I’ve covered negative painting/coloring a bunch of times – it’s a technique where you color things AROUND the subject, darkening them layer by layer to push items in the background further back and leaving the foreground lighter. It’s complex, and challenging to get white things to be white; in the painting I also do some positive painting on the flower petals.

I’m calling this also “relaxing” – the prompt for World Watercolor Month today! See more of my daily little speedpaintings HERE, and all of my WWCM info HERE.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The butterfly is likely smaller than he should be…I wanted to use the flowers from one of my pics from Puerto Rico, and add a butterfly – and probably didn’t think it through all that well, but it’s still pretty!

And for those who will inevitably ask, I did add it to Society6 for ya! (This link is to the framed photos page, just scroll down to find options for unframed, bags, pillows, et al). Lest you worry that I’m hawking products….I get excited if my Society6 payment is over $6 in any given month, so I offer these more as a service to those wanting a piece of my art rather than to make much moolah at all. LOL!

Copic Negative Coloring

Did you know you can do negative coloring with Copics too? On Social Media later today I have a speed video of how I did this card with a butterfly background stamp. Super easy – scribble light colors over all of it, and do the negative coloring in between with darker greens and bluegreens!

I popped one hand-cut butterfly, added Glossy Accents to it, and also popped a circle-punch with the sentiment – and a little bit of glossy dots around it!

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