Give a pet a forever home through Petfinder…so many critters are in need of good homes! If I had a big enough house, I’d have taken tons of the kitties I saw on the website. 🙂

Lots of folks wanted a little more on my new babies….so here you go! (They also now have their own Instagram account!) Watch the video below or click over HERE to my second channel to see it in HD.

Yule Dogs II: call for dogs!

If you’re interested in participating in the Yule Dogs II project, send me an email with a link to a minute or two of your dog sleeping. Watch Yule Dogs I, shoot video of your own dog, and email a link to your footage by Dec 1 2016. A few tips:

  1. Needn’t be puppy-age. All dogs welcome!
  2. Shoot a nice calm sleeping video. Dogs can twitch, yawn, lick lips, etc, just no rambunctious playtime.
  3. A simple setting works best. It can be close up or a little far, but make sure we see the dog well and  visual distractions are minimal.
  4. Add holiday things to the scene if you’d like – packages, holiday toys, etc – bonus!
  5. You can put a holiday bandana or bow on your dog, to add to the Christmas atmosphere.
  6. Upload your movie file to a dropbox or other service where you can send me a link to it – not the file itself.
  7. Deadline Dec 1st so I have time to edit it all together to launch the week before Christmas!

Those who follow me on Instagram might have seen my painting this week of the puppies – and no, I didn’t have them sit still like this in one photo to work from, I had to work from separate shots. One pic is too much to hope for right now. Ha! This was painted in Daniel Smith Watercolors.



The winner of “Santa’s Stuck” from this week’s giveaway is Diane, below, so email me and I’ll hook you up with Em for your prize. The last in the September Stamping Bella series will be this coming Wednesday, so be sure to come back and enter for that one. (pssst it’s my favorite one!)