Hey guys – quick post with info about in-person classes as well as the Copic Jumpstart class.


Online Copic Jumpstart class

BEFORE CLICKING PURCHASE pretty pretty pretty please check the spelling of your email address. I know, I know, that seems like a no-brainer. But in the last few days I’ve had to re-set about 60 folks who are so excited they’re having typing issues. Thank you Siri! (#not!)

Email tip: Did you know?

You may have an unknown “spam” folder somewhere! I discovered one recently but only by contacting my service provider. It was a free “spam quarantine” that they signed me up for. Though I could manually go through and whitelist email addresses, it was a crazy-strong filter and a pain in the drain to manage. I finally had to entirely remove their quarantine on my account, because it filtered too much even when set on “low.” I now set filters in my mail program instead, which is easier to get to than on my server. I tell you this because…..

There have been 2 emails sent out:

  • Email #1: linking you to the pre-class classroom.
  • Email #2: announcing that class will start May 27 instead, and the process for notifications.

****BEFORE EMAILING to tell me you did not receive one or the other of these emails, pretty pretty pretty please check your spam folder. If you have a “whitelist” to add me to, please do. That’s possibly the connection problem we could be having, even if we get through on some emails. My quarantine filter was inconsistent.

IF YOU GET A BLACK VIDEO SCREEN, watch on a computer instead of a smart device. It likely means your operating system isn’t advanced enough to deal with Vimeo. And oh if I could get all this stuff to work together, I would. lol!

In-person classes

Dates are attached to cities HERE now, yeah! Some stores are still working out which classes are on which days and at which times, but feel free to call if you want to sign up and see what they’ve got set.

I’m open for some Bible Journaling classes while I travel between cities….if you are along the route and your church is interested, give me a holla! We can see if it’d work out.

  • June 20-24 between Indianapolis IN and Baltimore, MD
  • July 11-13 between Oakhurst CA and Orange, CA
  • Aug 15-18 between Norcross GA and Knoxville TN

Ok that’s it for the moment. Back tomorrow with a video that I am STINKIN’ excited about!