I’m so excited to have been invited back for one more post…wheee! The brand new May Arts website has launched, and we’re celebrating with a ribbon cutting ceremony!

ribbon cutting

Here are the three cards shown…the first one has a popped yellow layer with a hole in it, and the center of the flower is recessed into the hole and held in place with a glue dot.

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial2

Next I tried long, wide petals and stitched them in the center, and used pearl pen for the dots in the middle.

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial3
Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial4

And last but not least, I made petals with thin satin, and created a poinsettia for a Christmas card!

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial5

Sandy Allnock Ribbon Petal Tutorial6

I think the best fun with ribbon is just experimenting…try something with it and see what happens! What I usually find with May Arts ribbon – it’s really really cooperative. I did attempt to make petals out of SER*, and nearly caught the craft room on fire. So beware – and you might want to have a bucket of water handy!

*SER = Someone Else’s Ribbon!


Without further ado, here’s the rest of the amazing ladies on the bloghop – go leave lots and lots of comments, there’s something like $1,000.00 worth of prizes up for grabs! Go go go!