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Airbrushed Eagle Card

I did produce a video tutorial for the airbrushing and Copic coloring of the image in my card from Stampendous, so if you want to see that, watch it on YouTube. (I hope to learn a little more about airbrushing that I can share, but since I know a lot of folks didn’t even know you can airbrush with a marker, I wanted to at least show  you that!)

I used sketch #44…

I was planning on doing red white and blue, but this one wanted to be Purple Mountains Majesty – with purple, green blue….lol! And my May Arts silk ribbon had to be purple to go with it. Hope it’s still nice and patriotic on this holiday! Leave me a comment and tell me if you think it still passes muster 🙂 Wanting that sentiment? Try this link.

Sandy Allnock Stampendous Eagle tutorial2


235 thoughts on “Airbrushed Eagle Card

  1. What a beautiful card. I truly love all the stamping and air brushing you do, especially since I am the world’s worst stamper – therefore I don’t do many stamped cards for OWH. Again, beautiful card.


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  3. I can’t believe you picked such a simple sketch, Sandy! I know you like your layers! This card is beautiful. Love the coloring on the eagle!

  4. Gorgeous, dahling! Love the air-brushing, beautiful shading on your eagle, and that gorgeous image!

  5. Amazing card! Air brushed eagle! Wow! Great job ,this will be loved!

  6. I love the card, have not done Copics yet (hard to do on a budget) but that is something I want to do. I love the look of the card. Great job coloring it.

  7. Beautiful card! Thanks for showing us how to airbrush with Copics! Thanks for ALL you do for OWH! We all appreciate you!

  8. Wow. Just w.o.w. The eagle is gorgeous, but that purple ribbons just brings out the word “majestic” even more in my mind. Breathtaking card!

  9. I know the weekend is over, but I wanted to support the cause. Wonderful colouring and a stunning card.
    “Like the ivy and the wall, together we stand, united we fall”.

  10. STUNNING card! You rocked the sketch. Woot woot!!

  11. Wow! Your coloring skills are amazing.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do for this wonderful organization!

  12. So jealous of your coloring skills!

  13. The purple accent ribbon is perfect and unexpected – TFS! And thank you for all f your hard work for OWH.

  14. I love this card! I also have an Eagle. What a better way to show our thanks to our soldiers!

  15. Stunning card…the purple totally rocks it! tfs!!!

  16. Wonderful card. I love the eagle and Airbrushing is so neat. I havent tried it with a marker but I have tried and I am learning with an airbrush. Really Beautiful card.

  17. What a gorgeous, majestic eagle! Your coloring and shading are second to none!

  18. You always share such wonderful inspiration to all at OWH! You at a master with color…the eagle, mountains and ribbon are come together in another stunning card.
    Many, many thanks for all your wonderful efforts!

  19. The Purple Mountains Majesty / eagle / sentiment/ ribbon are all perfect ! yes, yes it does pass muster ! Thanks for the inspiration and all that you do with OWH !

  20. I have heard you can airbrush with Copic markers but have not try it myself. The card is just beautiful – I am just lost for words. What a perfect Any Hero card.

  21. Stunning card! Love that sentiment!

  22. This card is striking. Love it and it definately passes muster.

  23. I llllove you eagle and how wonderful it looks on the card. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  24. The colors you have used for this card are so nice, Sandy! I would be so intimidated to use an airbrush on a card – but I don’t own any copics anyway so it won’t be a problem! Thank you for all you do for our service .en and women

  25. Your card is incredible! I’m still a bit timid to try the airbrushing… You are truly an artist. I am going to save your YouTube video. I really appreciate your posts because I am new to this and am learning sooooo much! 🙂

  26. the ribbon is great! alright……hero mail and love cards! got it!

  27. Gorgeous card! The Eagle in flight is stunning and your background is beautifully made!

  28. Beautiful card Sandy! I love the purple mountains majesty as a theme — just as patriotic as red, white and blue! Thanks for all you do for OWH.

  29. Absolutely stunning Sandy… thanks for the tutorial too!

  30. I have an eagle stamp somewhere. I need to find that. Thanks for the reminder.

  31. This card is just beyond beautiful! You did such an awesome job, I wish I had just 1/4 of your talent. Thank you for the chance to win your blog candy!

  32. Love this card! TFS!

  33. Love the purple mountains majesty–patriotic and gorgeous for a deserving hero. Am asking my family and friends this weekend to write Any Hero notes which I’ll be sending to Kris in my next box of OWH cards. Thanks again for all you do for our heroes, and OWH–you are the best!

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