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MFT Guest Post: Love you to the core

It’s that time again – another coloring video over at MFT! Check it out by clicking HERE.



9 thoughts on “MFT Guest Post: Love you to the core

  1. That’s an adorable little scene.

  2. The simplicity speaks for itself. Thank you for the tips.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Autumn scene, complete with video!

  4. Love how simple you make the project seem… it is so encouraging!

  5. I love how easily you create the background scenes for ANY stamps you choose. Always worth watching and I ALWAYS learn SOMETHING! Thanks for that!

  6. Left a comment over on the MFT blog but wanted to say it here too, I really appreciated that you created a scene that we can easily duplicate. I struggle with scene building, and you are the master at it. I especially appreciated the tips about the trees only needing to be suggested shapes, because I try to go too realistic, and I am finding that with watercolor in particular it isn’t helping my scenes at all. Thanks for the advice and tips, they are always useful!

  7. I love your card and the background.

  8. I need to get out my water color pencils and try out a fall scene! Wonderful!!

  9. What a wonderful fall scene.

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