Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s here. It’s now. And it’s maybe…maybe….close to done.

New website notes

Please come check out the new website! A number of you did in the last day or two – and so far it appears that things work. Basically. LOL. There are a few goofy functions I’m handling manually, but….we’re getting there! If you feel the need to tell me broken things – do it kindly. Some folks can’t resist listing every typo or broken link they find, and while I’m sure you mean well, please…don’t make me cry! I’ve been working hard on this, and will continue refining!

  • If you created an account previously, you’ll need to re-set your password.
  • If you discover any functional issues, especially when ordering, please do let me know. I’ll be gathering a list for my web guys and hiring them for more fun in Round 2. LOL!
  • If you have any issues with downloading past purchases just email me through the contact page…lots of links from the old site might fail, but let’s deal with those just as you need them, as I’m travelling right now. I’m happy to work from my phone as best I can! Thanks!

Sandy Allnock Whimsical Sketching

New Class, New Coloring Book!

And one of the most exciting parts is the new class and coloring book – yours by popular demand! Way back in the fall I created some monsters and the emails haven’t stopped coming in about when you can get them to color. Well, now’s the time! There’s a Whimsical Sketching Class that’ll teach you how I drew (basically) five of the images….and all through the real-time videos I give you tips and tricks to try it yourself. If you don’t care to draw them, just purchase the book. Download it and color to your heart’s content! And if you want both? Get a discount here!

Here’s a video with info…watch below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

If you want to take the class, you can absolutely do so with pens and paper you have already, most likely. You can get lots of practice in with a sharpie and typing paper! I’ve listed below the items that I’ll be using just so you know ahead – but they’re by no means mandatory.

I also ended up showing all the pics (and coloring part of one) on Periscope last night so feel free to check that out HERE. Note that on the website there’s a blue button for periscope at the top – if it turns RED it means I’m live. So watch for it while I’m on this trip for 10 days! I’d love to share the journey to CHA with you!


Below are links to the supplies I am using in class videos, with options for a few stores (EH=Ellen Hutson, DB=Dick Blick, SSS=Simon Says Stamp). Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of this class!  Read more.

  • Paper or Sketchbook (9×12 Copic sketchbook: DB)
  • Black pens
    • 0.5 SP Multiliner (refillable/replaceable nibs) EHDB | SSS
    • 0.5 Multiliner (disposable) EH | DB | SSS
    • Sharpie DB | SSS
  • Pencil – No. 2, or get some fancy Staedtler sketching pencils 
  • Eraser – my favorite Prismacolor Eraser at DB  (and there’s a giant erasers category HERE)
  • Circle templates in a variety of sizes
    • punched circles EH | SSS
    • diecut circles EH | SSS
    • or just trace round objects in your home!
  • Rolling Ruler: Weems and Plath, or a basic Alvin rolling ruler