Sandy Allnock - Patriotic eagle card

Stamp is an old one by Michaelsen; 3 Copics (E37. B04, Y23); flag sticker by K&Co; ribbon by May Arts, sentiment by SU.

Sandy Allnock - Patriotic eagle card2

I’m writing this blog post Sunday night. And though it’s been an amazing weekend, I’ve been having a slight temptation to feel sorry for myself. I’ve spent a lot of the weekend on the hop (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) – up all night Friday to get it put together, hopping all day Saturday, dealing with lots of questions and newbies (another thing that’s awesome even if it’s a lot of email!). I packed 23 boxes for our heroes, wrote out the packing slips and letters to each contact, hauled it all to the garage. I have my major project still underway….and I had to mow, do laundry, and all those normal little “life” things.  I did take a little break to go see Star Trek (ohmygosh it was AMAZING!) And I’m looking at tomorrow being just as boringly action-packed. (And without a break for Trekkiness.)

So, as I said – I’ve been tempted to whine to myself as I passed the halfway mark of the long weekend. I do enjoy checking off my list, but….a three day weekend in my world just means three days to keep slogging away, and maybe even catch up a little. No holiday. No sleeping in. Just keep on keeping on. And then I remembered them. My fellow Americans for whom this isn’t a holiday.

The families for whom having a to-do list to distract them from missing their lost loved one would be a blessing.

The moms who would give their very life to do laundry one more time for their child who went to war.

The dads who steel themselves for Memorial Day every year, knowing it’s chased soon by Father’s Day.

The wives who can hardly breathe, not knowing how to go on without the love of their life, their fallen hero.

I think of the countless people across America for whom this weekend is not a “holiday” – it’s nothing to celebrate. It’s no day to have a barbecue. It’s not a time to party.  When I think of them….I realize I have it easy. And I can go on. I go on, because our nation’s fallen heroes went on. I go on, because the families who have lost their loved ones go on. I go on, because a current generation of heroes are deployed at this very moment, with no long weekend to barbecue. They’re fighting and dying, even when half of America doesn’t even remember we’re at war. They’re separated from their families, their children are growing up without them, their careers are on hold. They’re seeing things no one should have to see, and coming home with memories no one needs to wake up with at night. They’re willing to lay down their very life if that’s what is called for. And they do it all, willingly, for me.

So….when I remember all these fellow Americans, I know I have nothing to complain about.