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No Line Technique – Lantern Marci

I’ve got a little rant for a Monday. Ha! There are “trends” that come and go, and one of them a while back is a technique that I avoided. Or shall I say, I tried it on two images, and they looked so horrid that I tossed them. And wondered at the crazy person who came up with the idea for “no line” stamped images.

The idea is to stamp it in a really light color, then color the image. And what I saw all over the place with this technique was a whole lot of reallllly weak images. Like this one. Even with adding contrast in my reds and drawing in the eyes, it’s just “soft” and lacks pizzazz.


But while I was at Stamp Night on Saturday, I decided to try the technique and push it. Yep, I’m a pusher! It bugs me when we all have a seed of an idea, yet are either 1) afraid to go farther, 2) too much in a hurry to just get it done, or 3) just bored and quit before the idea really comes to fruition. That goes for card design as well as coloring – but today I’m just ranting about coloring.

So I took that weak image and started working detail into it. A black and a white pen, darker shadows, deeper colors in the fleshtones. After 2-1/2 hours, I turned it into this….sans shoelaces. Forgot to do them before I took the photo 🙂


So…while not every image will take 2-1/2 hours, it’s not a bad exercise for ANY of us to see what happens when we invest a little extra time in our creative works. I recommended a while back that folks try a card taking double the time than their usual, and oh my. The excuses, lol! I’m not saying do it all the time – but show yourself just how amazing you can be if you take your time and really pour yourself into some aspect of your craft. It doesn’t have to be coloring. Maybe it’s trying out color combos of papers. Or adding layers if you don’t normally do that. Or if you do, add an extra one. Try a thicker one, a thinner one, test out a design idea, look up a ribbon tutorial, create an inked background. See if you end up pleased with your result – and if you then want to take your time and reallllly create, at least once in a while, instead of always being stuck in “IgottafillmyOWHbox” mode. 🙂

Okay. Rant over. Just needed to get that off my chest. 🙂 Here’s the card….papers are by Carta Bella, and I used scraps of some May Arts satin cutout ribbon. I assembled it at Stamp Night, and now that I look at it, it needs some fixing – the lighting there is pretty abysmal, and apparently I was all kinds of crooked with trimmings. But….this approximates what this card will be. After this cold is done and I feel like being back at my craft desk, that is.

Copic colors are pictured here. My black pen was simply a Pentel pen, and the white is a Signo pen.

Sandy Allnock No Line Technique1

One last closeup. I don’t think I’ll be trying the no-line technique very often – but this did lead me to thinking about another idea that branches off this one, so I’ll be playing with that idea to see if it’ll work on paper like it works in my head. Things don’t always follow through quite like I picture they ought to!

Sandy Allnock No Line Technique2Have a lovely Monday!

12 thoughts on “No Line Technique – Lantern Marci

  1. I agree with your comments on the No-Line tech. You gave a great pep talk about taking time on your cards; loved it. Your re-do is amazing.

  2. Your coloring is beautiful and I like your added details, but I agree I like the stamped lines better. I think it gives an image more definition.

  3. Wow-always amazed at your mad coloring skills. Marci’s coat looks so warm and fuzzy, like I could touch it and feel the wool!

  4. She is sweet. It looks like you sure did put a lotta lotta coloring/time on her but she turned out very nice – really soft looking. Thank you for sharing all the work with us.

  5. Wow, I am truely impressed 🙂 what an awesome coloring you did , Sandy you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing all you do and your tuts and videos and everything. I so appreciate it. Blessings to you, Hugs, Cathy K

  6. If you get the urge to try the no-line technique again, you might be surprised how the Old Glory stamp from Stamper’s Best turns out with it. I did it that way once and loved the result. Your Marci is precious – I love the addition of the white gel pen.

  7. The 2nd Marci simply “stepped” out. Love it!

  8. I love it! So soft and it looks so pretty! But all of your colorings looks great! You inspire so many people and I love that!

  9. The image is lovely. And you are completely right – when I get lost in my coloring – my result is always better…

  10. I have been so intrigued by all the no-line coloring I’ve been seeing lately, but am so very,very intimidated by it. The difference and the complexity of your “after” image is incredible!

  11. I really like how Marci turned out!
    The softness is very pretty!

    Also thanks for the challenge to spend a little more time on something.
    I spent some time this weekend on cards & envelopes for a friend who I had previously sent store bought cards to… just so I could get something out in mail to her. Now I will have cards ready and she will feel really Loved.

  12. Your coloring is amazing, it looks like you created the whole image when there are no lines. I am thinking I am going to skip this technique, not because it takes more time, but because I am not that steady with coloring.

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