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Nacho in Clean Color Marker


Isn’t Nacho THE cutest dog stamp evah! He’s new from Stamping Bella…and I just adore his puzzled expression! I think I look like that a lot of times. Say whaaaa?

Coloring Nacho

I wanted to test out some things with the Zig Clean Color Pens….lots of you have been asking for more info on them and why certain things aren’t working so well for you. So today I have two more tips:

  • Try some coloring with large images, and see if that makes a difference. Coloring this large dog was much easier than some of the small images I’ve worked on.
  • See the video for some ideas of what happens to a few of the colors with water…that might help if you’ve had a couple surprises!

Check the video out below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Here’s a nice closeup of the texture when you don’t use water – and just how hard it is for me to stay in the lines, apparently!

Sandy Allnock Nacho Clean Color Markers2

And the version with water and a brush – yeeep! More practice, ma! Nacho went ghost-like on this one. LOL!

Sandy Allnock Nacho Clean Color Markers3

So as you can see – you aren’t alone if you’ve got a few challenges. I’ve been doing much more practice since shooting this video a few weeks ago (yes, I’m ahead! woohoo!), and I can definitely say practice helps. Keep on working at it, you can do this!


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25 thoughts on “Nacho in Clean Color Marker

  1. […] current special guest Sandy Allnock has coloured some of the stamps in the past (see her awesome Nacho blog post with video), but I’m not sure I’ve seen any of our character stamps coloured with them and I […]

  2. Remind me that I need to buy this. Now that you made a cute card with it and I can’t possible live without it. Oy!

  3. Cute card. Thanks for sharing what you have learned from using the Clear Color Real Brushes. It helps .

  4. Love Nacho !

  5. Good grief! Isn’t the purpose of your blog to teach, share, and learn? I appreciate so much your sharing with us all of your talent and and the many hours of hard work you put into this. And probably the naysayers are just as appreciative. What would the world be without them? LOL!!

    I’m definitely no true artist and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get a chance to buy these markers but boy howdy I just love to watch what you do! I can’t explain it and it’s probably weird, but yes — my name is … and I’m addicted to watching Sandy color! Hahahaha! 😉

    Thanks for all you do and try not to be so hard on YOU. All you have to do is look at your Patreon page to help “gauge” your success. Plus, your gift (you so selflessly give) is one that truly keeps on giving. 🙂

  6. I know you are testing out a new blog design and I didn’t know if you wanted feedback or not but I am on an iPad mini in landscap and the ads in the sidebar are covering the side of the video. I can still hit the play button just fine though. And btw – the dog is ADORABLE and I truly appreciate the tips on the pens. I bought them and am sometimes frustrated – hopefully this and practice will help!

    1. This one is temporary til the guy I’m hiring has time to do a redesign. Agh, the Internet! 🙂

  7. One more thing…you mentioned early on about doing a Hex Chart for these Zip Clear Color Real Brushes. Is that still going to happen?? I have the Hex Chart on the Copics and it is SO much of a help to me! Their charts just caused me confusion…and yours works for me! Thanks for all the hard work it took to make that happen. Hope you do it for the Zigs too! Thanks, Sandy….

    1. I’m struggling with how to set it up…hoping for later this summer or early fall maybe, I’m pretty slammed with travel 🙂

  8. Oh, how much fun to watch you play with these brushes! I love them, but all so new to me. Please keep using them, Sandy…so encouraging to us.

  9. Love seeing the comparison! I think I would be trying to make them look more like Copic Markers too. The watercolor look doesn’t come easy to me. I think your cards turned out really cute! 🙂

  10. Thanks for your tutorial-very helpful! Some of you may also want to check out Jennifer McGuire’s blogs about these pens. That’s where I got the tip to make color dots that can be glued to the cap of the pen showing both the water color color and the color straight from the pen. It takes a little time to do this, but it has a great payoff in time saved testing out each pen as you go. Here is the URL:

    1. I have a different plan for mine 🙂

  11. Nacho is one cool dude! Thanks for bringing him to life for us!

  12. What kind of water pen are you using. I am finding that the more that I use my Kuretake, it is fraying. Also, you are a GREAT teacher. I learn so much everytime I watch your video. I also appreciate it when you show your mistakes, LOVE it!

    1. It’s a brush by the Silver Brush company – it’s linked in the post.

    2. Are you saying the Clean Color pens are fraying? Or your paint brush?

  13. Thank you for all the tips. So nice to have someone who has some idea of what she is doing to try these out. Have the markers, but haven’t really played with them yet. It looks like less water is the way to go since I really like the colors straight from the pens.

  14. Sandy, I love your coloring and that you are trying all the new stuff, plus giving us special tips you learn in the process. I also have been trying to make my Zig Clean Color Brush pens work like Copics and have encountered the same struggles. I am working towards that ‘letting go’ of perfection and trying to enjoy my new watercolor experience. Please keep offering videos like this.

  15. I am more intimidated by the Clean Color markers than Copics since I took the OCC course. Thanks for the explanations! (Glad to be a patron, so I can see the adorable image with Copics!)

  16. Thanks so much, Sandy, for helping us with our Zig Clean Color markers!! I don’t have Copics, so I’m really hoping to learn as much as I can to feel comfortable with the Zig markers. Today’s video was very, very helpful! ♡

  17. Hi Sandy, I think the first image looks watercolored, and the second image looks richer in color. Nice to know there are different looks to achieve using Clean Color. I just have the basic 12 colors to use along with my water color palette. I find it overwhelming to have too much selection. Some people are probably saying “say whaaaa? Too much color? ??” , He he. Thank you for the demonstration, it was helpful.

  18. I love the Nacho stamp. He is just so cute and of course your coloring is fabulous. Ghost like, too funny.

  19. I enjoyed this, Sandy. I think they all look great! I don’t have Copics and I recently got the Clean Colour Bush pens so I appreciate all the info here. Thank you so much!

  20. Nacho is so cute. I like both cards and since he looks surprised you could use the ghost one with Halloween sentiment.

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