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Magical Monday: I Wheelie Like You Card


Sometimes a stamp says just what you need it to say…sometimes you need an I wheelie like you card!

I Wheelie Like You Card

When I saw this little mini stamp set, I was thinking about how to make him his own little aquarium to live in – and exercise in! A friend of mine gave me a cloth a few weeks ago – she said it’s a fabric piece that they use in Japan as face cloths, and it makes a really cool texture! Check it out in the video below or watch it out HERE on YouTube in HD!

I of course added my signature white pen to my I Wheelie Like You Card….I often do that to add the final details to my coloring. And I was hoping by now I’d have an answer for all of us on what causes some folks to love the Uniball pen and others to love the Gellyroll. I checked the comments on THIS video after asking about elevations and locations, and….well, I don’t see anything consistent! I’m going to be trying to connect with the manufacturers to ask what’s goin’ on. Can’t hurt, right?

Sandy Allnock Magical Monday I Wheelie Like You card

The final step on the card was creating the card base background. I wanted something simple but playful, and got out my Yellow and Blue daubers – super easy and super cute!

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Next time you need an I wheelie like you card – go pick up this set from Lawn Fawn. It’s soooo cute!

19 thoughts on “Magical Monday: I Wheelie Like You Card

  1. Your colouring is amazing and so inspiring. I love how you use the super wide markers.

  2. You always find the most appropriate music for the video. I never would have thought to make the sentiment into a little sign like you did. Well, now I might think of it 🙂 Very cute card!

  3. I love the card and video. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. Sandy, thank you for a fabulous video! I already have this sweet little guy so I am going to have to try some of your techniques and see If I can get similar results with the texture, dimension and movement on a one dimensional card!

  5. Oh so cute Sandy! 🙂

  6. Cute card. Love all the texture. TFS

  7. I have seen this done several times, but no one gave it the movement and dimension that you did. Love this card!

  8. I’m sure no one else could color something like that. You are such an excellent artist and I always enjoy seeing the spin you have on stamps like these.Thanks for all you do to get those artistic juices flowing with us ordinary people. LOL

  9. Thanks Sandy! You continue to be a blessing in my life with all the joy you share through this blog. I appreciate how you unselfishly share your talents and gifts. I’ve learned so much from your videos and tutorials. I even attempted to replicate your colorful Betta fish this last weekend. Took me forever, but they came out pretty good!

  10. I love how he’s spraying wood chips. It made me chuckle 🙂

  11. I “wheelie” like this card! You did a great job of giving the illusion of movement by adding all the different accents to the design.

  12. So completely adorable. Love the sweet hamster and especially the way you’ve made him come to life.

  13. I could watch you create all day. I wish I had one pinkie’ s worth of your talent. You take a stamp set that I see and think “Isn’t that cute” and after seeing your work I am dying to try it. The only problem with the video is not hearing you chat, I do enjoy that. Thank you so much .

  14. That’s wheelie cute….

  15. So cute. I have this set & I love how you added the action/movement lines to really make it come to life.

  16. This is so great! I just WON this set last week from Lawn Fawn and (of course) looking for lots of different ideas on how others are using it! I love how you coloured him Sandy and created the scene just with copics. NOW, if I just could win some Copics! LOL Have a great day Sandy!

  17. So cute!

  18. I wheelie like this card. Great job as always.

  19. Cute little guy! Interesting how you mixed the different grays – I’ll have to give that a try – and I REALLY need to start a collection of textured cloth pieces – thanks again for all you do!

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