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Watercolor Flowers Series #3: Black-and-white Mashup


Today I’m joining the Friday Mashup Bloghop celebration of their 200th challenge – and I’m adding it to my Watercolor Flowers series! They asked for a mashup…and when I mash a lot of things together, I try hard to aim for Clean-and-Simple too; mostly because it’s too easy to overdo a multi-challenge card.

Watercolor Flowers Series

If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen a few of my videos in the series (HERE) – and this one isn’t quite in the same vein as the others, but it’s still watercolor. Today’s card is both CAS and one-layer…mashing #21  (Sketch + Dry Embossing) with #71 (Black & White + Bling). I got the idea when I had accidentally stamped this stamp in the wrong ink…and decided I’d try doing that deliberately this time. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

It was quite the unique challenge to do watercolor flowers in black-and-white only….and I also wanted to mention you might get a similar look to this with distress inks BUT – the Memento will hold up better and keep some of its solid lines. As soon as you hit the distress inks with water it’ll start to break down pretty madly. Fair warning.

I’ll be sharing some other colored stamps of this particular image on Instagram today – my plan is to try coloring this in a few ways this morning as part of the #thedailymarker30day challenge!

Sandy Allnock Friday Mashup21+71Note and question for subscribers!!

This is the first week with the new email delivery system, and I’m thinking about something…yesterday’s bloghop post went up later than the 5am time I’ve picked for my blog posts to get emailed out. So this morning, you probably got yesterday’s AND today’s, all in one. At least I’m hoping that’s what happened? I may adjust the time that my posts get emailed out – make it at noon or something, so morning bloghops get emailed out that day. My question for subbies: What time of day and time zone do you visit blogs? 

The rest of the challenge blogs are HERE – go see what everyone else is creating!


More in the watercolor flowers series is to come, of course, so be sure you’re subscribed (in the sidebar on the blog, or at the bottom of the page if you’re looking on a mobile device)!

50 thoughts on “Watercolor Flowers Series #3: Black-and-white Mashup

  1. I missed this one back when you posted it. Oh my goodness, SO COOL!!! And gorgeous.

    1. And such a surprise too – I didn’t know that ink was going to melt that way! 🙂

  2. What a neat look and great technique.

  3. […] Sandy Allnock demonstrating how to use water with images stamped in Memento ink. […]

  4. Amazing technique, you make it look so easy!

    Thank you so much for taking part in our 200th Celebration at The Friday Mashup, I’m thrilled I was introduced to your creativity!

  5. Very pretty. Love the black and white.

  6. This is stunning! I love the video!

  7. Great Idea to do with the other colors of Memento Stamp Pads… this idea. Thanks so much for sharing this. 🙂

  8. What a gorgeous card! The black and white water coloring is stunning!!! It is so great to have you as a guest designer over at Friday Mashup!

  9. Beautiful coloring! Love how you made the sentiment look like an additional layer.

  10. Wow, your black and white watercolouring is absolutely beautiful! So elegant!

  11. Great technique and video. I check my emails around 9:30am CT

  12. Great CAS one layer card. Enjoyed seeing a new technique for me. I check my blogs around 9am EST. TFS

  13. Absolutely stunning!

  14. This card is just AMAZING!

  15. This is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of black and white “stuff”, but would have never thought to try this. Thanks for the video to show how it’s done.

  16. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing the tips about how this could be done with watercolor or marker. I check blogs around 8 am and 4pm EST

  17. Wow this is so, so beautiful love, love it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I absolutely love the simplicity of this beautiful card

  19. The card is beautiful. Elegant and simple. Really like how you combined the sketches. I received both blog emails on the same day. I usually look at them early morning (before 6 a.m.) before I go to work. The creativity inspires me during my day.

  20. Your card is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the wonderful video tutorial. I really need to try this technique.
    I work full time so I usually check my emails at night.
    Crafty hugs,
    DesignsByDragonfly {blogspot}

  21. WOW! This is really pretty! I thought everything had to be in color, but I really, really like this! Maybe like black and white film! Somethings are just better in black and white! I work full time, so i usually don’t have time to read my emails or do blog hops in the evening around 8:00 central time. 🙂

  22. I read all my blog and crafting emails late evening/nighttime. Everyone is quiet or gone to bed and I have some “me” time!

  23. I am on the east coast and I received your email at 8:05 am. I typically read my blog subscriptions in the evening after dinner. I go out to work during the day M-F.

  24. Really love this card! I would have never thought of using ink in this way. Thank you so much for the time you take teaching thru these videos. I have never thought of myself as a creative person, but am starting to get a little more confident in my abilities. Will you still be doing a video comparing the watercolors you were testing before your trip? Or did I somehow miss it? Looking forward to it as I am ready to invest in some higher quality ones. 🙂

  25. Wow that is different and appealing you usually think color for flowers.. I am usually a late nite blogger, work by day:)

  26. Well, that was just brilliant!

  27. How cool is that? You always here Don’t stamp with Memento and try to water color! Now we can! Gorgeous Black n White!

  28. Sandy your card is stunning! What a great idea you had to use to help pick challenges to mash up, i spent a very long time milling over the list 🙂 I’m so glad you are a part of the celebration at the Friday Mashup!

  29. I get so excited when you use stamps I already own! I can’t wait to try this, but with Copics. I typically visit blogs around 6 AM CST.
    Thank you!

  30. I check my blogs usually about 10:00 am eastern standard time.

  31. Beautiful black and white coloring. I check my blogs in the morning – usually around 8AM west coast.

  32. This card is gorgeous! I love those flowers! I love the clean design…B&W cards are tricky for me because I want to add color.
    So excited to have you join us for the 200th FM challenge!

  33. Very good for making one think about natural highlights and shadows… Usually check about noon and before going to bed at night.

  34. OMG, this is stunning on so many levels. Just simply beautiful!

  35. Oh Sandy! Beautiful! I usually get Grandkids off to school and then e-mail after 7AM west coast.

  36. I yesterday’s post yesterday and today’s post today. I usually blog hop around lunch time, 1200 CST.

  37. Interesting challenge to use black and white on flowers but you pulled if off beautifully! I read most of my blogs between 8 am and noon MST, but continue to read them as they come in when I am home which is most days.

  38. I am in central time zone and like to visit blogs while I have my morning coffee but I’m retired so that is not real early in the morning 🙂 You created such an elegant card here. I have several flower stamps I’d like to try with this watercolor technique

  39. Oh, my! That turned out awesome, Sandy! What a cool idea! Beautiful card!

  40. Very cool technique. I check throughout the day but start around 8 am EST.

  41. So far so great for me on the new delivery system Sandy! I got yesterday’s post at 5:02am and today’s at 5:04am. I’m on the west coast so PST 🙂 Thanks for the black and white watercolour! I will have to give that a try on a day when i’m needing a challenge.

  42. Just lovely, Sandy! You never cease to amaze me! I enjoy reading blogs around 7:00am Central time. So happy that Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. It’s another sign of Spring, even though my garden is buried under lots of snow! ♡

  43. I am enjoying your watercolor series so much, Sandy! This back and white one really appeals to me and I love the dry embossing you did across the bottom of the card.I will definitely try that!

  44. Didn’t think I’d like black & white flowers, but your comments pulled me right in! Now I want to try this in a Sepia tone on creamy card stock – if I can find a watercolor paper that’s more off-white – hmmm – a challenge! Thanks for the inspiration you always provide!

    1. HerO Arts has a great cream wc paper 🙂

  45. Sandy – a truly lovely card! I generally check out blogs between 5:30a and 6:30a central time.

  46. Amazing! I love the black white technique!

  47. I love this technique and what absolutely beautiful results.
    I did get both posts today. I’m on the east coast & usually read my emails fairly early in the morning (around 7:30-8:00.)

  48. I love that you used to pick your challenges.. This is stunning, I never would of thought to use Black n white watercolor. Thank you so much for joining us to Help Celebrate our 200th Challenge at the Friday Mashup!

  49. Beautiful card, Sandy! Your watercoloring in black and white is really stunning! Thanks for the inspiration.
    🙂 Marie

  50. Amazing card. I like the black and white look. I like to visit blogs early usually by 6 AM est.

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