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Mod Hex Die: 3 ways with Brusho!


I’m obsessed. Someone stop me! It’s just brusho brusho brusho around here. I know, I know. I’ll get back to other stuff, I swear! But this week, stay tuned for it, coz…well I just can’t stop. LOL!

Mod Hex Die

This Hex die went awol on me before shooting this video – I took it out of its stamp pocket and whoops! But it finally resurfaced, and I was able to get these cards out of my system….I was surprised that when I posted the die recently, people hadn’t seen it before – I’m glad to bring it to light for ya! I knew I wanted to sprinkle Brusho for a beautiful contrast with the hex shapes, and so I did; check out the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

I played with a Wink of Stella pen on the one with the vermillion brusho – originally just to add a slight shimmer to the hexagons, but they turned into “marble” when I accidentally touched the brusho with it – cool accident!

Sandy Allnock - Mod Hex Die

I also created a shaker with the same die and the black brusho – there’s some of this silvery glittery paper behind the glitter, and it looks soooooo pretty!

Sandy Allnock - Mod Hex Die Shaker

Stay tuned for more brusho….or check out my Yeti+Alpaca HERE, or my basic post all about watercolor powders!


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22 thoughts on “Mod Hex Die: 3 ways with Brusho!

  1. Brusho looks like a lot of fun. Love what you did with the Wink of Stella. TFS

  2. Great cards! love them all, best of all the red one where you’ve used the Wink of Stella pen! I need to try this brusho! Thank you so mach for sharing!!!

  3. Brusho Week! Rock on!

  4. Awesome cards, love this die too, Cathy x

  5. It is fun, isn’t it? Think that black is incredible. The shaker element is brilliant. But then all of these are fabulous. WoW!

  6. Awesome!!!!

  7. Absolutely STUNNING designs Sandy!!!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  8. Sandy, love that sentiment. Who makes it?

    1. Forgot to link it – but it’s added now.

  9. Fabulous cards as always Sandy, my Brusho are on my way to me as I type this yippie! Where does the sentiment come from…I love this and must have it ha ha. If you created it, would you consider selling as a digi? Thanks for all your amazing inspiration!

  10. great cards…keep on playing….I love Brusho and also Bistre!

  11. These cards are lovely. I think i like the red (stone) one best, but all the colors in that black brusho are gorgeous. Thanks for the different ideas. That die is great, I had not seen it before either.

  12. Thanks so much for showing new things to do with the Brusho. Since you ‘made’ me get them, I appreciate you helping with their use as well. BTW – I borrowed a phrase from you this weekend and told my husband to ‘Suck it up, Buttercup’. He needed it….

  13. this die is begging to be shook – i need it and thanks for some really nice cards

    1. Shake shake shake it up!

  14. I think the red one is my favorite! Thanks Sandy! Have a great week.

  15. One word….AWESOME . Love your cards, techniques, colors…everything. (ok more than one word)

  16. I love all the brusho! I think the orange-y one is my favorite card in this group. So many rich colors.

  17. Great look!

  18. Hey Sandy,
    Since you are obsessed with these powders maybe you can help with something I have tried. I love these powders and think they are great for creating the appearance of leaves in a tree. I thought I could just sprinkle the powders and then add water to create a shape for treetops. The problem arises when misting the powders they blow all over the card so the background becomes messy. I tried masking but that creates a very defined edge and defeats the organic shape I am looking for. Any good ideas?

    1. How about I do that on a scope today?

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