My trip is over and I’m heading to the airport as this post goes live….I’ll be missing my family and my students both! It was a great time of rejuvenation, laughter, food, creativity – and now it’s time to get back to regular crazy life! So I figured this stamp designed by the amazing Birdie Brown would be just perfect.

Magical Monday in Prismacolor Pencil

In college, I cut my illustration teeth on colored pencil (you can see some of that work HERE)…and I don’t seem to get them out very often anymore. Mostly because it takes me so much longer to color with them than with my other mediums – thus no magical background on my image today! lol. I honestly did consider it….but I shot this before leaving for my trip, and was a little frantic, so that wasn’t going to fit into the #ohmygoshihaventstartedpackingyet schedule. (I also chose NOT to do the Magic Colored Pencil technique this time…and just leave the fun paper texture in!)

Enjoy the video below anyway – or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

The bunny in the stamp set is separate from the girl – so I had to do a little masking to put his ear in her hand so she could drag him to the airport with her.

And as you can also see, this stamped image can be added to #thehumanrainbow campaign on Instagram, wahoo! No need to limit ourselves to only Copics to shine a light on the diversity of the human race…it can be created with any medium!

And while I’m talking about the hashtag campaign – you just have to see THIS one by Maggie….it made me giggle! Gnomes are people too!

Note about pencil sharpeners: I’m still hunting the perfect sharpener for you all…..but what I’m finding is that a lot of the “auto-stops” on the sharpeners just don’t stop. They eat your pencil instead. Major bummer! But I’ve been buying sharpeners. A lot of them. I’ve told you about my amazing Panasonic that I’ve had since college – and it still works like a charm – but it seems to be out of production – though there are some used ones HERE and I’m telling you, I’ve had mine since college (read: Dark Ages), so it’s possible these sharpeners are still FABulous, and reasonably priced. I actually own two – I bought my second just in case the first ever died. And no, I’m not giving it up, LOL. Stay tuned as my budget allows and I’ll find one. #iamdetermined!

Sandy Allnock - Adventure Calls - Prismacolor

And I know lots of you have been waiting for a good pencil tutorial – stay tuned. I did just purchase the entire collection of 150 pencils (wheeeeeeeeeeeee!) so I’ll get to do some playing. (I had bought my previous collection in college, and wanted to be certain the colors I have are current when I use them.)

Special cards needed

I was so saddened to hear that Heidi Swapp lost her second-oldest son a few days ago. At a conference just a few months ago, Heidi gave the keynote, and she spoke so cheerfully and lovingly of her family and shared lots of photos with us. Picturing the anguish that her happy soul must be going through….oh my heart just breaks for her! I’m happy to see that the people at Persnickety Prints are collecting cards for her – please consider sending her something beautiful in the mail.


Edited to add: Winner! Mendi Yoshikawa is the winner of the Inktense pencils from last week’s giveaway!


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