First…an embarrassing story

This is one of those days the crafty world gets a big guffaw at my expense. And you find out just how crazy my life is!

A while back, I received a request to participate in a Pinkfresh Bloghop….I wrote it down for today, and responded to the request as such, but never heard back. I looked for the original request so I could reach out again, and haven’t found it. Yep. Haven’t located it. Didn’t hear back from their contact page either so…maybe I dreamed it! But between all the social media platforms that have added DM capacity, messages are getting lost! I’m finding this with LOTS of people, so if you’ve tried to reach out to me and haven’t heard back, you might be stuck in one of 20 DM locations somewhere that I don’t check often enough. Email or use my contact page – then you end up in my searchable inbox at least!

(Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed with all the DMs too! Yikes! No time for all this…)

So I never did find out if I’m part of a Pinkfresh bloghop today or if I’m just a one-woman hop celebrating their watercolors alone. LOL. In any case….I’ve got a stamp set and a video! If you’re coming here from a hop then welcome to my crazy world – and if not and you want to see more blog posts, go see if they have something going on today!


One Stamp. Two Seasons – easy to paint Folk Tree

Today’s watercolor is SO easy – you’re gonna love it! Make a bunch of really pretty fall or winter cards in a snap. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The fall trees are just so beautifully RICH!

And that SKY! I think I’ve been working too hard…this was a bit of a ‘throwaway’ method and it’s so pretty that I surprised myself!

Note that my bottle labels are prototypes so the ones you buy will be different 😉


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