Who’d a thunk I’d have my own shipping center? I had to do something, this stuff was in so many places all over my house!
Here’s what’s pictured:

Top shelf:

  1. lots of ziplocs (finding out just how useful they are to deployed service members, I’m putting more items in them so they can reuse them!)
  2. tape and pens
  3. and of course a brochure for each box.


  1. To-be-sorted items and all the “other than card” goodies to keep out of the pets’ nose-reach!
  2. Snacks (freezepops, snack bars, gum, crackers, packets of tuna)
  3. Pens, magazines, books, pads of paper, and New Testament Bibles
  4. Those boxes on the right corner are a DEAL I got—boxes of 20 Christmas cards each for only 90cents! Yes, that price will get me to buy cards. 🙂 Gotta get them opened and sorted into the boxes below.
  5. The striped box sitting on top is full of AnyHero letters written out by cardmakers and other people who’ve sent them to me, all sorted by whether or not they’re addressed to Dear Hero, or Dear Marine, or Dear Soldier, etc.

All those boxes!

  1. First, the box in front—thank you to those who have been donating basketball shorts, socks, snacks, and hygiene items for my special project for Michael’s old marine unit! 🙂
  2. The cards! These of course were the thing that spurred me on to set up this area. I had been storing a box of Christmas cards here, some Thanksgiving cards there, just randomly all over my craft room and living room. That was getting out of hand! So here they all are in their glory together. Lots of Christmas, several boxes for fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween, and in the crate on the right are cards for next year’s spring holidays. (See, yes, I do save them when you send them to me!) And then there are all the cards ready to pack into boxes tonight, sorted by:
    1. Thinking of you
    2. Thank you and get well (some go to OQC, some for the boxes)
    3. Baby/kids cards
    4. Love/Miss you
    5. Birthday
  3. Off to the left, cut out of the pic behind the FRBs (flat rate boxes) is a lot of other jumbled shipping things – boxes, ghostie peanuts, etc. That area may have to be given over for storage of items to be shipped, too, we’ll see how long I last in this area. This is my guest room, so I’m going to see how condensed I can keep things, heehee! (If you ever stay over, you’ll just have to deal with sharing your space with our heroes!)

So I’m feeling happily organized now, and my living room is down to only containing boxes of items donated for prizes. I get things from individuals and companies to either use or offer up as prizes or send out as RAKs. And the pile is big enough that after the Summer of Love challenge, I think I’ll be sending out some surprise packages—I really do want my living room completely back! 🙂