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Nom Nom Love!

Happy weekend! I’m especially excited since it’s the day for our stamp club to get together, and I’m hosting this month. Yay! Love having people over in my crazy yellow room 🙂

I tried a little bit of craziness on this card, and though it wasn’t what was planned, I kinda like it for its uniqueness. Originally it was going to be turned one tick to the left – so the far right edge with no black border, was going to be the top edge on a card folded on the short side (at the top). But when I was laying out my sentiment with the monster and paper behind him, I couldn’t find a way for the sentiment to be placed in a way that’d look decent. So I tried turning it…and voilá, it started working a lot better. I’m still not sure about the right edge having no border; I’d prefer that on the left side, but I liked the fancy scrollwork over on the side with the image, since it helps draw the viewer’s eye over there. but…it is what it is, eh?

Papers are from Little Yellow Bicycle – the same Poppy line as this card. And the colors for the NomNom monster are within the video…enjoy!

Sandy Allnock - NomNom Love2


8 thoughts on “Nom Nom Love!

  1. Oh my gosh Sandy this is the cutest card ever. I really enjoyed watching and listening to your narrative. (-; You do an incredible job of coloring. Can’t wait till you start your online classes.
    Also cracked up at the end of video!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this monster. So cute. Great furry quality to him.

  3. It looks fine to me, too. It really is a “love thing” to watch you enjoy coloring so much. I’m so envious of your coloring skills. I know everyone says to color like you did when you were a kid, but my coloring wasn’t any good then, either. I just keep watching you do it, enjoying it immensely, and learning along the way, even if I’m not able to put it into practice. That monster is adorable!

  4. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone–your card looks perfectly planned. 😉 I also love the little graphic line detail on the left; it gave me inspiration for a way to use some “fancy” narrow little border stamps I have that have never been inked.

  5. Absolutely LOVE the color combinations. Such a fun card!!!!

  6. I love it! The color combo is great – and the border on the right adds a great touch of color! Enjoy your visitors!!!

  7. Adorable! And, as conil said, the care you put into it is so obvious! Funny, I’m making a card today to send to you with my OWH/scrapbook store owner book (I just got my 1st author copy yesterday from my editor and am sending it to you to read on the plane) and realized how intimidating it is to make a card for someone whose card making talents and skills are SO above my mine!

  8. Don’t be too critical… I think the borderless right side looks great. Plus, the obvious care you took with the card is evident. So sweet.

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