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Magical Monday: Snowy Brook Bauble


WHEW! Back to a normal week, hooray! Last week was quite the marathon – a fun one, but I’m really glad to have the relative ease of a video with no chattering in it. (A nice break for me!) So today I bring you a Magical Monday video with an ornament I bought a few months ago and just hadn’t colored up yet. I knew it was going to be set into a tree, and just hadn’t worked out how to do it – but once I figured it out, I had to make a video for you! Enjoy it below, or watch it in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

It’s been a little crazy how little patterned paper I use nowadays – eeep! I spent a good bit of the weekend making cards from the one 6×6 pad I have for Christmas – and I had bought several of them, so I’ve been going mad trying to use em up! Last year I had been so proud of myself, using up all the holiday paper so I could get new stuff…and I want to do the same again this year! A couple of them are on Instagram.
Sandy Allnock Snowy Brook Bauble2

My silver uniball pen is new – and they also have one in GOLD! Woohoo. Linked you to the white, gold, and silver in the description. Just in case. *smile*


Tomorrow’s the last day to catch up on commenting on my 12 Tags series – I’ll be announcing winners on Thursday! Some of the tags in this photo are the bonus ones that I’m going to give away to my Patrons too.

Sandy Allnock tags2


35 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Snowy Brook Bauble

  1. This is amazing Sandy!!! So beautiful and you made it look so easy. I have to try this. Thanks!

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous!! Oh if i just could color that way….. I just keep on dreaming 😉

  3. I can’t comment on your youtube it won’t let me :(, but I just needed to say Bravo, I could watch you color all day long, you are truly one gifted and talented lady and I thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you and Take Care.

  4. That’s not just a card….that’s a piece of art! WOW!!!! It’s beautiful….

  5. A beautiful piece of art! I love watching you make your magic. Love the background with the glow of the bulbs and love all the details you put into your work. TFS

  6. It doesn’t matter to me if you chatter in the background or not, I just enjoy watching you work your magic!

  7. Wonderful!

  8. OH Sandy! This ornament card is stunning! I’ve been practicing with my gray and neutral Copics. It’s hard to get anything more than a dreary mess. I’ll have to watch this video several times, and keep practicing!

  9. I don’t believe that I know enough adjectives to describe how amazing this card is. I sat, mesmerized, as you created yet another masterpiece. I will probably watch it again at least four or five more times! Your talent is crazy awesome!!!

  10. Unbelievably gorgeous!!!!

  11. Your bauble is truly beautiful! I love my gold & silver Uni-Ball pens too… almost as much as the white one!

  12. Gorgeous card Sandy!

  13. Stunning!!

  14. Truly amazing!!

  15. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this ornament card! Woweeee! Absolute LOVE the coloring in the background and on the ornament. Just beautiful, and full of wonderful ideas, too.

  16. I have to say this one really surprised me. The tree, the ” lights” and then the beautiful ornament in the middle of it all. It’s like looking at this fabulous ornament hanging from your Christmas tree! Amazing!

  17. Another great. I like the silver uniball. You are such an enabler. My wallet says I need to stop looking on your blog.

  18. This card is breathtaking. What else can I say. Love the background and the ornament looks so realistic. It made me wonder how you could put that in an envelope and mail it…lol. Your artistry is fantastic. I want to thank you for sharing so much with everyone. You are very special. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday.

  19. You have an AMAZING talent, I love your works. Thanx for sharing.

  20. WOW-za—-what talent! Do you ever sleep? LOL Always enjoy your videos……Thank you so much for sharing….

  21. Great video!

  22. Stunning card and beautiful coloring but sure do miss your chattering!

  23. Stunning card. You are certainly master (umm mistress) of Copic grays. Beautiful work.

  24. Another beautiful card! I just love it.

  25. WOW WOW WOW….. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!!

  26. Sandy – I love this card! It is one of my favorites!

  27. Sandy I love all those tags

  28. Gorgeous! I love the leafy background and the ornament is just stunning. Every time I try to use blacks on something, it ends up all one color. I need more practice, clearly.

  29. Simply stunning. I would never even attempt to colour in an image like this, but you make it seem so easy….

  30. I would love to be one of the lucky recipients on your Christmas card list every year…boy this ornament was truly beautiful! Thanks for getting my Monday off with an inspiring post.

  31. I used to sit here and think “oh, wait, don’t do that” when you would lay down heavy colors or do something that at the time didn’t make much sense, only to be absolutely amazed at the results. Now I just sit back and anxiously await the magic that unfolds as you color. (Magical Mondays is a very appropriate name!)

  32. The silver ornament took my breath away. It looks like it could be lifted right off what it is lying on.

  33. Do you send these cards to someone special. I hope they are saved and cherished!

  34. Wonderful ideas…been looking forward each day..Thanks and peaceful Christmas.

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