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New Best Friend: Pet Shelter Cards

New Best Friend: Pet Shelter Cards

Lots of folks ask me where to donate cards – and many of you tell me you make them for your local pet shelter. I’m going to be looking into doing the same for some of the animal shelters in my area, since I seem to have a growing collection of dog and cat stamps…but check out THIS set from MFT – it’s purrrrfect for shelters! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Here’s the version with kitties….


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14 thoughts on “New Best Friend: Pet Shelter Cards

  1. Happy New Year Sandy. Thanks for these gorgeous cards.

  2. Both cards are super cute.

  3. So Cute!
    My daughter volunteers at a shelter
    & I thought these would be great for her to take
    {am waiting for them to be in stock again!}

    1. Just peeked, looks like Ellen still has just a couple sets left 🙂

  4. I donate cards (as well as my Amazon Smile purchases) to my vet. They also run a wildlife rescue/rehab and the cards are sold to benefit the rescue. I’ve been doing that for years. I put the cards in those clear plastic sleeves to protect them. In fact, I just restocked them today! Cute cards, Sandy.

  5. I have to get the set and make cards to donate them to our SPCA and some local shelters.

  6. I participated in a “Cards for a Cause” drive where each month another worthy recipient was selected to receive cards. The month I joined, it was a Pet Shelter and I made cards for them to send to their new adopters. They were SO appreciative and I definitely got as much back as I gave.

  7. Hi Sandy,
    What a great idea for this stamp set. I really love the colored pencil look w/o Gamsol. My dad and step mom have a rag doll kitten that is really fluffy. How would you color that type of cat? Would you bring the color outside the lines in whisps. I wasn’t sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. Babbling comes from relaxing while coloring and from pets so it fit perfectly! Please don’t stop!

  9. love this cards!
    love that kitty card!

  10. Awesome cards. I donate cards to our local shelter along with doing a ton of other things with them. The cards I donate they use for the volunteers (birthday, sympathy, get well…) And thank you for big donors.

  11. Adorable cards! And you’re so right: they are PURR-fect for shelters. I’m going to make some soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Extremely cute cards!!! I got this stamp set a little while back, and still haven’t inked it up – so thanks for the little nudge to get busy and put these long winter days to good use.

  13. These are really sweet, Sandy. I think I am going to do some pencil colouring today…

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