I’ve got a little bonus card for you here on the blog today….I did shoot a quick speed video to post over on Instagram so be sure to check in for that!

A bunch of us on the Ellen Hutson design team got together to make baby cards to send to Emily, a member of the team. After I made mine I realized she was having twins so….we’re gonna pretend that Papa Bear is off with the other little baby, maybe he needed to go get whatever mama bear said she wanted at this moment!

Hopefully Em will forgive me for my ooops 🙂 Because it’s a darling little card anyway. It goes to show you don’t have to have specific themed stamps if you can adapt what you have!

You’ll see in the IGTV video that I didn’t fully stamp the bear – did a little post-it masking to leave room to add her hospital gown and baby.

And then I reallllly wanted a “mama bear” stamp, but even looking through all the stamps I have, I didn’t have anything to adapt….so I just wrote it in by hand!

Go over to Emily’s blog and give her a little love on one of her projects. Or two or three! She’s not a new mom but if you have any mama-of-twins advice, maybe she could use some!


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