Brand new channel!

Last week, I launched a new channel. Some of you found it…my patrons got first peeks! And now the rest of my Bible Journaling friends can go check it out.

The new channel is HERE.

A few things about it…..

  • I won’t be blogging the posts – maybe once in a while just so folks don’t miss it all, but it’ll be You-Tube-only content for now til I figure out what I’ll be doing with it all.
  • That means subscribing and having the videos emailed to you will be the way to get notified, or else check your YT subscriptions on Sunday mornings. Click the little button right next to the “Subscribe” button to have them emailed to ya.
  • I’ll be posting stills on Instagram and Facebook on Sundays with a link, so that’ll be one other way remember to go look, but you know how unreliable those social platforms are at showing you what you actually care about, eh?

The video that went live yesterday is a special one for 9/11…hope you enjoy.

And that pet report!

I told you guys I helped send a team to help rescue pets in Houston – they put together a FABULOUS report full of great pics HERE! I would give without getting pics back – but this was a bonus to see them in action with lots of furry friends!