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Magical Monday: Drawing with Copics on Yupo Paper

It’s about time I gave Punch a little love here on the interwebs! He’s been with me since he and his sis (no longer here) were babykitties…and he’s getting up there in years. This is a drawing made with Copics on yupo paper made from an early morning photo I took when he sat on me, trying to talk me into getting up to feed him!

Drawing with Copics on Yupo Paper

For the last few months, I’ve been testing Yupo paper. Even with my Copics. It’s a slick surface – it comes in both white and translucent, and I’m using the white here. I wouldn’t suggest using Copics on Yupo for the faint of heart – this paper is easier with other mediums, as you saw in last week’s Yupo Roundup. But since this actually came out nicely I decided I’d share it even if it was tough. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

About 35 of you saw this video before. It was accidentally published earlier this summer, and I took it off YT right away when I discovered it happened. I wanted to share the Yupo Roundup with you before this, and I hadn’t gotten around to doing that video til last week! Oops! 

While in Alaska, I was SO excited to make a little discovery. I was in the Visitors Center and saw a painting on the wall – a giant MOOSE! I immediately recognized it as being painted on Yupo paper…and when I asked about it, they gave me a flyer for V Rae’s art at Stephan Fine Arts Gallery.  Yesterday before leaving Anchorage I made it to the gallery and broadcast a short Periscope video to show off V Rae’s work! And I came home with a book and a print. YAY for great inspiration! I hadn’t even heard of this artist until I happened upon it, so I felt very blessed…it was meant to be!

If you want a little piece of art yourself, the gallery will order prints, metal prints, or canvases of any of the art pieces. Be sure to tell them Sandy sent ya! The lady there was kind to me but so confused as to what the heck Periscope was and why I wanted to shoot in her shop. LOL! I hear some folks have already ordered prints, so I hope she is glad she made the decision to say yes to my silly request!

PS: Big big thanks to everyone for your treasured comments about the Toastmasters contest results. You guys are the BEST!


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18 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Drawing with Copics on Yupo Paper

  1. Hi Sandy, V Rae here. I’m hopelessly tech-challenged, so my husband keeps an eye on my website. He noticed a big jump in traffic as a result of your gracious and encouraging words, so I wanted to say “thanks” and invite you and anyone visiting Anchorage to come to my studio or contact me through my website just to say hi or chat about art. So sorry I missed you. If you and your tribe go to Smashwords and search for an article entitled Creative Expressions by Frank Prewitt (my husband) you’ll find a refreshing insight into art expression (you’ll also enjoy his take on Proverbs for women called Had Enough?). Happy hour on our infinity deck next time you’re in town 🙂

  2. I enjoyed watching Punch come to life. Miss his OWH visits. TFS

  3. Oh my, you are a real artist! I’m impressed.

  4. Love this, Sandy! The slick surface of the paper gives it a cool effect.

  5. Absolutely beautiful and realistic!

  6. Fabulous art and kittie! I’ve done some copics on yupo and will try again. Love how you used the surface of the paper to add texture!

  7. Looks like you and Punch have a mutual appreciation for each other…what a beautiful tender painting!

    I was so surprised when I read that you had not previously heard of V Rae. Cyberspace must have failed us ! I had written you a note (to your contact link on the toolbar above) after your post of the bear for your faith journal. I shared about her work on yupo paper and paintings being on display in lots of tourist locations in Alaska.

    She actually did a artist residency at the Sealife Center in Seward and now they have several paintings on the walls throughout as well some for sale. So fun to see all those wonderful animals painted in happy colors! Hope to see more of your colorful animals too!

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Alaska!
    Jan/Far North

    1. I must have totally missed that – thanks for sharing even though I didn’t see it!

  8. V Rae does a lot of custom work, specifically animals and pets. She lives not far from me at the bottom of Rabbit Creek hill and some of her pet pieces are also available for sale at my veterinarians office.

  9. You presented a mixed bag for me today! I love cats, and your Punch looks a lot like my Tulip. I like working with Yupo, and I have done that with watercolors However, I am not fond of Copic markers even though you did a fabulous job with Punch. I am inspired to paint my Tulip, but with watercolors, not Copics. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. V Rae’s paintings remind me of your work with the brushos. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  11. I really loved the look of the cat’s fur on the Yupo! Great job on the cat! And thanks for another Copic video! I missed them! Have agreat day! 🙂

  12. You were my first scope. I watch you every day. Now I have you on Pinterest. I am going to explore here. Thanks for all your time. 🙂

  13. wow! amazing!

  14. Gorgeous cat, gorgeous art!

  15. I wanted to reach out and pet Punch. Lovely job of creating a portrait of your friend. Beautiful job!

  16. I’m sure punch is meowing his approval. What a great piece of art.

  17. I’m so thrilled to see Copics again! I’m not sure my current skill set is up to the challenge of Yupo, but I love that your skill set is! Wonderful picture of Punch. He’s a lucky kitty!

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