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Nighttime Roller Coaster Card in just three colors!

Nighttime Roller Coaster Card in just three colors!

When I saw this little roller coaster stamp set, I just had to buy it and make a card – and it brought back so many memories of going to amusement parks! We usually went during the day but I always loved it when I was old enough to go in the evening – everything sparkled in the moonlight, and the rides were so much fun in the dark when you could go up high and see the twinkling lights! And I also thought the paint combo in my wristband palette would be perfect for this!

So there’s my card inspiration…hope you enjoy it! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Here’s the wristband palette out in the wild….

I want to go wait in line with them! Save me a ticket!


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10 thoughts on “Nighttime Roller Coaster Card in just three colors!

  1. Fab fun card, so that’s what happens at night when we go to sleep all the animals go to the fun fair, what a gorgeous thought !
    Love the watercolour picture you showed, the wrist pallet works far easier than I thought it would x

  2. That is so so so amazing! Just love it!!!

  3. What a gorgeous card and a sentiment that is so true, thank you Sandy.

  4. This is truly adorable. I love watching you build scenes.

  5. Sandy I love my critters and my fun interactive cards. This card has both elements and it is really fun too. Thank you for sharing it with us crafters. :O)

  6. What a super cool night time scene, LOVE this cute card and thanks for an awesome night time water coloring video.

  7. you are so full of fun & surprises; what’s not to love about this card!

  8. This card is just fascinating. Just love how you can add night time conditions and make the card look amazing instead of ruined.

  9. This card is so darn cute!! I just love it!

  10. I want to take a ride on that coaster. This was not on my wish list, but well you know you are an enabler.

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