Ever since my epic coloring book, I’ve had sooooo many emails asking me to review coloring books. I’ve told you guys before that I didn’t want to become “the coloring book lady” on YouTube or elsewhere, since my focus really isn’t on them. So I’ve said no to many many requests….except this one, I sought out on my own! Huge thanks to Kristy for hooking me up with one of them…and starting the addiction, since I’ve now ordered the other two designs!

Painterly Days Watercolor Coloring Book

I heard about this watercolor coloring book series from a Periscope viewer…I started looking around for info on the books , and started following Kristy Rice on Periscope. She’s the talented lady behind these books, and I emailed her to ask more. I wanted one of these to try out ahead of the release of the book, knowing you guys would ask me about it, and I was blessed that she not only said yes, but we had a chat by phone about being one of her Painterly Days “Ambassadors” – meaning someone who’d go out into my community and do demos at art stores and book stores. How exciting! I’m hoping we find somewhere soon that would like a demo, I’d love to go out and share this one ūüôā¬†¬†Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The three books

There are three different designs – I have the Flower one as you saw, and ordered up the other two…can’t wait til they arrive! ūüôā

Watercolor options

For coloring books, as you’ve heard me say before,¬†crazy artist quality paints certainly aren’t required. The Koi or Gansai Tambi or Peerless (all listed below) are just dandy. But if you end up with a gorgeous page in the Painterly Days book and want to frame it and have it remain lightfast – my top recommendation is the Daniel Smith watercolors. The set of 6 really isn’t that much money at all – and gives you a great opportunity to learn to mix colors. In the video, I used them just squeezed out onto an 89cent tile from the hardware store – so you don’t have to go wild on supplies. (The paints did re-wet when I left the tile out overnight, so don’t worry you’re wasting color or anything.)
Sandy Allnock Painterly Days Daniel Smith

For the sake of crazy fun – Brusho is simply a blast.

Sandy Allnock Painterly Days with Brusho

And just in case you’re hankering for a few colors, this might help you pick which ones you might want. ūüėČ #justsayingSandy Allnock brusho color chart

 Pepin Books

In the video I showed my other favorite coloring books – these are the ones I spoke about:


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