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Magical Monday: St Patrick’s Day Art


I’m a day early with my St Patrick’s Day art – but better late than never, right? I found this sweet image called Shannon on the Saturated Canary digi site and couldn’t resist her!  Enjoy the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

St Patrick’s Day art talks to me!?

At the risk of sounding nuts…..Shannon started to tell me her story as I started coloring here – she’s out in the shadows of the dark forest, collecting four leaf clovers and gold coins, and hiding them from the rest of us! Yes, I do have conversations with my stamps….maybe I need a 12 step group!

I printed her on Neenah cardstock, and she’s larger than card-size; the opening in the mat I laid over her is 5×7. I use THIS printer for printing my digistamps, by the way….I wanted to do more detail on this St Patrick’s Day art, and printing her large helped.Sandy Allnock St Patrick's Day Art 2



Have you done any St Patrick’s Day art this year? Cards, or other projects?

29 thoughts on “Magical Monday: St Patrick’s Day Art

  1. oh SHA-ZAMMMM! You really knock my flip flops off! I can’t even imagine what you see. But thank you for scattering the bread crumbs to us and please, let me learn SOMEthing from your videos!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. As always your coloring is just stunning. I love saturated canary stamps.

  3. Oh so pretty! I so love to watch you work…..:)

  4. This is such a beautiful picture! How creative you are! Love, love!

  5. Shannon is just too cool – I’m not surprised that she talked to you! And watercolors are fun too, but I’ve missed the Copic coloring.
    Just curious, tho – how long does it take you to do something like this? Do you do it all in one sitting, or do you take a break or two?

    1. About an hour and a half – I do it in one sitting, or I get busy cleaning the toilet or reading the mail if I get up. LOL!

  6. Wow, Sandy, you are the most fantastic artist I have seen. I love your creativity, not just stamp and color, you take it to levels beyond my small imagination! Love all you work, and such fun.

  7. Sandy, I am constantly amazed and entertained! Wow!

  8. Wonderful (as always!) thanks Sandy

  9. Gorgeous! I might get back into digi’s. Didn’t back up my last lot and lost them in a big computer crash. Now hopeful as I use the same printer already!

  10. OMG Sandy, I love your art work. It is amazing to watch. When you painted her face with BV02 I was horrified, then you amazed me with the finished results. Also watching you colour the background with the super broad pointed Copics, wow. Your work is aw inspiring! St. Patty’s Day is special to me because I was married March 17th. My husband pasted away 17 years ago, and tomorrow would have been our 33 wedding anniversary. Your colouring today, just added another special St. Patty’s Day moment for me. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Myrna Sweet

  11. Sheer magic .. wow

  12. I absolutely LOVE watching Magical Mondays!! When I first saw the image I was on my phone and couldn’t get to the video right away- when I saw it I wondered what stencil you used for the background! What a dork I am! I watched the video just now and that’s no stencil- you drew it in!!! You are too good- love the color combinations- gets my brain thinkin how I can use my markers differently!

  13. Oh my gosh, your talent seriously amazes me!! This is a lovely image & it just awes me to watch the image come to life as you color. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. Not so much a 12 stepper but perhaps a leprechaun interventios. Honesly, she’s so lovely they’d fall in love with her, too. Even if she took their gold.

  15. Sandy, that was wonderful. It was therapeutic just watching it. TFS!

  16. This is just stunning! Beautiful image.

  17. Holy Cow! You’re AMAZING girl!

  18. You are an amazingly talented artist!!! I just love what you did with that stamp. I have to admit though when you started with the white pen on the skirt, I was saying….”No, No you are going to ruin it.” But alas, ye of little faith, you proved me wrong! It turned out wonderfully and I just love watching you work.

  19. Gorgeous.

  20. She is so lovely!! Quite the Irish lass for St Patty’s day

  21. Beautiful! I love the story behind it and that your work talks to you. All the detail and the background is amazing. TFS

  22. You are amazing–you make the light and dark shadows look so easy to achieve. I am always fascinated with your coloring.

  23. Sandy, I can’t even explain how much I love this! The shading, dimension, depth, colors, details . . . .everything about this is amazing! YOU are amazing! ♥

  24. Lovely and amazing, Sandy! I have a question, can you use that printer when watercoloring? I printed from my Ink jet Canon onto watercolor paper but the ink bled when I tried to watercolor. Haven’t tried copies yet.

    1. Watercolor is too thick for my printer, so I’ve never been able to try it.

  25. Wonderful! Really love how you did the background.

  26. WOW! This is amazing and you are a fantastic artist! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible talent!!!

  27. Just lovely…thank you for sharing.

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