these to do some interesting tests. Before if I had tried testing a bunch of yellows, I’d have had to get out four palettes to have them all together. Now? Much better!

Tips for swatching a lot of colors at once:

  • Create a large area with lots of pigment and water – not soupy, but good and wet.
  • Try out colors around the large pool of color, and rinse the brush between each color added.
  • Record yourself on your phone – either dictation or audio – so you can write notes down about what colors were used and what you may have noticed.

What should I call this?

These look like giant beetles. Bugs. Centipedes? I feel like I should name this so when I do them in the future I can find ’em again, so leave me a comment with your suggestion!


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