Two special things are going on here today….one is an instagram hop (see below) – and the other: this is “nativity week”! I noticed I had 2 nativity type of scenes scheduled, and decided to add 2 more and fill up the week (except for Thanksgiving!) with more. So… the Shepherds watching their flocks by night are getting a little attention!

Nativity Week #1: Penguin Shepherds

This is the silliest of the series – penguins shepherding polar bears! A friend of mine was actually kinda scared for the penguins, since she saw the polar bears not as the “flock” but as menacing. Eeep! Well…..there ya go, right? Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Aren’t they the cutest little shepherds ever!??!! I don’t think their flock is menacing at all! heehee!

Instagram Hop

It’s Ellen Hutson’s 12th anniversary in business – and a bunch of us are surprising her with an instagram hop! So be sure to look for this image to jump in and hop along,,,,my post is HERE!


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