National Craft Month…who’s in to celebrate?? If you follow my social media you know I often do a monthly series…it helps give me something to focus on creatively, sometimes challenging but always practicing and learning. Last month was all #blackhistorysketches – what fun to explore portraiture!

This month I thought it would be fun to play with a lot of the stuff I’ve bought over the years that sits in drawers, unused and unloved. Products that could be super interesting either together or separately, with or without gessos or grounds – and just make some time for PLAY! So today I’m showing off my cute little play journal where I’ll try out a snippet of a bunch of different things. See the list in the supplies for some ideas on stuff I may use – but don’t hold me to it. LOL.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

These (plus transparent) have been in my drawer for eons. I checked on some other gessos and uhm…..a few are dry as bones. But hey, I’m cleaning stuff out, right?

I don’t use my shiny Daniel Smith paints very much – so today seemed like a day to jump in and get rolling. These colors are Duochrome Emerald , Duochrome Hibiscus , Duochrome Cabo Blue ,Duochrome Arctic Fire , Iridescent Jade .

My pretty little book cover!

Whatever size paper you start out with, fold it to create 4 panels across, 4 down, then cut it like this.

The whole thing should be one serpentine piece of paper, then do a zig zag fold to create the book!

In case you need any crafty stuff, enjoy the sale this weekend:

Used in creating this book and cover:

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Grounds:

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors:

Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes:

Other items I may be using this month…yes I have a ton of stuff!