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Magical Monday: Chaton Artiste (Kitty Artist)


Goooood Monday to you all! It’s back to the regular schedule around here, which means today is Magical Monday – and I bring you a very special guest today: a kitty artist! This little meowster, who’s colored like my Punch, has painted the Eiffel Tower for you today. Hope you enjoy the video below – or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

Kitty Artist: Fact or fiction?

I spent some time looking online to see if I could find any cats who actually created art; usually the search term just leads to people named Kitty, or the inevitable paintings and drawings OF cats. If anyone knows of cats who create, link me up! I’d love to see! Otherwise this little kitten on my card will be the only chaton artiste out there…which is not a bad status for him to have!
Sandy Allnock Magical Monday - Kitty Artist2

This card got an added little treat inside – a peeking kitty artist with a merci message…I gave this to my housesitters who took care of my babies and my house while I was gone. So grateful to have such awesome friends!

Sandy Allnock Magical Monday - Kitty Artist3

Now I just need a REAL kitty artist. lol. But Punch’s lack of opposable thumbs might preclude that from happening anywhere but on a card, eh?

36 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Chaton Artiste (Kitty Artist)

  1. […] Chaton Artiste (watch on YouTube) (see blog post) […]

  2. A little washable ink, a few kitty paws; ooh la la kittly art!
    This is soooooo adorably cute. I think the set is so sweet and as others have said; I can watch you color all day! So excited about your online classes!!!

  3. Have you seen the book “Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics”? It’s rather tongue in cheek, but I love it! You can find it on Amazon. Loved your breakdown of your trip – so glad you had a great time!

    1. For some reason I couldn’t see the comments before I commented; but the picture that Laura J. gave the link to above is the cover of the book I mentioned! And I also ment to mention how much I loved this card, with the painting within the card; very creative way to stretch your stamps!

  4. Sandy, you are a genius. I LOVE this, and all of your work. TFS!

  5. I love le kitty artist…

  6. I’m pretty sure I could watch you color all day! What you do with Copics is just amazing! This card is incredibly cute! 🙂

  7. This is so ADORABLE! I love the way you created a scene and then have the kitty painting it! What a clever idea and reminiscent of your recent trip too! Thanks so much for sharing this adorable card today!

  8. Love the video & card!

  9. This is so CUTE!! I love that you made the little kitty “painting” the Eiffel tower. So clever and out of the box. Stunning design!!

  10. Very cute and perfect for a thank you note.

  11. Soo cute, purrrrfect

  12. As always AWESOME! Could (and have) watched you all day long. Sent you an e-mail regarding cats…

  13. You are so creative. Love the pic within the pic idea. Adorable card!

  14. Perhaps Punch could be trained to be Chaton Artiste. Surely, a talented colorist like yourself could manage that.

  15. Such a cute cat! I know I recently saw a picture of a cat painting. Will keep an eye out for it.

  16. The music made me laugh for some reason, not sure why. 🙂

    My cats are artists of a sort … when I’m crafting, they jump on my table without warning. They’ve put their paws in ink a few times and left me some extra smudges on my projects. Not exactly what I’m usually looking for on my projects!!!

  17. such a cute card! Glad to have you back!

  18. Sandy, I hope I am okey in asking this question in this comment section but I ordered the Kuretake watercolors that you used in a previous video. I received them and was disappointed in the condition but what I am asking is if some of the color trays in your set were very thin in places. Some of the trays were broke,probably from shipping because they were not wrapped – just those shipping pillows. Returning is such a pain – are the colors worth keeping or am I being particular? I do so want them in my “collection”. LOL

    1. Wow I wouldn’t have expected that at all! Mine were in fine shape. You might email whoever you bought it from and send them a photo – maybe they’ll send you a replacement without having to ship yours back and make it easier.

      1. Thanks Sandy

  19. Cute card. I love all the extra details that you add, like the buildings in the background. TFS

  20. Hi Sandy! Love these videos! Inspiring! I have a copic question, regarding the multi-liners. Are the 10A set of markers refillable and this why they are triple the price?

    1. I’m in bed on my phone answering–lol—but if they’re the “SP” ones then yes. I have a set on order that’s stuck in the wharf strikes—once it gets here I’ll do a comparison video.

      1. Ooooo lala! Thanks! Enjoy your breakfast in bed!

        1. If only it was breakfast! ha! I was just procrastinating getting outta bed 🙂

  21. I love kitties! Your kitty artist is adorable! Such a cute card! I love how you coloured the kitty!

  22. I love Magical Mondays!!

  23. Hiya Sandy, love your blog and artwork and am a serious stalker lol ;-). Only because these stamps are on my “hitlist” still (Decorative Painter here so always on the lookout for paint-related stamps and cat owner/lover lol) – they’re not in the budget yet lol… but I have ’em bookmarked. Penny Black’s Krafty Kat line has one cat with a painting easel and one cat at the top of a ladder with paint in hand. Love ’em. Could only find a link to the pdf catalog so hope it shows/links up.

  24. Love your artist kitty. There is at least one other artist kitty though.

    1. Thanks for the link.
      This is the kind of art my grandkids did on the hallway. Can’t get mad is they’re showing their artistic side.

    2. Ohmygosh that’s hilarious!!

    3. That is the cutest picture, ever!

  25. You always amaze me with your backgrounds/scenes.

  26. So cute. I love the little easel you made for him.

  27. Ooh la-la! C’est magnifique.

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