On winning…

I forgot to post a date to end The Giveaway! So I’m going to give it one more week and announce winners tomorrow, since more people are stilll entering. Pass the word! Here’s the video with the reason for the party…

And Losing….

This week we lost two people I have such respect for. Aretha Franklin, the Queen (long before B!) – went to join her dad’s choir in heaven. Aretha’s influence will be with us for generations to come! It’s hard to pick a representative performance of hers to share as a tribute – but the Women of Soul performance of Amazing Grace might just cause you to go get a tissue….and then get up and dance. (Full video is HERE just scroll down to the past performances section and scroll with the arrow to Women of Soul. It’s a 58 minute extravaganza with talents like Melissa Etheridge, Arianna Grande, and more.)

I know that just got you started. Try the 10 minute version. Lawdy. She’ll take you to church. Really.

We also said goodbye to Kofi Annan just yesterday…..an honorable and dedicated man from Ghana who spent his life as a service to the world. He was at the World Health Organization, then worked his way up through the UN until he became General Secretary in 1997, staying in that position til 2006.

When I see a life that’s had an amazing impact on our world, part of my grieving process lately seems to be portraits. Just little watercolor sketches, but…there’s something healing in the heart when we honor their memory this way.

This Kofi Annan portrait is partly on Facebook as a live-recording:

And lest we end with losing, let’s go back to winning.

A peek at what’s coming: Watercolor Jumpstart class! See the Facebook Live video HERE. Class will be coming once the site work is complete, sometime in September maybe? October at the least.

One last thing, since I’m posting on a Sunday….some of you saw my VBS adventure on social media, others mighta missed it: here you go!


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