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Monsters in the Mist

Hey there everyone – it’s time for another video at MFT – maybe you saw the movie Gorillas in the Mist? I call this Monsters in the Mist — see the video over at MFT!


11 thoughts on “Monsters in the Mist

  1. Hi Sandy. I did leave a comment over on the MFT blog but I wanted to leave you the same one here too…..”I love watching Sandy create and colour her cards! Such talent. They come together like a story in front of your eyes!”

  2. I love this, it is so cute! You are so creative and I have learned much from watching your videos. You make it fun and have inspired me with many of your projects to Give it a Try! Thank you for sharing your talent and for making me smile.

  3. Great job Sandy and that with a few pencils. I love your monsters in the mist!

  4. Oh, my! What you can do with 3 pencils is incredible!! Love it!

  5. Left comment at MFT but wanted you to know I love the techniques you share on your videos.

  6. Such cute monsters!

  7. Wow what a cool technique.

  8. Well that was fun. I had no idea you could so easily cover the stamped images with coloured pencils if you want to change it. Super cute.

  9. I’ve taken a few of your classes and I watch all of your videos. I always learn something. You’re a great art teacher. Thank you for generously sharing the way you do.

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