Goooood Monday to you all! It’s back to the regular schedule around here, which means today is Magical Monday – and I bring you a very special guest today: a kitty artist! This little meowster, who’s colored like my Punch, has painted the Eiffel Tower for you today. Hope you enjoy the video below – or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

Kitty Artist: Fact or fiction?

I spent some time looking online to see if I could find any cats who actually created art; usually the search term just leads to people named Kitty, or the inevitable paintings and drawings OF cats. If anyone knows of cats who create, link me up! I’d love to see! Otherwise this little kitten on my card will be the only chaton artiste out there…which is not a bad status for him to have!
Sandy Allnock Magical Monday - Kitty Artist2

This card got an added little treat inside – a peeking kitty artist with a merci message…I gave this to my housesitters who took care of my babies and my house while I was gone. So grateful to have such awesome friends!

Sandy Allnock Magical Monday - Kitty Artist3

Now I just need a REAL kitty artist. lol. But Punch’s lack of opposable thumbs might preclude that from happening anywhere but on a card, eh?