It’s vlog time! I have a few thoughts to share about my current artistic journey – a little extension of what I talked about in my Bob Ross video. With a nod to my favorite musical, Hamilton! Then scroll down for a little project I did for my Toastmasters club.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

Are you part of any organizations that need to motivate members? Perhaps a volunteer group, a church group – or like in my case – a Toastmasters club.

Giving awards to people reaching goals or performing outstanding service is not only a kind thing to do to honor volunteers or members of your group…they serve as a motivation to all the other members witnessing the bestowing of honor!

You might not be a Toastmaster – or have the ability to stamp with no stamp like I did. But here are a few ideas of stamped images you might use for your type of group…customize it for an individual if you can, too!

In Toastmasters club meetings, our members serve in different roles; while the educational program doesn’t track or celebrate those who take on the roles, we really appreciate our club members taking on duties. So we’ve instituted a service award for anyone who fills each and every role at least once.

In my club, we hold a monthly little ceremony to celebrate any members who achieved another step in their goals. Mostly it’s been certificates and rounds of applause. But for a special award, they asked if I could come up with something special.

I wanted something simple and inexpensive, but also something they’d treasure. I found these teeny frames at a local craft store. Just a few bucks for four frames…I bought 2 packs.

I cut watercolor paper down to size, and sketched out a microphone. Depending on what organization you’re doing this for, you can use stamps too! I watercolored the background loosely with just a little highlight left on one side.

After the first layer was dry, I added the detail in Paynes Blue Gray – the stand could be painted right over top so I didn’t need it sketched in.

They looked so cute in their little frames!

I created all 8, even though we don’t need that many yet – but now we have them in our club stash for others who reach the milestone.

Our first two awards were given out recently – and they were beloved! Others saw them and said they were going to work hard to reach the goal so they, too, could get one of these.

Who can you give an award to? What would you paint, color, or stamp on it? Share your ideas and let’s inspire each other to pass on some encouragement!