And thus it begins – Rome watercolor paintings! I have a gajillion photos I want to paint (ha, don’t worry, I won’t burden you with them all!)…and decided to jump in and tackle this one! (And if you missed the trip slideshow, click HERE!)

First of the Rome watercolor paintings

I’ve been doodling around with watercolor quite a bit – lots that ended up in the circular file. But for some reason I decided to get out a sheet of the GOOD watercolor paper, and turned on the camera *just* in case it wasn’t a waste of a sheet of it. And guess what? It worked! I can tell you it surprised even me. It is AMAZING the difference that quality paper makes. I know I say that in my cardmaking all the time…now I can vouch for it with painting too. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

I wish I could do a voiceover on a video like this…so far I honestly have no idea how to explain what I’m doing. I do have a few details I can provide:

  1. I used these Kuretake watercolors. These have become my go-to paints now, after all the playing I’ve been doing. Not that you can’t do amazing things with others, but my hand seems to automatically reach for these at this point.
  2. I’m weird in that I mix paints on the paper and layer colors, just like I do with my Copics – most people mix on a palette. I know I need to be a grownup and start doing it the ‘real’ way, but this has just seemed easier. Well, except I didn’t get the colors of the buildings quite right, but I’m good with how this came out anyway.
  3. Good paper matters. Seriously. For my crafting I’m still fine with the inexpensive papers like this or this or this, but I may try some of the good stuff and see how it stamps and paints. The good papers seem to just ‘love’ the watercolor in a whole new way – the colors seem to come out richer, I guess that might be the best way to explain it? Once I try out a bunch I’ll do a side by side video and show you what I mean. I’m still learning too much to feel like I can do a definitive comparison video.
  4. I used Princeton Neptune Brushes. I’ve linked to the ones used in this video at the bottom of this post, over on Amazon – but I get mine at Daniel Smith. (Though they don’t put anything but their own brand on their website, so no linking.) Right now they’re the brushes I use most, though I am by no means experienced enough to be able to say they’re the brushes I’ll settle on. But they last longest for me – no hairs coming out, no weirdness. I rinse them well and NEVER put them in the water jar…I squeeze water out in a towel and dry them flat.
  5. I’m about to embark on trying out some REAL watercolors. Not crafter watercolors. That means tubes, palettes, and the like. EEEP! I can’t tell you how that scares me. But I’ve heard about some killer watercolors I’m going to go find in Seattle. Daniel Smith and Dick Blick, watch out. Me and my wallet are comin’ for ya!

Sandy Allnock Rome Watercolor Paintings

For sale

And by request…this and more Rome watercolor paintings are now in my store!




Are you looking forward to more of my Paris, London, Edinburgh and Rome watercolor paintings?