Not my last Christmas card forever. But for this season, yes! I’m so excited! I send out over 200, and this is the last push…I get to address them this weekend and start mailing. Hooray! And before I get on with that card, I need to do a little enabling, just click on the image for the sale category and use code GRATITUDE19:

While coloring I share a little of my plan to ignore perfectly good business advice – I’ve also written it out later in this post for clarity!

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The bells are such a pretty image! I decided I wanted a totally celebratory card for my last one of the year…don’t worry I have more to post, but this is the last one to MAKE. The bells started out as silver, and I added the snowy tree background – then added blue onto the silver bells as a reflection.

I struggled with the sentiment since I hadn’t thought ahead very well (blame exhaustion!) I finally decided embossing-on-embossing; first the white, let it cool down well, then black embossing powder on top.

December Sabbatical

I’ve always envied professors taking a sabbatical – using it as a dedicated learning time, not just a vacation….so they can come back strong and full of new knowledge to share. So it’s time for my little yearly YouTube sabbatical! (Two years in a row makes it “traditional” right?)

And since it’s the slowest month for watching – coz you’re all busy making and going to parties and overdoing the eggnog – it seems the best time for it. Not to mention at this time of year I’m pretty burned out.

What’s STILL happening in December, though:

  • A few videos on YT already scheduled – new class launch in about 10 days or so, 100k if the number is reached, and a few tidbits.
  • DAILY posts here on the blog, with giveaways! I have more packs of goodies to give away. Dec 1-24 I’ll be posting cards or tags each day.
  • DAILY social media – instagram,

About those sales!

Sales discussed in the video….it’s kinda confusing, but pick how much you want to have donated to World Central Kitchen, and what % you’d like for your own sale…then go to and pick out some fun classes:

  • RIGHT NOW: 15% OFF FOR YOU, plus 5% donated to charity
  • BLACK FRIDAY: 20% OFF FOR YOU, nothing for charity
  • SATURDAY-MONDAY: 15% OFF, plus 5% donated to charity
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  • DEC 4-24: 5% OFF FOR YOU, plus 5% to charity
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